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  1. With multiple tracks selected, “Lock Height” locks all selected tracks. Seems more intuitive and reduces clicks.
  2. When dragging in the Articulation pane to lengthen an articulation, and in the Arranger Track to lengthen an arranger section, it would be nice if the Articulation Track and PRV pane scrolled when dragging to a point beyond the visible window, the same way it works when dragging the length of a note in the PRV.
  3. Before upgrading to 2012.12, CW would respond immediately when I made changes to midi notes during playback. Changes such as muting a clip or transposing notes. Now CW takes several seconds to respond. I do this sort of thing a lot to preview changes in real time. What changed? Is there a buffer setting that might impact this? Thanks!
  4. But come to think of it, why would articulations be correctly copied if you select clips one by one, but not when you use lasso to select the same clips??
  5. Well that explains the behavior I see, but not to say I like it :-). Basically, it makes cut/paste operations rather cumbersome.
  6. I try to use ripple edit when I have a clip or clips with multiple time signatures, or tempo changes or markers that I want to copy or move, and preserve those attributes at the destination. What is the intended use for ripple edit?
  7. If “Select Track Articulations with Clips” is on, and you lasso a clip, all the articulation are selected in the track are selected; this prevents you from moving the clip correctly. If you right-click to select a clip one at a time, you don’t have this problem. Lasso should only select articulations that fall within the selected clip.
  8. Perhaps I don't fully understand how RIPPLE EDIT is supposed to work, but this example in the attached screen shots seems incorrect to me.
  9. The cursor tool intermittently stops functioning in PRV. Cannot draw notes, or erase/mute. Oddly, you can select & drag, but there is no visual feedback of the action, i.e. you can’t see the note(s) while they are being dragged. The mouse still works normally in other views. Version 2021.09
  10. I tried disabling "Always Stream Audio Through FX" and Cakewalk CPU usage still went from under 10% to over 50% with the transport not running, just by opening the Cakewalk Adaptive Limiter plugin. So other things can be at play when looking at CPU. Just saying. So now I just don't open the adaptive limiter unless I need to see it.
  11. Yep. culprit turns out to be cakewalk Adaptive Limiter plugin. Just closing the plugin window reduces CPU to 0 when not running. Playing back with Adaptive Limiter functioning but not displaying a GUI yields CPU =12 %
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