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  1. These are some of my most used plugins. Totally underrated and totally worth every penny.
  2. This one is special. Got to test it out before the release and it has some nice tricks up it's sleeves. Can recommend!
  3. Do note they are still in beta mode and will probably notify users once they get out of beta. I did get a message (I'm there as a developer) and I'd assume they will email everyone later on.
  4. They are merging all their different sites under one roof. At least Kontakt Hub and Sampleism are there (there were others as well, but for the life of me can't remember them). Everything is legit so no worries.
  5. I've really grown to like the tone of their ukulele. I can def recommend it.
  6. I didn't like the clean sound of this at all. No sir, not my cup of tea.
  7. Oh, just a shameless jump off to different stuff in the new Beat: there's a nice little review on page 70...
  8. Mostly the sounds and platform. These are ridiculoudly over priced at their normal price. Personally I find that Keep Forest products are more meh than other offerings of their kind. Even at this price I can't get excited about them. KF products never end up in anything I finish.
  9. Personally I have no problem with affiliate links. If the deal is good it's nothing to me to help out a fellow music maker, we both gain something. Sure being open about it would be best, but to me the idea that an affiliate link is worse than a regular link is just odd.
  10. You can download them to any computer and then transfer them. The downloads are just a bunch of zip or rar files that you unpack. Their downloader does all that for your and that is it.
  11. Cosmos and Pulse-Tec are cool the real winner of these deals is Echoes: https://www.jrrshop.com/nomad-factory-echoes It is something oddly special.
  12. Well that went to these deal makers fast.
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