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  1. I second this suggestion! I use snap to scale a lot.
  2. I too would find it useful to have some visual clue showing which mode the faders are in. I've fooled myself with this a number of times.
  3. When you are working on a project with several changes of musical key (such as C to E-minor) it would be great if multiple sets of "snap to scale" settings could be saved in the project. When you are working on such a project, moving around from section to section, when there is a change of key, you have to go into each track in the PRV and set/reset the musical key you want in the Snap to Scale for each track. This is quite laborious! Perhaps such a feature could be incorporated in the Arranger model.
  4. I thought of that, but I do not see a way to customize or create drum maps?
  5. I'm having trouble using keyboard customization. I've made some customizations and saved them to default bandlab.kbn, but the bindings revert to some other default whenever I open a project. When I look at 'default bandlab.kbn' my customizations are still there In Workspaces I have 1) Checked "Apply Workspace on Project Load" 2) Set workspaces to use 'keyboard shortcuts' I've also tried 1) Unchecking "Apply Workspace on Project Load" 2) Set workspaces to not use 'keyboard shortcuts' I don't know if this is bug or not. Any suggestions appreciated!
  6. You could view both notes and CCs in seperate windows using the Piano Roll View, as shown in my screen shot/
  7. For me, left and right arrow keys in track view moves focus through all the various buttons. I would like the left and right arrows to scroll the track view, same as in the PRV view. Is this a bug? I could not find a "scroll" funtion when I tried to map a keyboard shortcut to accomplish this. Thanks.
  8. I am seeing similar to #1 above. Not using linked clips, but sporadically when lasso-selecting notes and moving them using Numpad-4 or Numpad-6 , not all of the noes are moved. Always, if I ESC before completing the move, and try again, it's fine.
  9. With multiple tracks selected, “Lock Height” locks all selected tracks. Seems more intuitive and reduces clicks.
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