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  1. I tried disabling "Always Stream Audio Through FX" and Cakewalk CPU usage still went from under 10% to over 50% with the transport not running, just by opening the Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter plugin. So other things can be at play when looking at CPU. Just saying. So now I just don't open the adaptive limiter unless I need to see it.
  2. Yep. culprit turns out to be cakewalk Adaptive Limiter plugin. Just closing the plugin window reduces CPU to 0 when not running. Playing back with Adaptive Limiter functioning but not displaying a GUI yields CPU =12 %
  3. Yep, I'm looking at task manager
  4. Why does cakewalk use 50% CPU when it's but idle for more than an hour? Normal?
  5. I think my map has only "simple key-switches" but I changed the chase mode to full and now it works for me. Thanks so much. This forum is great!
  6. A function that would control the height of all or selected automation lanes. Options could be the same or similar to operations that can be performed on normal lanes, such as "fit", "select and resize multiple lanes", "lock height", "auto track zoom". A variation of "fit" would minimize all normal lanes. This would be great when mixing to be able to see & edit envelopes for as many track as possible.
  7. If Snap-to-Scale settings could be saved at various HH:MM:SS in the project, similar to how articulations are save for each track, it would really help writing melodies in the PRV. To simplify, they could be saved like tempos, applying to all tracks. Applying on Snap-to-Scale setting across all tracks which would be a more usual usage, having all tracks snapping to a single scale.
  8. It would be great if articulations would chase. That way when playing from any point, the correct articulations would play.
  9. This issue started with 2021.04 build 175. When selecting clips with right button lasso/copy, all volume envelope nodes and articulations in the track are selected (not just the ones bounds by the clip). This prevents correct dragging of the clip.
  10. I'm having the same issue on W7. I tried "refresh activation" in bandlab assistant, but nothing seemed to happen. Both Edge /Webview and Cake are up to date. Bandlab assistant in not up to date, as the update in failing for me. Interestingly, after updating to "update 1" , a new "refresh activation" dialog in cakewalk is presented. It's goofy, as keystrokes typed into the username box are passed through to the app (for example typing "C" opens the control bar). I got around that by pasting in my credentials. However, after clicking "login", cakewalk gives a "network error - try again later". My network connection is fine and I tried it with my firewall turned off, to no avail. Anyway, I performed an "offline reactivation" and it seemed to work, but there was no confirmation one way or the other. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes I don't get locked out in 12 days. One wonders why a reactivation is being enforced, since the software is free?
  11. I changed all the Chase Modes as you suggested, and also changed the Play At setting from "duration" to "start", which seems to make more sense. Thanks for the suggestion. Miroslav Solo.artmap
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