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    Rio Al Mar

    This is a beautiful recording of a lovely song! It makes me want a classical guitar. Very cool!
  2. This is so vintage! Your voice really shines on this, both lead and harmonies. As sparse as this arrangement is, it is full and airy which makes it sound BIG! Dry those baby's tears, man!!
  3. This is what I want to hear if I ever vacation on Jupiter or Saturn. Great vision!!
  4. Lynn Wilson


    Mark, this is a shining example of what can be done with the tools that come with CW and a few freebies. When you supply the talent, it becomes priceless!
  5. That's a pretty chord progression, Larry. I look forward to hearing this when you're satisfied with it. Good luck with the new PC, however, take anything GC says with a grain of salt. They're not supportive of CW because it's free, and their goal is to sell, sell, sell. If an audio interface and MIDI controller is all you need then read through this forum. This has been covered many times.
  6. Lynn Wilson


    You nailed this, Bjorn! You are truly an idea machine, and I never know what to expect from you. I love that!!
  7. Lynn Wilson

    Walk A Mile

    I have to echo what Larry T. said. This is haunting music, the kind I love, and is so lush. I can't wait to hear it again! Keep it up!!
  8. Most people bounce to clips after making an edit, which is the solution to this problem. If, however, one can't make up their mind if they want to keep the edits, then do your Melodyne edits on a copy of your track (and archive the original track, in case you want to make changes later) then bounce to clips. I recommend that you edit only short phrases at a time to shorten the process.
  9. Great song and arrangement! Yeah, a longer intro would be nice, other than that, this is a gem.
  10. I really like the way you tackle the issues of the day. This time you used a beat that I find very appropriate for the message. This is a global problem, and you said what many people need to hear! Don't give up! I really like this on a visceral level, and that's what it's all about.
  11. I lived in Portland for a while from 1986-87, and these homeless camps were just beginning to spring up. You captured the mood brilliantly! This deserves a wide audience. You are a great example for the rest of us!
  12. Nigel, I don't get what YT is worried about, considering some of the content that I've seen from them. However, the song is terrific, and the video is fantastic. I like the fact that it's a little different from what I expected, but that is why you are so far ahead of the pack! Keep 'em coming!
  13. Lynn Wilson


    This is beautifully produced and performed! The tones are marvelous, and the writing is upbeat. This is the kind of song that makes people happy to listen to. No small feat. Congratulations!
  14. Lynn Wilson

    Agua Fria

    Beautiful guitar work! It makes me want to get a classic guitar, but there would be a learning curve~~~ I think I'll just listen to you some more.
  15. Awesome! This production just shines. I'd like to hear more from you!
  16. Thank you very much, Eric! It's gone through several remixes to get where it is now, but has been worth it. All of the comments I've received have taken sprout.
  17. Thanks Bjorn! I remixed this again just this morning (Sun) to enhance the drums, as there have been some comments regarding them. I appreciate your time and ears!
  18. Thanks for the suggestion! I did remix this with your thoughts in mind. I like it. Who does? (Ahh, but I was so much older then...) Amen to that! Thank you so much for your time and comments. Thank you, Nigel, I've gotten some good advice here! Thanks for responding. Thank you, Paul! You've got a good one going, too. Stay in touch.
  19. I'm going to look up Paul Thorn, he's new to me. Thanks for your comments! You're not the only one to notice the overabundance of the low end, so I remixed it to reduce the bottom and muddiness. Hope it works. Thanks, Tom! I use my car a lot to fine tune my mixes. As for the title, it comes from the middle verse and only occurs once. I like non-sequiturs. Mark, thanks a million! I did just remix this and put the acoustic a bit more to the left to give it some separation. Maybe? Thank you so much! I forgot to mention that the bass was played by my old friend Roger Fife. He just knows what to do without being told. The title is a non-sequitur, lifted from the middle verse - "live and love as much as you can if you expect to be born again". As said above, I widened the mix and the guitar is more in the left channel where it can be heard a bit more throughout the song, I hope.
  20. Hi Jack! Sometimes I don't hear something until someone points it out, which is the case with the drums. I don't perceive this to be a big drum song, but it sounds better with the drums up in the mix which is why I remixed it. As for the finger picking, you can hear it in the first four bars, I hope, and it continues through the song. Thank you, Makke, for your time and comments! Glad you like it. I don't know why DF came up first, along with many other things, but I'm yearning to know... Thank you for your support! Steve, you and Jack were right about the drums, so I turned them up. The new mix is posted. Thanks so much for your time and support over the years! It helps. Thank you, Kurt! Your words mean a lot to me!
  21. Here's a new song, hot off the press. In this song I actually play a finger picked acoustic guitar track (I suck at finger picking, btw), and I put a new battery in my EBow and went for it. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at life in general. As always, I thank you in advance for your time and input. Oh, I forgot to mention that the bass was played by my good friend Roger Fife, all other sounds provided by me and Toontracks. "Born Again" can be found here: https://soundclick.com/r/s8ibku New mix up today to address the drum issue brought up by Jack and Steve. (8-17-21) Another remix to widen the tracks and reduce muddiness in the bottom. (8-18-21) Yet, another remix to work on drums and overall EQ ( 8/22/21). And, yet another remix to enhance the drums, piano, and acoustic guitar (8-28-21)
  22. Thanks for asking me to collaborate on this song. It's been nothing but fun! A good friend of mine mentioned that the original version seemed a bit thin, so I added some calories. It's still gluten-free.
  23. This is a two for one because I liked both songs that I just heard. Unpredictability is your best friend.
  24. Good song and lyrics, Paul! You've gotten good advice, but it shouldn't be hard to make this stellar. Your songs just keep getting better and better.
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