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  1. Depends on what you compare it to. Similar FX system can be expensive. Take a look at Melda MXXX at 999€ https://www.meldaproduction.com/MXXX or Kilohearts' Toolbox Ultimate: https://kilohearts.com/products/kilohearts_toolbox#ultimate at 499€...
  2. You should probably ask Jasper at Performance Samples. Even though it was free it's still his IP and sharing it after he has taken it down is slightly questionable.
  3. I have no idea about the reverb. I do not have this.
  4. This reminds me way too much of the Faturator from Kilohearts: https://kilohearts.com/products/faturator
  5. Personally I think these sound quite dated as far as this type of sounds go.
  6. By the way, Rekkerd is having a giveaway of 3 bundles of The Jumalauta and Wildebeat: https://rekkerd.org/win-the-jumalauta-wildebeat-unique-instrument-libraries-for-kontakt-3x/
  7. Their practices are some of the worst in the business. And their software installer is by far the worst ever.
  8. What do you get when you take a piece of scrap board, a rock you stubbed your toe into, a twig your kid handed you to hold and a spare guitar string? You get an ugly little instrument that is virtually unplayable in real life: The Jumalauta. The Jumalauta is a fretless single string instrument with the sole purpose of sounding great as a virtual instrument and sound source for sound design. This instrument has been already been used in other Man Makes Noise libraries. Here I present it as an independent instrument. The Jumalauta contains three basic articulations (plucked, hammered and picked), designed pads, percussions and bonus underlay patches made with sounds from a Moog Sirin and Arturia Microfreak. The basic articulation are recorded chromatically and extended at the low and high ranges. They have 1 velocity layer and have 4 round robins. The percussions have 1-5 velocity layers and 3 round robins. The Perc Fast Hand has 6 velocity layers and 1 round robin for left and right hand. The pads and underlays have 1 velocity layer and no round robins. The Jumalauta contains 18 .NKI patches, 610 uncompressed . WAV samples and takes up 550 mb of hard disk space. The samples are left in uncompressed WAV format to provide you with the possibility to load them into your favorite sampler or use them as raw audio files in your DAW. The Jumalauta requires the FULL VERSION of Kontakt 5. It is proven to work with version 5.8.1 and higher. It will not function in the Free Player version. The Jumalauta retails for 15€ (excluding VAT where applicable). An introduction price of 10€ is available until the 10th of March 2021. Grab the library here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/the-jumalauta
  9. Something composed by me from a few years back, released on Youtube by Really Slow Motion:
  10. Oh, this is a nice one. SAGA is one of those libraries that offers quite a lot but seems to be a little overlooked by everyone. I can recommend! And the "Acoustic Trailer Percussion" is bit misleading. I don't think this is best marketed as "trailer" as the percussions are so usable in other situations as well.
  11. Should be. I assume the installation done via the Kilohearts installer. If so then you can use the snapins within PhasePlant.
  12. The great thing with PhasePlant is that if you're just a preset guy, you don't need to have everything as patches made with snapins you don't have will still work. You just cant adjust the parameters of said snapin.
  13. Oh my yes. It's really really creative. PhasePlant is limited only by what you can imagine. It's just fantastic. And yeah, I have been having fun making some of the dirtiest sounds I've come up with for the library I'm working on for PhasePlant...
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