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  1. When i start cakewalk, the "Project Templates" is empty, somebody knows how to fix it? ty
  2. Hi all, I have a brief question about working with MIDI in the Matrix View. I tried to do some hours research before bothering other people, but I can't find a firm answer. Found this question from 2020 on the forums: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/19738-step-sequencer-in-matrix-view (Also read the Matrix section in the User Guide PDF & watched several YouTube videos.) ----------------- Question: Are you not able to modify MIDI clips/Step Clips during playback in the Matrix view and hear the updates? I seem to have to stop and then re-start playback of the clip to hear any changes made -- which I think either might be unintended, or I'm doing something wrong. Here's a YouTube video demoing the problem in case I'm not explaining it well (also attached it, not sure if you can play embeds directly on the forums here) https://youtu.be/Ji7J4Av-1LY ----------------- Build Info: Version: 2021.04 (Build 144, 64bit) cakewalk-matrix-view-issue.mp4
  3. Currently trying to use a sound font (megadrive) with Bandlab and it doesn't look like Bandlab supports SF2 files, any help?
  4. There shouldn't be any noise when no audio is present/playing. This only seems to be occurring on this one session, so I have no idea what's going on. The video is noisy to begin with with dogs in the background etc, but I think it still shows what I'm trying to explain. Those busses output to my mixer and are always outputting that noise for some reason, when it should normally be dead silent. Anyone have any ideas what's wrong? Or is there a good way to start a new session and transfer over the files/settings? link to video if it doesn't show up: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rvbOwI13f1ltbqlq_iB1pezo8WbdE5wE/view?usp=sharing
  5. Hey guys! I would realy like to use this feature: It's a easy and fast way of of creating a costum plugins browser layout. Which can also be saved and imported for future Cakewlak installs. I would like to see the changes that I make reflect in the plugins browser Any chance this works in BandLab's CakeWalk version?
  6. Dan Irving

    Synth not recording

    Hi So I have CBB - M-Audio Oxygen 25 plugged in via USB for Soft Synths etc. I can play fine using this using Soft Synths eg SI Electric Piano / SI Bass etc. sounds come through speakers etc when played ... However - none of the sounds record even with the tracks armed etc as usual... It's really got me stuck. Any advice? A few pics below for reference... Dan
  7. Hello! I am beginner in making music, and I think that the hardest thing in song creation process is finding good samples or VST. Recently I used bandlab's browser mix-editior, and I've seen some nice vst to use (I've already downloaded some loops from there). Is it possible to export VST's from Bandlab into the Cakewalk? I'd be glad if someone helped me.
  8. Hi there! I am new to using Cakewalk, I installed it for the first time two ago. I recently have followed a YouTube video on how to set up and start using Cakewalk. Here is the link to that video. After I followed the step of settinm up the vst plugins, my plugins don't start to work. Cake walk says that is ditects 44 plugins, but I'm not able to use any of them in the software. I've attched a photo to this post that shows that I have Instrument plugins installed in my plugins. (They are 32 bit however my friend says that it doesn't really matter) Neither of us could figure what was wrong. I am wondering if anyone here has had the same problem or can shade some light on what I need to do! Thank you!
  9. Out of nowhere my music isn't producing the same sound anymore. I previously had this experienced but I spent like an hour messing around with the driver mode and found the MME 32 bit worked really well for my laptop. But suddenly when I didn't change any of the preferences at all my music sounds terrible again like its coming out of a really messed up speaker and its cracking and popping. Even when I'm not playing audio at all and just editing my clips there's a sound in my headphones of crackling and occasional popping. I've changed it back to Wasapi shared and then becake to ASIO and then back to MME 32 bit but in every driver mode it now sounds terrible. Even my voice sounds like its suddenly out of tune for some reason along with the background sounding like its coming through a broken speaker. I have no idea what happened. How do I fix this?
