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  1. Can't say It wasn't up to me
  2. It's kinda hard to understand right when one word is an answer, at least in some cases. You'll abstain, right? Ok No harm done. Nothing is mandatory or something, who thinks it could be a good deal - great... Not saying it will be the last sale ever or something.
  3. https://www.boyss-sound-e-scapes.com/specials.html Ended
  4. The sale has ended. https://www.boyss-sound-e-scapes.com/sample-libraries
  5. The sale ends in a few hours! Ends: 29/05/2022 23:59 (gmt + 1 time zone)
  6. I'm sorry about the double post @cclarry. In my defense, this time I haven't created a new topic but just edited/commented on the old one since it is the same deal (more-less) which was extended for a few days. Btw Thanks for posting deals even for small labels! I appreciate
  7. *Update: Ended: on Sunday 29/05/2022 23:59 (UK time)
  8. bojanboyss


    Ooops, somehow I missed that. Should I remove this duplicate or ... ? It seems that I can't delete a topic from the forum... Maybe admin can remove 1 of them
  9. bojanboyss


    The sale has ended
  10. Previous Weekend Sale has ended but a new one, the last one, will be this very next weekend. Check our website on Friday or use the subscribe form down the page to be notified when it starts. Visit: https://www.boyss-sound-e-scapes.com/specials
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