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  1. A few here I hadn't heard of. https://sonicscoop.com/2019/12/18/15-freeware-alternatives-to-premium-plugins/
  2. From Audio Animals. Very '80s. The audio demo's a hoot. https://www.audioanimals.co.uk/shop/sample-shop/yamaha-pss-480
  3. Regularly £19.99 VST and Kontakt (full) https://www.audioanimals.co.uk/shop/sample-shop/Aspire-Conga
  4. A roundup. "Keep in mind that the list is in a continuous update, so save the page link and come back for other new free plugins later." https://www.producerspot.com/best-free-vst-plugins-released-in-2019
  5. https://www.pluginboutique.com/articles/1466 I'm liking the Ample Sound Ample Guitar M Lite II.
  6. Through Monday May 27th with coupon code MD19HHS _______ [listening to MAD – RocknFunk https://www.handheldsound.com/instruments/mad/#*—sounds great ]
  7. (down from £134.99) Use VIP Voucher Code 48HR-AAPERCLIB https://www.audioanimals.co.uk/shop/sample-shop/studio-percussion-library Flash sale ends May 15, 11:59, UK Time (GMT)
  8. I dislike writing negative reviews, but I thought this one was important, so I submitted it to Sweetwater, where I bought the keyboard. Sweetwater has apparently decided not to publish it. I wonder whether there were other negative reviews before mine and Sweetwater chose not to post those either. If so, they might have saved me from a regrettable purchase. _________________________________________ Not a keyboard for players I won't address most of the Komplete Kontrol's features; my only subject here is playability. The keys are heavy, and each key increases significantly in stiffness from front to back. Imagine playing G#m7, root position, right hand, 1-2-3-5. There's virtually no way to play these notes very softly (pianissimo) as a block chord. On the three black keys the fingers sit at or near the front, but on the white key the finger is near the back, so to push it down requires much more pressure. Unless one has amazing control of one's fingers, the four keys won't hit at the same time. To play this keyboard well with speed and delicacy is difficult if not impossible. Other reviewers liken the Komplete Kontrol's feel to that of an acoustic. Their comments helped persuade me to buy it. I've played acoustics for almost fifty years. Any acoustic that feels like this keyboard is in need of major repair. A better comparison is to a $400 Casio Privia I bought and returned several years ago. That Privia felt just the same. The Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 is a serious device and undoubtedly manufactured with care, but if you're primarily a player rather than a producer, and you're looking for a keyboard that plays like an acoustic, consider the Yamahas priced around $500. I've decided to keep mine because I don't want to be someone who for the second time buys a keyboard and sends it back.
  9. Glad for you, really. Maybe they've worsened since then, because they're no help now.
  10. I'm wary of buying anything Kirk Hunter because their customer support is—in my current experience—nonexistent. Too bad; this looks like a great deal otherwise.
  11. I've read great things about EchoBoy. Any other must-haves?
  12. With code PV4pianists. Down from $99. Until March 31. https://www.productionvoices.com/product/concert-grand-compact/ ___________ Concert Grand Compact is a high-quality piano sample library for the FREE Plogue sforzando sampled from a Steinway D concert grand piano in a world-class recording studio. Concert Grand Compact contains samples from the larger Concert Grand (soon to be released) without the need for the Kontakt sampler. Concert Grand Compact takes arguably the best single microphone perspective from Concert Grand, our 1.3 TB Steinway D piano library, and places it in the Plogue sforzando player for a highly compact, fast loading amazing sounding virtual instrument piano that is easy to use and inspiring to play! Concert Grand Compact is ideal for Album Production, Live Stage Production, Film Score Production, Performance and more! ____________ Video comparing the Concert Grand Compact to another from Production Voices:
  13. https://www.volkoaudio.com/?utm_source=uhy67f4E&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FEB2019 Just an FYI. I haven't tried them (four modeled EQs, three sampled Middle Eastern instruments).
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