  10. Hello! So I'll try to make this short. I was using the windowed version of cakewalk with little to no issues for a few months. I eventually bought a new pc, and now both my new and old pc are giving me tons of issues with both the full Cakewalk, and the windowed version. I am only doing vocals I'm not computer or tech savvy, so I apologize if this is simple stuff. I'm not going to use the windowed version anymore, as it lacks tons of features and is giving me issues, its not worth the hassle, but for the full Cakewalk Bandlab: In WASAPI shared I get a constant crackling and popping sound, and on my old pc no sound at all, in MME I get sound, but there's like what sounds to be an electrical noise that's either constant or loud when I hit play or record, and it only comes out on ear. I can see on the track it's only recording the top of it and not the bottom, also in MME it doesn't give me the option to choose any output besides the audio box, my speakers don't show up. (Keep in mind I barely know what WASAPI or MME even really are) I've tried making sure all my drivers are up to date, I've made sure, as far as I can tell, that all my audio is set to the same sample rate (44100), I've tried using usb mics directly into PC, I've tried using an Audio box to plug an actual mic into, and still the issues persist. I've also tried using different headphones, headphone ports, usb ports, monitors and speakers, and even 2 different pcs, but the issues are always the same. Any ideas? From searching the forums and web it seems most people fix the issue going MME, but MME again has electrical noise and only one ear (by electrical noise I mean like a BZZZT sound). It sounds like WASAPI shared is the best one to use, but I get no sound, or I get extreme crackling and popping which makes it impossible to listen to or sing to. I have no clue what to do. I was supposed to have all my vocals done by March, and it's basically April. The annoying part is I can get everything done in very few takes, but the actual program issues are using up a tremendous amount of my time. I dont know if you need my new pc's specs, but this is it: https://www.bestbuy.ca/en-ca/product/asus-rog-strix-gaming-pc-black-amd-ryzen-5-3600x-1tb-hdd-512gb-ssd-16gb-ram-geforce-rtx-2060-super/14431177?icmp=Recos_3across_tp_sllng_prdcts&referrer=PLP_Reco Thanks in advance, this is driving me insane. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!
  11. I'm a new user of Cakewalk by Bandlab I have a MIDI keyboard (C. Aemon LP-6108A) connected to my PC with a MIDI-USB cable (only MIDI in is plugged in, if that changes something), and it works fine. However, when I'm recording using the keyboard, recorded notes' sustain lasts until I stop recording. I have no other MIDI keyboard or DAW, so I can't test if it's fault of my keyboard or Cakewalk. However, when I'm recording on my PC's keyboard, everything works fine. I think it's good to mention that I don't have a sustain pedal. I've been searching throught entire internet for the answer to my question, however found nothing that helped me I would be very grateful for any help, I also put the screenshot of how recorded notes look like
  12. For some reason, cakewalk is extremely laggy and I can't even click on anything. When I am able to click on things, it is delayed by about 12 seconds. It also doesn't let me click on the tab sometimes. The strange thing, I'm on a good computer (Asus TUF FX705DY). What is this, and has anyone else experienced this problem?
  13. I have been trying to fix this for hours. I am at my wits end, you have to help me. Amongst other random problems, I haven't been able to hear my project when I click play, and I can't hear the drums when I tap on them. The demo project used to not sound, then it gave me a few errors, now I can hear it upon changing my driver mode to 32 bit. I also reinstalled Cakewalk and updated my computer, deleted the 5 hidden audio devices, etc. I need some help now, please, I've tried everything I found online! System info: Computer: Alienware Aurora R6 Windows: Windows 10 Home latest update Audio interface: It's integrated, I put my headphones in the headphone port at the top of the computer. (don't know too much about this) Driver Mode: Currently MME, because it made my physical devices appear. I tried the other modes too, and not much changed. Processor is Intel Core something, 8 gb ram, 64 bit I'm not sure if this matters, but I have an AMD Radeon graphics card with the driver a few versions behind (on purpose, for gaming). I also have many random audio drivers, because I use VR on this PC. And this computer is known for having completely random and unconnected problems. Edit: I've tried pretty much everything, at this point I have wasted so much time and inspiration on a program that my computer just won't tolerate. It's really a shame that Cakewalk refuses to work, because the Bandlab online mixer works but I want to do more than what it offers. Anyways thanks for the help guys I'm probably gonna have to use another DAW but it's fine.
  14. Hello, cakewalk noob here trying to map the drum pads on my AKAI MPK mini for the drums built in to Cakewalk. I created this mapping based on the numbers that pop up on the controller screen (in) and the numbers visible when you left click the instruments in the user interface (out). I'm pretty sure the numbers I've selected from my drum pad are correct, since one of them claims to be 22, which is natively mapped to one of the hi-hat sounds, and that is the only pad which is producing any output. However, making this drum mapping has had no effect. I'm guessing I need to somehow select this drum map, but I just can't figure out out how to do it. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knowledgeable about the software could help me out! Bonus screenshot of the main track screen.
