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Found 17 results

  1. https://rhodesmusic.com/rhodes-v-pan-plugin/ Rhodes Music has introduced the V-Pan plug-in, featuring the Vari-Pan section from V-RACK, Rhodes' multi-effects plug-in, as a dedicated module, saying: "V-Pan is an innovation that pays homage to the iconic 'vibrato' stereo panning effect introduced in the 1970s on the suitcase piano. The V-Pan authentically emulates the iconic Vari-pan section found on the Rhodes MK8 flagship piano, seamlessly infusing analogue warmth into your digital audio workstation." Key Features: Directly modeled from the distinctive Rhodes MK8 hardware Vari-Pan circuit. Equipped with precision Left/Right panning LED indicators. Variable rate, ranging from super-slow to audio rates, allowing for versatile synth and ring mod-like effects. Deep depth control for nuanced sound manipulation. Provides a clear parameter value readout for precise adjustments. Includes Waveform Slew and Smooth controls, enabling further customization of the panning waveshape. Seamlessly integrates BPM sync functionality for synchronized and rhythmic effects. The V-Pan plug-in will be available for free until January 31st, 2024, then pricing will be: £29.95 / €34.95 / $39.95.
  2. https://klanghelm.com/contents/products/TENS https://klanghelm.com/contents/products/TENSjr Klanghelm has announced their first reverb-plugin, TENS after 3.5 years in development. TENS has been modeled after a range of high-end studio spring reverbs introduced in the 1970s to early 1980s from a famous Austrian company. A free little brother named TENS jr. is available as well for free.
  3. Your free entry into the world of Best Service Engine 2 The Engine Artists Library includes a total of 21 demo libraries for the Best Service Engine 2. From acoustic and electronic drums, to unique virtual synthesis, to precious, ethnic sounds of the past, the Engine 2 universe offers a wide range of instruments and sounds for professional use. https://www.bestservice.com/en/engine_artists_library.html How to add and activate a Best Service Engine 2 Library - YouTube
  4. OwnHammer are very kindly giving away the G12 H30 set of speaker cab impulse responses from their new 'Rock-box' series. I think they sound pretty amazing. Just add it to the shopping cart, it won't cost anything. I'm not sure if there's an end date, so best get it whilst it's hot. 😁 https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=474
  5. 😛 You can download XT 1.2 on our website: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/ The full changelog is available here: https://surge-synthesizer.github.io/changelog/ We released Surge 1.2.0 on April 10, 2023. As well as several new major features in tuning, visualization and accessibility, Surge 1.2.0 brings several new developers contributing substantial changes to the project! Major Feature: Oscilloscope Surge now has a built-in oscilloscope and spectrograph. Open the scope through the workflow menu or by right clicking on the VU meter
  6. Voucher Code: FREEP8 https://www.uvi.net/en/vintage-synth/prime-8-plus.html
  7. https://www.mntra.io/product/rasa/ Update for other titles in process. Freebie "Rasa" is a free sample of other library sounds for the updated MNTRA 2 engine. Web site is slow ATM. Requires MNDALA2 host https://www.mntra.io/mndala/ Ad copy: Rasa is a taste of the vast creative possibilities that our unique instruments have to offer. Drawing from four of Mntra’s instruments, Rasa features four of our sample maps: the large Tibetan Horn (Orakle), the Morin khuur (Arca), Pitched Volcanic Rocks (Atma), and our “Viper” Death Whistle (UDW) Rasa includes 20 expertly curated presets to get you started on the powerful sound sculpting possibilities of our dedicated VST/AU MNDALA 2 engine. Visit us at www.mntra.io Get Rasa ar www.mntra.io/product/rasa
  8. REQUIRES FULL version of CUBE and all three preset packs. Introducing Howl ­ Enchant your CUBE this Halloween with seasonal presets and festive orbits from our newest free preset pack, Howl. Where spooky arps meet haunted pads and shaky leads, this pack combines all three of our expansions with the CUBE factory sounds for a ghoulish bent. Howl is only available until Oct 31st. Download soon! https://lunacy.audio/products/howl
  9. Change log: Version 2.2.0 -- Native apple M1 support. -- VST3 installer for windows. -- Linux VST3 support. - State loading issue fixed (v 2.1.2) - 11 band vocoder engine. - Internal carrier synth (pulse, saw, sub osc, noise, mono, poly, portamento, sync mode, tune). - Possibility to route an external carrier signal. - Harmonic control (adds more harmonics to any carrier signal) - "Ess" enhancer for a clean understandable voice, also with a carrier that hasnt much high frequencies. - Clip LED, glows if the input signal will be clipped. - Panic button stops hanging notes within the synth. - Documentation shows different routing possibilities. - Low CPU usage. - Side-Chain input. - Works only on Stereo Channels at the moment! Attention Microsoft users: This plugin requires Windows 7 or higher. https://tal-software.com/products/tal-vocoder
  10. RF-DSP Multi-Effect Processor Features Parametric EQ (3 Bands) Delay (with Filter) Reverb (Hall) Compressor Distortion (Overdrive, HardClip, BitCrush and Saturation) Stereo Enhancer https://ronanfed.rf.gd/RF-DSP.html
