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  1. Also, just because something is missing from your arsenal doesn't mean it needs to be there.
  2. Unfortunately if you do that you miss the three really good seasonal freebies that are given away each season.
  3. Don't forget delays. That's one thing I don't expect to buy any more of anytime soon.
  4. The last time they had a big sale, they had extra discounts for you to complete your collection of sounds for any of their instruments. Of course the problem with completing your collection is that you won't be able to use their Christmas present of one free library.
  5. Upgrade to NI Strum Acoustic 2. Other than that not much. Maybe whatever EZ Keys library or MIDI pack they have on sale. Other than those small things this will probably be the least expensive BF season for me in years.
  6. Don't forget, they are from Louisiana. That Redfish Couvillon recipe looks pretty sweet.
  7. Borders and Media Play were great places to lose some time in.
  8. Nothing makes me want support a store more than sales that aren't special and coupons that can't be used.
  9. This plugin is made in collaboration with the one and only Steve "Stevie T" Terreberry Apparently 2020 is not done tormenting us yet.
  10. Am I alone in thinking that the video Zinc posted did a better job of selling Unify than the Arp2600?
  11. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they updated the page with a release date.
  12. I think I have all of the presets for SynthMaster that I'm interested in, but I see they also have packs for SynthMaster One. Any opinions on these?
  13. That's how I got the vast majority of my IK gear. I might not have been a customer of theirs if not for their 2014 Winter Olympics group buy. OK, I did get MAX, but only during a ridiculous sale last year. Sure, it would be nice if their upgrade paths made it worth people's whiles to upgrade to MAX without having to wait for sales. I don't have the will or energy to argue about those things as I feel I have plenty of options already and there are far worse crises in the world than that. If IK want to sell me the upgrade, they need to convince me that the new gear is that essential. Otherwise it's just more stuff to keep track of.
  14. The other day I set up a track template for a wah patch I created using GR6. When I tried to insert that template into a new project, it did not have the automation lane included. Is there any way of saving the automation lane on a track template?
  15. I'm not in a position where I want to spend that much right now, so I might just go with the CS version. Hopefully they don't hamstring it too much like they did with Amplitube 4.
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