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  1. In for $10 for the two I didn't yet have. Masala is very much what you expect, but Low End Theory with a few nice lead sounds.
  2. Unless I am reading it wrong, it looks like Mixcraft are distributing the Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series effects. If you know, enough said, if not google what happened to that company.
  3. I think most DAWs have had Hall of Shame moments Logic for abandoning its PC users. Cakewalk for the way the add on components around the time of X2 made things less stable. Ableton for looking ugly as anything. Bitwig for offering WASAPI support for output but not input. Also both of them for not being able to audition midi to a track. Project 5 could do that and it's been out of development for 15 or 17 years already. Cubase had people calling their parent company Steinbug, so I'm sure there's something there. Frooty Loops offering lifetime upgrades and then changing the name of the product and everyone having to upgrade to the new version. Mixcraft for bundling software from an infamous *****. I guess that just leaves Reaper and Studio One as not having Hall of Shame moments.
  4. Rainbow started with Dio, had big single "Since You've Been Gone" with Graham Bonnet, also "Stone Cold" with Joe Lynn Turner.
  5. And the only reason for that was that it's huge enough that you need the hard drive it comes on. On the other hand, if I had to do a re-install a good chunk of these would have been updated and need to be downloaded anyway.
  6. Probably not on its own but averaging prices in the next group buy it probably would be effectively less than that.
  7. I don't think they let you do that anymore. I'm not sure if they let you sell your serials either.
  8. I have been finding I like the SQ-80 more than I thought I would. I also am finding a lot of potential in the Synclavier. I've had this for a couple of months and feel like I haven't even scratched the surface.
  9. They gave me the FX collection for $49 for BF, because I owned some of the freebies they gave away for Christmas. All I wanted was the Fragments granulizer, which goes for $99. And I also got the V Collection at $199 because I upgraded their string product from the holiday giveaway version.
  10. Old 97's, Timebomb: She's gonna kill me, and I don't mean softly... Bob Dylan, Positively 4th St: Yes, I wish that for just one time you could stand inside my shoes You'd know what a drag it is to see you James, Laid: You're driving me crazy, when are you coming home? Wilco, Passenger Side: You're gonna make me spill my beer, if you don't learn how to steer Wilco, Jesus Etc.: Our love is all of God's money
  11. I always preferred his cover of "For You"
  12. One potentially important thing people may not have noticed is that with version 4.2 Battery no longer supports import of 3rd party formats such as soundfont, drumagog, mpc etc. REX is an exception. If you need these you can either roll back to 4.1.5 or keep Battery 3 around if you have it.
  13. It just adds macOS Ventura compatibility and some minor graphical improvements when building instruments.
  14. The regular price for their emulation of the Boss DS-1 is $50. I can get the real thing for $40 on Reverb or $50 new when Guitar Center has a sale.
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