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  1. Plugins like AAS Strum GS2 are great because a couple of random notes on the keyboard can give you a chord progression you might not otherwise have come up with. EZ Keys as well. Contests, particularly remix contests, are also great because they force you to come up with ideas that are not obvious.
  2. I ended up going with the Funky Cat library for Strum. I don't love it but it might have some potential and it was on sale and I probably would have bought it anyway. That aside, I was playing with the rack recently. I think the biggest use I will get out of it is the MIDI Out device.
  3. I believe the word you are looking for is "vintage". However, it does come with a MIDI Out device. You can create an instrument track with the Reason Rack where the MIDI Output device is loaded. Once you have done that, you can set any number of other instrument tracks to use the Rack's midi output as an input. This will allow you to play multiple synths simultaneously.
  4. While I was getting around to getting a MIDI loopback.... Plugin Boutique is giving away Reason Lite with any purchase. This comes with a VST3 rack plugin which has a MIDI output device. This works perfectly so far.
  5. Magic Russ

    Amplitube Slash

    MXR Chorus is what I use most from that package.
  6. Cakewalk typically won't let you have one midi track be the input for multiple synths. However, if you have an instrument which generates midi out, multiple synths can use this generated midi as an output. I have been able to do this with both Jamstix and EZ Keys. What I would like to find is a VST instrument which would basically just pass midi through. That way I could use that as a sort of MIDI patch point, and be able to play multiple instruments with one MIDI track. Does anyone have any recommendations for such a thing?
  7. It's not bad but I think I spent more time going through hoops to get it than I will spend playing it.
  8. VST3 version has issues. VST 2.4 is ok.
  9. Regularly $129 https://www.scuffhamamps.com/product/s-gear
  10. Ooh you'll wait a long time...
  11. Funny you should mention that. Their library had a cool prepared piano sound that became the basis of a track that I should finish.
  12. Saw it listed in S-Gear forum. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but their Cranked AC plugin was pretty good (although 32 bit only).
  13. They have a pretty good support team for a product that's supposedly not developed any more.
  14. https://www.wamplerpedals.com/wampler-digital-downloads/ Includes 3 VST3 effects: Dimension Envelope Filter UVibe
  15. For anyone who is on the fence, the sale has been extended through June 1.
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