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  1. I've looked at other posts and tried to fix it, but it's still not working. here's a video of whats happening https://imgur.com/a/HfK81SQ
  2. no puedo descagar ninguno de los programas de cakewalk me manda ese error / I can't download any of the cakewalk programs it sends me that error
  3. Hi, this is a really basic question, I'm really new to bandlabs and making sounds in general. I have an audio clip that, at the end of, I want to trail off in a way that the sample does at 0:30 in "Under The Sun" here: https://youtu.be/-p9Gy4hkwhY?t=30 Even anything remotely similar would be amazing, I just don't want the clip to just fade away with nothing "cool" Sorry if anything I'm saying sounds stupid, it probably does but I have no idea what I'm doing lol
  4. Hi, so I have an Alesis Surge Mesh and it was working great with Cakewalk and Kontakt. Until about a week ago the midi would just stop being received about 20 seconds after I turned it on when using Cakewalk. The only way it works is if I unplug the usb and plug it back in, where it then works for a little bit and of course then stops working. I do have the track and Kontakt instrument set to channel 10, as I believe that's the channel for GM. I do remember it could have possibly started when an error prompt came up, notifying me perhaps something about my drivers, but I can't remember the message. If anyone has any recommendations or possible solutions please let me know, as I greatly appreciate any help whatsoever. Thank you.
  5. Recently yesterday, I removed my Cakewalk folder into documents. I then removed it back and all of a sudden whenever I try to add a track of Kontakt in cakewalk, it just goes to "MIDI Only" I tried uninstalling cakewalk, relocating Kontakt, updating kontatk, etc. Does anybody know how to fix this?
  6. I have been trying to load this plugin in my DAW (Cakewalk) but I get a Box (windows10) saying something about bugs and other things that I do not understand just registering my problem in a txt file.
  7. I'm pretty new to cakewalk and have been enjoying it so far. Although over time, the program gets more and more buggy. Recently a new issue is occurring where a buzzing/static noise plays while im in my project. it's present even when nothing is playing. Is there any way I could fix this, I've searched everywhere online but can't find a consistently working solution.
  8. So I had the "not responding problem" that some people are also getting. I figured out it has to do with the audio input and output. I originally had it set to Fl studio, after unchecking everything the app worked as it should. Only problem is I don't know which audio input and output to choose so I can actually hear. Can someone lead me to the right direction please? thanks *edit: I just checked voicemeter aux for input and output and it seems to work fine now.
  9. I'm new to Bandlab and Cakewalk. I installed Cakewalk and I want to login with Google but everytime I want to login with my Google Account. I got redirected to the specific Google Account Page and I use Chrome. I got everytime "Error 400 (Bad Request)" and I don't know why is it happen. Can someone help me to fix this problem? PS: Sry for bad english, I'm German.
  10. Hi there, I am a total newbie to DAWs and Cakewalk, and I'm having trouble in which I cannot hear the notes I play using my MIDI controller, but only when I am utilizing the different instruments that come with the DAW. When I just add a new MIDI track, I can hear the basic grand piano just fine, but the moment I change instruments, no audio. This is especially strange, because the visualizer shows that input is being detected. I tried linking the sampling rate of my windows speakers to the sampling rate of the project (this was a previously discovered fix for this issue), however it still has no audible output. If anyone can help me out here, that would be awesome. This program seems great, just gotta put in the work to learn it. (I added the tag bug report, just in the case it is a bug, but I understand it is of course more likely user error)
  11. The Reference Guide is such a great resource, for users novice and veteran, and as far as I know, the only way to get it, or even know about it, is to come to this forum. I suspect that a majority of new (and maybe veteran) users are not going to immediately come to the forum (if ever) once they run Cakewalk by BandLab. There are multiple helpful links on the Help menu, I suggest adding one that launches the user's default browser and goes straight to the Reference Guide. This way everyone will have access to a 1700-page book on how to use Cakewalk, not just those who venture to the forum.
  12. very new but cant figure this out, so, I have a 75 bpm loop right, and I set the project to 75 bpm, add it in, and hit groove clip looping, but the second I do that it messes up the bpm, and whenever I try to change the original bpm on the groove loop, it's greyed out, how do I get it so that it sets 75 as the clip bpm and then loop it?