  11. Asper, an new experimental synth combining wavetable, subtractive, phase distortion and physical modeling for sound generation is available as a FREE download. Idea was to add humanization to the sound on oscillator level in order to simulate behavior of real world instrument where each hit is different. It is not trying to simulate sound behavior like in analog synth, but rather to simulate Round Robin. Instead of complex modulation I decided to split wavelet OSC to two layers that each has it’s own control. This way is you can easily control (for example) attack per velocity without assigning any modulation source. You can detune each layer, enable comb filter, enable pitch envelope or phase distortion to each layer individually. All blending control have individual shape setting for each layer or even inverse mode in order to have different amount or phase while using same MIDI CC or velocity. Features include: One wave table oscillator 118 wave tables that can be combined in multiple ways Comb filter for both wave table layers Advanced amplitude adjustment with break point control for better control Phase distortion for each wave table layer with 5 different shapes and it’s own detune Mod section for Phase distortion with sync option One noise sub synth Round Robin simulation on oscillator level for both wave table and noise OSC Set blending mode based on velocity or control with assignable MIDI CC Ability to control shape for morphing, filter, FM amount starting from Exponential to Logarithmic Filter with parallel or serial mode Mod section for filter Shaper, two modes Saturation Portamento for mono with adjustable velocity level for triggering Vibrato module Interactive GUI with mouse over for each element that can be changed or adjusted -lEach control that have assignable MIDI CC have additional display for assigned controller All envelope controls have additional 6 quick sub presets to choose from Ensemble module for for unison or even reverb like simulation Simple soft clipper to prevent clipping that can be disabled Randomization for almost each subsection Simple preset manager One page with adjustable GUI scale, 80 up to 150% Asper is available to PC users (VST2 and VST3). For more information on Asper, click here: https://www.kvraudio.com/product/asper-by-zone-sk/downloads
  12. Dotech have released DeeMute, a FREE MIDI triggering mute plugin. DeeMute can mute (or invert) audio triggered by MIDI notes. It can use it for a wide range of applications other than stutter and ducking! Features include: It can mute (or invert) audio triggered by MIDI notes. It can use this function for gate effects such as stutters. The Flip button can be used to reverse the mute operation when triggered. Attack and Release can be adjusted for ducking effects. It can use it for a wide range of applications other than stutter and ducking. DeeMute is available to PC and Mac users (vST2, VST3, AU and AAX) https://dotec-audio.com/deemute.html
  13. Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes is celebrating 7th Year Anniversary! • First of all, there is a sale: ENDED! • Second, a new product is released, Guitar DI, which is a multisampled "dry" electric guitar made for sound design. Formats: Kontakt, sfz and Decent Sampler. It is also on sale for 70% off. You can check more about it along with video and audio demos HERE. • Third and last, we released a light version of the Guitar DI for our 7th Year free pack. The main difference is that it has only 2 round robins compared to its bigger brother. We thought this through and 1 round robin would make the Lite version too limited, while with 2 round robins it's usable on its own. All specifics of differences are on the last tab on the Guitar DI Lite product page (click here), the tab named: "Lite vs Full". Thanks for being with us throughout the years! Boyss-Sound-e-Scapes
  14. Merry Xmas 2021 from Man Makes Noise! The Lobby Piano is a small grand piano in a lobby. I originally recorded said piano for The Lobby Piano Omnisphere library and ever since it’s release I have had plans to go back a record more from said piano. I have been unable to do so due to Covid restrictions, so I decided to go through the material I already recorded and find the most interesting sounds from there. I chose 10 different styles and techniques from the original recordings. As nothing was recorded chromatically I had to construct the samples for each of the 10 techniques with sound design trickery. Each of the 10 techniques is now “recorded” in triads for a chromatic range with 4-5 velocity layers, no round robins. So there is very little naturally recorded material in this piano. This is not a complete piano, but a colours and flavors type of additional piano. Contents One Kontakt 6 patch, one Kontakt 5 patch, one Decent Sampler patch, 10 .SFZ patches and 1189 uncompressed .WAV samples and takes up 3,3 gb of hard disk space. There are also 29 snapshots by Man Makes Noise and Torley for the Kontakt 6 version. Tech Specs Kontakt versions require the full version of Kontakt 6 and 5. Decent Sampler is available for free from Decent Samples. Plogue offers a free SFZ player Sforzando. Pricing The library is free and thus it will always be. Now, you will have to use the code FREEXMAS on check out (it takes 100% off the price). Why a code you might say. Well Gumroad (my ecommerce platform) has a size limit for free downloadable products and The Lobby Piano - Playable Techniques is way over that limit. Hence the code: FREEXMAS https://www.manmakesnoise.com/thelobbypianoplayabletechniques
  15. I just got this newsletter from NewBlueFX:
  16. Available here: https://projectsam.com/library-category/the-free-orchestra/
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