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  1. I changed all the Chase Modes as you suggested, and also changed the Play At setting from "duration" to "start", which seems to make more sense. Thanks for the suggestion. Miroslav Solo.artmap
  2. Sorry, I don't know what you mean, or how it relates my defect report.
  3. Add “Insert Meter/Key” and “Insert Tempo” to the Track View and the PRV right click popup menus (shown below). Currently to insert a new tempo for example, one must open the Tempo View, then open the Tempo List, then click “+”. Similar steps to insert a Meter/Key change. If you are working in full screen PRV or Staff, this is a distraction.
  4. “T” key binding to display the Track pane stops working in PRV; you have to click somewhere in the PRV to reactivate the key binding. Minor, but annoying.
  5. Ability to save multiple Snap to Scale settings in a project, similar to Articulations. With Key and/or Modal changes saved with the project, Snap to Scale can follow key changes in the music. This would be usful when writing melodies in the PRV or Staff view.
  6. Actually, I was just thinking of just displaying the current key as entered in the Meter/Key view. I don't see myself also entering the info into arranger. If there were some cool composing tools as you suggest, that would be fantastic and could entering the data again into the Arranger worthwhile. Snap to Scale might fit in here, too. If there could be trigger points for snap to scale so that it follows changes to the current key, that would nice. But I'd be real happy just seeing the current key without jump out ot the Meter/Key view. 🙂
  7. The event inspector shows the pitch of the selected note, not the Key (scale) the music is written in.
  8. Hi Will. I appreciate your suggestion and your taking time to offer it. I have some templates with common setups I use and it's powerful. However, I tend to use different instruments and patches for every project, templates are not the anwser for the workflow I have in mind.
  9. That doesn't seem to fit the bill, as CTRL-CLICK sets the knob you click on to zero, but all the others move relative to where they were in relation to one you click.
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