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  1. Some percussion from the instrument as well. No reverb, 4 to 6 velocities, 1 rr for each hand. https://soundcloud.com/manmakesnoise/the-jmlt-fast-hand-perc-test
  2. New one with quite a few patches on top of each other. Totally unmixed, just a quick test:
  3. You're welcome. All of my sets have a free test version available, do check them out.
  4. And one more patch test:
  5. Second patch test: Excuse my poor playing, it was late here...
  6. Working on it, working on it...
  7. Tapsa Kuusniemi

    The JMLT

    Testing out the first alpha patch from a library I'm working on: 1 velocity layer, 4 round robins. Reverb is NI Raum.
  8. And kinda ripping of the naming strategy from Melda...
  9. This is the one synth I would recommend everyone get. Bloody marvelous piece of gear.
  10. Man Makes Noise wishes all of you a merry Xmas. Here's a gift from me to you: a free Omnisphere library! Based on the orchestral sounds in the Versilian Studios VCSO Community Edition, this library transforms and mutates them into something new and fantastic: And did I mention it is free? So grab it here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/mutated Original tease message: Something new from Man Makes Noise is coming in just two days, but had to share this before that. 100% the library...
  11. Slow has some fantastic sounds in there.
  12. I grabbed it because it looked and sounded cool and well, it is cool.
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