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  1. They probably will add demos, but this was the first time I've heard of said pedal so would have been good to have the demos ready with the announcement.
  2. Probably something new. Christian keeps talking about a new Albion.
  3. Would be nice to have audio examples before they start selling the thing.
  4. Sample Sound Review gave Omnidose 5 out of 5 stars: https://www.samplesoundreview.com/2019/12/review-omnidose-by-man-makes-noise-for.html
  5. The VLA-2A has become one of my go to plugins. It's really really good.
  6. Yes. Can't help you there. Audio Damage will sort you out.
  7. I am using and quite heavily. This thing is one of the best granular synths around. Easy to use and very musical. One of the best things I have bought, ever. Many granular synths rely on the effects sections to create the sound, but Quanta relies on the actual granular processing. Could not recommend more highly.
  8. Somehow this is the greatest thing right now:
  9. Man Makes Noise releases Omnidose for Omnisphere 2.6 and welcomes you to a journey that began 32 years ago when Roland released the D-50 synth. Omnidose is a modern day re-imagining of that legendary piece of music gear. This is not an attempt to recreate what the D-50 sounded like, but rather a voyage to discover new sonic ground, the Man Makes Noise way. The 125 patches of Omnidose were made using the Roland D-50 waveforms in Omnisphere. These patches require the Omnisphere 2.6 hardware library to function! The patches are divided into 8 categories: ARP + BPM (14), DISTORTION (3), HITS AND BITS (6), PADS + STRINGS (44), SYNTH BASS (23), SYNTH MONO (5), SYNTH POLY (22), SYNTH SHORT (8) Most patches use multiple MIDI CC controls: Velocity, Modwheel, Aftertouch, Breath Control and Pitch Bend to change parameters of the sounds. Omnidose contains a bonus of 10 Artificial Ambiences in .wav format. The price of Omnidose is 25€ (excluding VAT) with an intro price of 19€ (excluding VAT) until the 9th of February 2020. Get it here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/omnidose As with everything Man Makes Noise has released I'm offering a freebie of 10 patches for you to test out what Omnidose is. Get the patches here: https://www.manmakesnoise.com/freebies Original teaser:
  10. Sample Library Review took "The Duck of Death" for a spin: https://www.samplelibraryreview.com/the-reviews/review-the-duck-of-death-omnisphere-2-6-expansion-by-man-makes-noise/
  11. Comet and Phoenixverb are to completely different beasts. If you want something that glues everything together then you're choice should be Phoenixverb. If you want want outrageously long and lush FX reverbs then Comet.
  12. Just reminder that the final week of the intro sale of Man Makes Noise's The Duck of Death has begun!
  13. Decided to put Man Makes Noise's The Lobby Piano into a black November sale. The code blackfriday19 will give you -50%. Sale on until the end of the month! https://www.manmakesnoise.com/the-lobby-piano https://soundcloud.com/manmakesnoise/sets/the-lobby-piano
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