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  1. That's it, Very cool!! I've never looked at CALs. There is fertile ground for plowing through. I'm really glad I posted my wish list, I'm learning so much. Thanks.
  2. Nope. Retrograde simply reverses the order of the notes, left to right. A melody is inverted by flipping it upside-down. For example, Performing Retrograde on C, D, E gives you E, D, C. Inverting C, D, E in tge key of C gives you C, A#, C#.
  3. Ah! Thanks! I forgot about inline PRV. Would be great if the new Show Note Names was available inline.
  4. yes, and when the two tracks are in the same range, it's somewhat awkward.
  5. Interesting. I see how seperate PRV windows would help your use-case. My use-case is a bit different, which is mostly writing a new part, say a bass line or counter melody while seeing a reference track, say a chord progression, in a seperate lane to see how the notes in the different tracks a lining up.
  6. Yes, Aim Assist Time (ALT-X) is what I was referring to , not Aim Assist (X). Glad to read that this will be addressed. Tkank you.
  7. on further testing, the selected track control widgets are saved when you save with the overall workspace. I was confused since the [workspace] selector in the track view does not change (always shows "[workspace]" ) when you apply a new overall workpace or open a new project, but the widgets do change according to what was saved in the workspace. Good new info for me, thanks. Case closed.
  8. As of version 2020.04 Desired features 1. Save state of ALT-X in Workspaces 2. Ability to edit track name in piano roll view track pane 3. Ability to show a split screen piano roll, each with a different track 4. When the cursor tool is “erase” and set to “mute” mode, allow the tool draw/select groups of notes as it does when in “erase” mode 5. Show the key signature in the transport module with the tempo 6. In lists such as event list, meter/key list, tempo list, the ability mark and delete multiple items using Shift-Drag, Shift-DownArrow and Shift-PgDown 7. The preferred Workspace in Track View (e.g. mix, i/o, fx) should be saved with the project and/or the overall workspace 8. An alternative “Fit Tracks” function to maximize the Automation Lanes, leaving main content lanes as is, or minimized 9. Show and navigate file system shortcuts in the browser 10. A function to invert a selection of notes around a designated root note. Odd Behaviors 2020.04 1. Exclusive solo does not always work when you turn solo on/off in piano roll view 2. CTL-D copy past of a clip does not obey “select track envelope with clip” setting 3. My control surface configuration was lost in the upgrade to 2020.04 build 179, 64 bit 4. Sometimes, playback does not stop at the last event 5. In Piano Roll view, sometimes after dragging a note to lengthen it, it temporarily plays as 2 notes
  9. fair enough. here's a pdf
  10. fair enough. here's a pdf Cakewalk Feedback.pdf
  11. Here's a wish list I've been compiling. Let me know if any clarifications are needed. Thanks. Keep up the good work! Cakewalk Feedback.docx
  12. keyboard and mouse totally dead. I stop by letting the file play to the end, or unplugging the audio interface, which is ugly and usually requires a cakewalk or even a system restart. Mouse cursor is still visible and will move around the screen but no cakewalk buttons respond. No plugin windows open. How do I PM you?
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