  13. I have a "I'm in Limbo" situation. I have both Cakewalk by BandLab and Sonar 8.5 Producer installed. However I need to finally make the transition to Windows 10. I am currently on Windows 7 Pro. My problem is this. I plan on "cloning" my current hard drive to another internal Hard drive for the sole purpose of "just in case"... I have projects i still work on in Sonar 8.5 because some of the plugins do not transfer to Cakewalk by BandLab ( which really stinks by the way )My problem is if i update to Windows 10 ( i still have an anytime 10 upgrade ) it may not recognize Sonar 8.5 if i have to do a re-install. ACtually it maybe registration codes and license etc that maybe the issue ion reality! If i do have to do a fresh install of a Sonar product that I (Paid 400 US dollars ) for by the way...I intend by gosh to still use it as needed! This is why I am cloning my disc so i have a Windows 7 Pro backup in case my license codes are "rendered useless." ...I will still have the "fix patch exe. files" however but will I be able to re-install Sonar 8.5 before installing Cakewalk by BandLab? ... I have read many articles that when jumping to BandLab version which is essentially "Sonar Platinum" you should first have former Cakewalk versions installed prior to recognize the .cwp project files. Last thing i wish to do is to have to render all my upteen hundred projects as an AIFF file and have to buy a new DAW to learn all over again! Any and all help is Greatly appreciated and thanks in advance! currently on Windows 7 Pro .... 64 bit Intel i5 3.2 ghz quad core 32gb DDR4
  14. Hello, I don't think this error is tied to a recent update, but from digging around the forums it appears it may have something to do with MIDI devices and how they're assigned? Anyway, I open up a project. I solo the synth instrument track and all it's related MIDI tracks are solo'd. Here you can see Kontakt 1 VI is solo'ed, with activates all the related Kontakt 1 MIDI tracks. This works fine with the next VI track(Omnisphere). I solo it and then all related Omnisphere MIDI tracks are solo'ed too. Here's where the fun starts. From here on out, my remaining VIs are not syncing up with their corresponding MIDI tracks (and indeed not playing the correct sounds if they are even mapped at all). What happened?!?!?! How is this occuring? The K 2-* MIDI tracks sohuld be highlighted, but instead it highlights the Omnisphere instruments again? How?! Likewise with the next set of Kontakt tracks. The Kontakt 3 - Choir VI should correspond with the CHOIR MIDI tracks, but instead they correspond to the Best Service Engine MIDI tracks?! How?! I don't know if this is a Cakewalk error, or if I changed something on my system to affect this. Irrespective of that, I can see no way to change the routing of the VI? Any help would be appreciated, the only way around this is to start from scratch and re-route, which is a horrendous waste of time and frankly soul-destroying, especially if this is going to apply to every single old/legacy project. Thankyou kindly.
  15. Hi there! I am new to using Cakewalk, I installed it for the first time two ago. I recently have followed a YouTube video on how to set up and start using Cakewalk. Here is the link to that video. After I followed the step of settinm up the vst plugins, my plugins don't start to work. Cake walk says that is ditects 44 plugins, but I'm not able to use any of them in the software. I've attched a photo to this post that shows that I have Instrument plugins installed in my plugins. (They are 32 bit however my friend says that it doesn't really matter) Neither of us could figure what was wrong. I am wondering if anyone here has had the same problem or can shade some light on what I need to do! Thank you!
  16. Okay, so I must've changed some setting to start making Cakewalk automatically trim the upper limit of a clip down to the midi content when moving a clip as shown in the supplied link. How can this be changed? As I know for sure that it wasn't always a thing. The issue in question:
  17. I use an HX STOMP to record my guitar into my laptop via USB. The tone is great monitoring through the HX stomp, but monitoring through cakewalk and on playback of recordings the audio is much lower quality. Any way to fix this? My driver mode is ASIO, my audio drivers bit depth is 24, my sampling is 4800, and my buffer size has been moved to the far right.
  18. Evan Thomas

    Extreme UI Latency

    I am completely new to the world of DAWs so apologies in advance for sounding clueless. I have just installed Cakewalk and I essentially cannot use it at all due to extreme lag with the UI. Anytime I click anything or even try to adjust the window, there is a 4-5 second delay before the action is registered. I am not sure how to fix this or even what settings I should begin to look into. To the best of my knowledge, all settings are at default, and my audio drivers are up to date. Does anyone have any idea what I might try to fix this issue? In case it is helpful, here are the relevant specs of my PC: CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700 RAM: 16 GB DDR4 3200 MHz Like I said before, I am completely new to this stuff so please let me know if there is any other information I can provide to help diagnose the issue.
  19. New to the forums, I have an issue with audio samples folder in cakewalk. Upon creating a shortcut folder for my samples located in an External SSD and placing them in the cakewalk samples folder, I discover that these samples do not appear in the content browser. I tried searching for this issue on these forums but couldn't find any related material. Any assistance is valuable. Thanks
  20. When i start cakewalk, the "Project Templates" is empty, somebody knows how to fix it? ty
  21. Hi all, I have a brief question about working with MIDI in the Matrix View. I tried to do some hours research before bothering other people, but I can't find a firm answer. Found this question from 2020 on the forums: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/19738-step-sequencer-in-matrix-view (Also read the Matrix section in the User Guide PDF & watched several YouTube videos.) ----------------- Question: Are you not able to modify MIDI clips/Step Clips during playback in the Matrix view and hear the updates? I seem to have to stop and then re-start playback of the clip to hear any changes made -- which I think either might be unintended, or I'm doing something wrong. Here's a YouTube video demoing the problem in case I'm not explaining it well (also attached it, not sure if you can play embeds directly on the forums here) https://youtu.be/Ji7J4Av-1LY ----------------- Build Info: Version: 2021.04 (Build 144, 64bit) cakewalk-matrix-view-issue.mp4
  22. Currently trying to use a sound font (megadrive) with Bandlab and it doesn't look like Bandlab supports SF2 files, any help?
  23. There shouldn't be any noise when no audio is present/playing. This only seems to be occurring on this one session, so I have no idea what's going on. The video is noisy to begin with with dogs in the background etc, but I think it still shows what I'm trying to explain. Those busses output to my mixer and are always outputting that noise for some reason, when it should normally be dead silent. Anyone have any ideas what's wrong? Or is there a good way to start a new session and transfer over the files/settings? link to video if it doesn't show up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rvbOwI13f1ltbqlq_iB1pezo8WbdE5wE/view?usp=sharing
  24. Hey guys! I would realy like to use this feature: It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs. I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?
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