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  1. I think they usually put them out at 8:00 or 9:00 Pacific Time. I usually check after checking my work emails and occasionally find that someone posts an hour later about an update.
  2. GR7 update - only because Plugin Boutique assumed that NI would be selling that at half price and I got in before the fix. EZ Keys MIDIs A few MIDI libraries from Cymatics.
  3. Thoughts on the newly discounted EZ Keys MIDI Already had 70s Pop, and it's good for what it is supposed to be. Downloaded West Coast Rock. If you like Michael McDonald, there's one which is based off "I Keep Forgetting" and another based off "What a Fool Believes" EDM has a lot of arpeggios. Could also be good for prog maybe. Fusion - if you don't use super jazzy chords this could be good for late 70s pop/rock too.
  4. What I like about SampleTron is that you can tron-ify just about anything (even Tron samples). There also is some nice unique original content like the lost symphony and grunge sets.
  5. SampleTank is not my go-to, but there are some good sounds in both of these treated piano libraries.
  6. At least the trolls haven't ruined your thread (yet)! So far, the best deal I have taken advantage of is the aforementioned NI GR upgrade. ImpOSCar 2 for the price of a CM issue seems to be a good deal, if not specifically for BF.
  7. The other problem is sometimes you just need to make a decision first thing in the morning. How many times have we seen deals that weren't supposed to be there, but got fixed later that day? Case in point: Last week Plugin Boutique offered a $45 upgrade to Guitar Rig 7. They weren't supposed to do that, and by the next day it was updated to the same $72 that was on the NI site. By the time a vote would have gone out, the sale was gone.
  8. I don't know how you would do a straight poll on this, it would be hard to implement. However, if you are concerned with catching deals before you miss them, you can filter deals by expiration date on the KVR site. https://www.kvraudio.com/deals.php
  9. For Kontakt 7, this gives the option to hide the ads. For Komplete Kontrol, this fixes a problem that some plugins developed using JUCE framework were not being recognized as NKS2.
  10. No joy on these. However, I did get the upgrade from GR6 to GR7 for $45 on Plugin Boutique while it lasted.
  11. No, they always have one plugin for $29 at this time.
  12. This is a nice set of sounds inspired by indie and pop songs from the last 20 years or so. Also probably the only place you will see Radiohead and Taylor Swift in the same sound bank. Also included, sounds inspired by Bruno Mars, MGMT, Tame Impala, Grimes, Mac DeMarco, Lady Gaga, and The Weeknd.
  13. Not any more, now showing $74. Glad I got it when it was $45.
  14. I'm noticing that all of the Play series are now at $25. From what has been included in Komplete I find this series hit or miss. One of the ones I find to be outstanding , though, is Playbox. It's great for making chord beds for a song. Are there any others people might recommend?
  15. For me... I want to see EZBass come down. I'd like to see a cheap GR7 upgrade. (looks like that is on the table) I'd like to see Overlouds's vocal processor thing be their annual holiday $30-ish no-brainer. I'm hoping that the tradition of cheap EZKeys expansions is still a thing, and that the ones they select to be on sale are ones I don't have. I'd like to find the plugin that can make my modest acoustic with a sound hold pickup sound like a well mic'd guitar in a room at a no-brainer price. I'll probably take advantage of a few discounted libraries from AAS, Arturia, Overloud (Rematrix). I am hoping that everyone who has contributed great holiday gifts in the past will continue that tradition. Finally, I am hoping that everyone gets the deals on things that are right for them.
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