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  1. here is a video showing the problem 2022-06-26 12-42-03.mp4
  2. it unfortunately has nothing to do with any of the levels, i can hear it with the input echo just fine, but no matter what i do it only will play back 1 beat, it wont even attempt to make the timing marker move past the first beat
  3. all of them, the defaults that come with it and the ones from spitfire audio
  4. no matter what i do it seems like nothing works, i am usin asio, even when i use the piano roll, or input one of the default sequences in the virtual instruments, i will drag and drop and it will put all the notes in like it supposed to but when i go to do play back it will only play the first beat of the first measure and nothing more, even though my voice recording plays back fine, im trying to submit a video too but i cant get the audio to work
  5. Im fairly new to cakewalk and I have my midi keyboard set up and i can hear it with the input echo, but when i go to use the piano roll or step sequencer and try to make music, or even trying to record with my midi keyboard, it only gets 1 beat from one measure and then completely stops playing, and everything i recorded with my midi keyboard is compiled into one measure. It does the same thing if i try to use a sample track as well. I can record audio with my microphone just fine and hear the playback exactly as it was, but for some reason with the virtual instruments I only get the one beat.
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