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  1. I wasn't sure if this mailing wasn't sent out a week late.
  2. And there's no way these samples were ever worth $800+ like they. The one-shots are not mapped for any of the major drum samplers, and the collections with loops typically contain less than a dozen. Still, if you are looking for certain sounds, there are a few interesting ones there.
  3. Does a Boss Katana count? Otherwise, I'm between Amplitube and S-Gear, often with AT4 pedals running into S-Gear.
  4. For freestanding effects: Acon Multiply NI Choral I have always been a fan of the MXR Stereo Chorus on guitar, and Amplitube Slash and Bias FX do pretty good versions.
  5. for those of you curious to see if that Picard show was any good. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/patrick-stewart-cbs-all-access-free-month-1203543617/
  6. And today's is Limerance for $8
  7. Magic Russ

    Krotos Voucher

    Do these libraries have extractable content or are they only usable with Weaponizer or Reformer?
  8. Polivox is a bit limited, so maybe not that one. e-Grande is not something I use. Aliasonix is pretty much what you'd expect from a software sampler running on an Amiga in 1987. Cosmic Music Bell is cool for what it is, but again, far from essential.
  9. I was just messing with that this morning. I need to stop forgetting about that one.
  10. The Blue Zone is an odds and ends type of collection. "For this one I ran my doorbell through the ensemble section of an ARP string synth". There are some decent pads, but as many leads, plinky arpeggios, basses and FX. If I were looking for lush analog pads and were to get only one, Orbitone would be my choice. The strings, choir, Constellation, and SVX would be good choices too. I'd also say Zero 1 is somewhat of a steal at UKP 2.50. It's a fun little synth with a fair amount of presets.
  11. I actually prefer Replika for guitar, especially post-rock type sounds. However, Echoes is one of my most used delays. The oilcan model has a beautiful dark smearing to it that you don't find in other delays, and unlike the Blue Tubes Oilcan Echo, this one can be tempo synced and ping-ponged. So I would consider the oilcan model alone worth the $19.
  12. NI put up a FAQ regarding the issue: https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360006053397
  13. I got on the bandwagon with Komplete 5, and the only things I have from their list are B4 II and Pro-53, neither of which I use. I can understand them not wanting to support all of these, as they are things that haven't been updated in ten years or so. What I don't understand is why they aren't supporting the older 3rd party Kontakt libraries. That doesn't look like a big effort.
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