  15. So, there was an issue with my UI at first. I figured it was because my version of Cakewalk was out of date, so I decided to update it. When I went to Bandlab Assistant and tried to update it, however, it was stuck at "installing." I did some searching, and decided that the best course of action would be to uninstall and reinstall Cakewalk. I backed up my vsts, and uninstalled cakewalk, making sure not to delete shared files. Once I tried to reinstall, however, I ran into the same problem as before, with it being stuck at "installing." At this point I am frustrated and confused, and I am desperate. I see on some forums that you can install it manually by finding the exe file in the system folder. I check there, and sure enough, I find a file called "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_27.01.0.098_r1.exe" which gives me a sense of relief. I try to open it, and it says "the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable." Under it is another exe file, "Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Update_Setup_26.09.0.006.exe", and I try that one despite being out of date. The wizard fires up, and I select my language, but I am then met with another message saying "This installer requires Cakewalk by Bandlab version 2020.08." My computer is up to date and my drivers are good. I'm confused and nervous, as I have sunk a year and a half on this program and I do not think I would realistically be able to learn another one any time soon. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?
  16. Hi all, I'm a complete rookie with cakewalk and cannot get my keyboard to play through my bandlab digital duo. Digital duo shows up as audio device and not a midi device. I can connect my keyboard directly via usb to my laptop and it shows up as a midi device but there are major latency issues. Here's my setup: Casio Privia L&R stereo output to single mono input into Bandlab Link Digital Duo. Digital Duo connected to laptop via USB. Using latest cakewalk. Can anyone help? Happy to send an Amazon giftcard!!!!!
  17. If drum replacer has an update, is it included already with the new cakewalk updates or do you have to download it separately? Thanks.
  18. Hello i've been trying to install bandlab cakewalk for a while now, but everytime i've installed it the login button always ends up being unresponsive ie. it doesnt do jack shit once i click on it. Its hella *****ing frustrating please help me... Ive allowed it access through the firewall and have tried disabling all antivirus with no effect. Whats happening? And yes, my mouse works!
  19. Rudransh

    How to do this?

    I have a audio sample and I want to increase its pitch with time. I not find any pitch automation in cakewalk please help
  20. Anyone know of a good easy to use CHM editor? Be nice to convert some of them to "working" PDFs. If you can open the CHM file in Win10, you can Print to PDF but you loose hyperlinks. Using this method some CHMs open with missing data or not at all.
  21. I want to use KORG nanoKONTROL 2 in CC mode instead of Sonar/Cakewalk mode. I wanted to assign MIDI CC #1, #3, #11, etc. like modulation, expression to sliders. I had set them in KORG KONTROL Editor and wrote the data. However, nanoKONTROL 2 doesn't work at all in Cakewalk by Bandlab. I also can't use MIDI learning features in plugins. I tried that in Native Instruments' Kontakt, Spitfire Audio's BBCSO, Orchestral Tools' SINE Player, etc. Would you help me solve this problem?
  22. I'm able to create drum map presets and save them, the file shows up in the designated folder after I've named and saved it. \ The problem comes in when I attempt to view/select it in the 'Presets' tab of the Drum Map Manager. None of the drum map files that were saved (nor the ones that come with Cakewalk by default) show up in the dropdown as selectable/clickable options, despite being in the designated folder and the manager being able to save presets without any problem to that folder. What could be the cause of this?
  23. Mapping my CAL functions to keyboard shortcuts worked fine on my previous PC, but after installing Cakewalk by Bandlab on my new one I noticed a problem. The CAL functions do not show up in search when I search through functions in the key biding tab. OS: Windows 10 64bit (Edit: I have scrolled down the list of results. I've also tried reinstalling cakewalk and bandlab (as well as reinstallng with firewall and protection settings turned off.) I've also confirmed the proper location of the scripts: Old PC search results: NEW PC SEARCH RESULTS:
  24. hi i have done everything i can to get the virtual instraments working but they just dont show up only cakewalk tts-1 comes up can you please help me
  25. how can i export a project in which there are two tracks an audio and a midi one.??
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