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  1. I'm not sure. Did I? Well, I'd rather get a better upgrade offer for existing synths, than a free delay. As good as it it, this delay doesn't create a sufficient prompt to buy the full collection of synths. That is, given the user is aware of other products and still defers the purchase.
  2. I hope this doesn't indicate any sort of crisis at AAS.
  3. Interesting! Have you tried it with different buffer sizes? I have and also experimented with different drivers.
  4. Agreed! I'm by no means a heavy hitter. Just uploaded a video comparison between OW and AR NX series plugins. As usual, take it for what it's worth. Enjoy! Sorry for the delayed response. My music and video projects drive went belly up a few days ago. Had to replace it.
  5. I tried it with a very low quality webcam, and it works like a charm. No need to mount a microwave transmitter on your head.
  6. Nevermind! Just tried it, compared it to the AR3 Studio. It doesn't go an extra mile, in fact it's kind of meh. Glitchy, when you switch speakers and overall not in the same league with the AR3S, although it does sound very similar.
  7. How can I get it for less than $29? I have AR3 Studio and NX.
  8. I have AKG K712Pro and Sennheiser HD650. Aren't these cans studio grade? Why is it so difficult to include profiles for these models as well? Rhetoric questions, no need to reply.
  9. Another peculiarity waves-style. Three or four years since the initial release and yet the supported headphones list stays intact.
  10. It finally worked. For some reason the login page kept resetting my login credentials. I had to enter them manually. Waves has a funny way of managing their customers.
  11. For some reason I can't sign into my Waves account. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  12. Yeah! Because he's got the tone right. If it sounds good - it is good, innit?
  13. The transaction is expected to close in the third quarter of 2021. My crystal ball ain't working either, but if there's a deal on Complete 13 this Summer - I'm in.
  14. I'm not kidding. If the instrument doesn't sound great OOB, it's, probably not worth the hassle.
  15. Too boomy and still doesn't cut through the mix.
  16. Gorgeous reverb, nice delay and pitch-shifting FX. As far as the amp sound goes - it definitely stands apart from the crowd, but somehow lacks something. Can't put it into words. It's almost "there", but not quite.
  17. I bet, skillful players can scroll to the top in seconds!
  18. Sorry, guys, I'm late for the rehearsal. I needed to pick up my amp. Can we start?
  19. Sooner or later we all will be there. I was balancing between life and death recently, so I know how it feels. Still, it's a horrible way to pass away, counting days and hoping your immediate family will somehow mange to get through. I wish I could help you somehow. Hold on, mister! You still have some time left. Hope you will be able to do what you plan to do.
  20. Dubious facelift. What's under the hood? Any significant changes?
  21. SSL4kG, Masterdesk or Townhouse? Which is worth having/useful/vital for your production?
  22. That's the droid I was looking for! Complete Analog Lab is an overkill for my needs, and this fits the bill perfectly.
  23. Who wants to go to 11 when you can go to 18? That's a jolly good question in my book! I'll play around with this setting a little more.
  24. Not quite! Only visual output, i.e., I can see indicators moving, but still there is no sound from the standalone version.
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