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  1. What I did, at the cost of some sound quality; 1) Connect a standard cassette deck to e.g. Cakewalk 2) Play the 4-track tape forward, record it to tracks 1 and 2 3) When it ends, turn it over and play it (backwards), record it to tracks 3 and 4 4) Reverse tracks 3 and 4 (I think I used Audacity) That gave me all four tracks, though I may have had to do a bit of time-stretching to make them line up start to finish. But they did finally, and the process helped me appreciate again the wonders of DAWs.
  2. Got it. Thanks, Larry.
  3. Tributes paid to father-of-three and tireless mental health campaigner https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/obituaries/tributes-paid-norfolk-mental-health-campaigner-terry-oshea-7923678 ____________________ After his death Joan discovered a whole new network she never knew he had been a part of when members of a music forum, largely in America, got in touch and had raised money in his memory. “These people who he’s never even met, and I didn’t even know existed, cared about him enough to start a collection,” she said.
  4. Thanks for this. Just got the Ozone Elements and DJ Swivel Spread freebies. Deals valid through April 18.
  5. Her email is joan.bufton@gmail.com. I didn't think to ask whether I could pass it along, but I imagine she wouldn't mind. She gave me her PayPal, and I've forwarded it to Larry.
  6. The message we hoped wouldn't come. ________ Sadly Terry passed away on Saturday morning. I am sorry to have to give you such bad news. It was very peaceful and I was able to be with him. Which is more than many have been granted over the last year. Thank you for your kindness. I am constantly surprised by how many friends Terry had and how kind they have all been. Best wishes, Joan
  7. I just wrote to Terry's wife Joan to give her Larry's email address (with his permission) so she can tell him the best way for her to receive the funds. I also told her that if she'd rather communicate through me I'll pass along her details. Will update if/when I hear back.
  8. A lot of good stuff at the site. Thanks for the pointer.
  9. What do you think about passing along the money to them now? Joan and the kids could probably use it.
  10. Message just now: "Hi, he is still in hospital at the moment. Best wishes, Joan"
  11. Btw I was able to make contact last month with Terry's wife Joan. She told me she'd be in touch with any news. I send her a message now and then to let her know we're thinking of them, but of course I don't press her for information. If I hear from her again I'll post right away.
  12. Notice at link: __________________________ Our apologies. We just announced this release and found that (it appears) that the serial numbers have not been “turned on” by Native Instruments. We have messaged them and they have confirmed that this will be resolved within an hour (1:45 CST) Until then, we have disabled the ability to purchase World Percussion Creator. We will email everyone on our list once it is available again. Thank you! __________________________ [edit a few minutes later] They've fixed it: While we worked to resolve the issue we disabled the ability to purchase - so many of you that clicked over were unable to see the price or purchase. However, Native Instruments resolved things quickly for us and everything is back up as it should be. Our apologies for the confusion!
  13. Thanks, that's a great suggestion.
  14. Can we give it a few more weeks? I've found a mailing (not email) address and some names possibly connected to him. I'll send a letter to that address and keep working the names. How about March 1st as a deadline? If I haven't succeeded by then we'll go with whatever everyone here decides.
  15. I still hope we can find a way to get the money to his family. Could you DM me the city? I'll do some searching too.
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