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  1. Now I remember. I'm seeing the cog because I own the collection. You don't need ACT. I fixed mine by going to MIDI settings and deselecting the keyboad then restarting CWB. Then select your keyboard and go to Arturia and the midi learn should work. If not contact Arturia or search this forum and read everything you can find on the subject. There are a lot of people here who know much more than I.
  2. I have Analog Lab 5 and don't know the lite version but there should be a settings cog at the top right. When you click on the midi tab all the available controls will light up. Click on them and then move the controller you want to use. You can change them all at once. Save before hitting the settings cog again.
  3. I was thinking something like this (there is so much corruption these days). I tried creating a new project with and without a template and they were OK for a while. I first noticed the problem after copying and pasting a section and wanting to get rid of the markers that were copied. Thanks you gave me an idea since I have to start a new project to continue anyway. I will make a template and see if I can determin when the problem starts.
  4. I'm on version 2021.01 build 098 64bit. I have had every update and tried a reinstall. It started 2 years ago. I was a Roland dealer and started on Cakewalk Pro in 1989. I have Sonar platinum 30th and it does not have this issue.
  5. Sorry for the late reply I don't come here often. I own Essentials. The problem started after I demoed the full version. But now I have a bigger issue with the shabby support I got and would recommend strongly against using Celemony products.
  6. Hi I am having a problem deleting markers. This issue is persistent for 2 years. I thought it was solved by opening a new project but it seems to happen with every project. When I create markers and then go to the markers view and delete them they appear to be deleted but when I use the arrow keys to navigate the now time stops at every spot where the deleted markers were. Searching the forum I saw only one other user had this problem but it was not resolved. I finally fixed this by deleting the arranger track. It stumped me because I was not using it.
  7. I am having a problem with melodyne. It worked fine in trial mode but now It does not save edits after fine tuning in CWB. I contacted support and got ditched by a very rude tech. This just happened yesterday. He refused to escalate my ticket and had a flimsy knowledge of the product. I will never deal with Celemony again.
  8. I don't fully understand your comment but I did not have this problem when bouncing a clip while using melodyne or tracking before. I noticed now when I select a group region it goes full blast even without bouncing first, and I have to restart the program. Everything is on default so the track goes out to the master bus. Are you saying it should be re-routed before bouncing the clip?
  9. I could try that. I think I'll put up with it until I'm happy with a take so I don't get sidetracked today. It seems Melodyne being loaded is the instigator. If I forget to disable my tracking plugs and create a region CWB always drops out. I may have hit the limit with my hardware if so the volume thing could be performance related.
  10. I'm wondering if anyone else is having this issue. After bouncing edited audio the project plays back at full volume so the master can't be turned down or muted. I find it starts happening after loading Melodyne but also after restarting the program and trying to bounce a take without a Melodyne region.
  11. Thanks David I suspected it was something simple.
  12. I would like to make a loop with a snare on each down beat but when i use groove clip looping the loop starts without the last upbeat rest. Is there an easy way to add a rest before bouncing the clip?
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