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  1. Didn't Hideaway Studio do a sample set based on that one?
  2. They did have the Egnater Goldsmith OD/Boost pedal for half off but I saw it 5 seconds before it changed.
  3. See top of thread for newest updates. Corrected Phasis and screen display issues.
  4. Hence the "Precision" bass.
  5. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=10781 As always these are available to download through product manager. Edit: Also includes update to 5.0.3 which adds filters forA5/A5Max users. Also added Soldano and a couple of cabinets to CS version, so if you missed the Soldano giveaway, the amp is now free for everyone.
  6. I know, maybe seeing that they have Taylor Swift will make my daughter want to practice piano more. Their playalongs are probably my favorite part of the subscription, though.
  7. Now with your all access pass you can access songbooks from Groove3. https://www.groove3.com/browse-books/by-category/collections/songbooks It's somewhat of a limited collection for now, but it's a start. On a related note, I learned that "Bad Moon Rising" is one of the first 50 popular songs you should learn on piano.
  8. I prefer the way Studio One handles midi import better. It loads up an instance of its sampler for each track. That way you simply replace the instruments on the tracks as desired. With TTS1 loaded, you have the extra steps of redirecting your midi tracks or moving them from one track to another.
  9. This week, they are offering new presets from Ace of Skunk Anansi. https://www.ikmultimedia.com/news/?item_id=10741 Warning to those who don't have the Joe Satriani pack, of the 21 presets contained here, all but 2 use either Satch Overdrive or Satch Tube.
  10. Last year it was Tracks and Amplitube. I got 3 of the 4 tapes through that GB. I think they are too subtle to justify picking up the 4th.
  11. https://www.applied-acoustics.com/multiphonics-cv-1/ Regularly $99, intro $79. Apparently no discount for existing users of Tassman or Modeling Collection.
  12. Although I would be more likely to choose Guitar Rig for non-guitar stuff, I would be interested in seeing what your A5 presets look like and how you use them.
  13. The modules added aren't my top choices, but I am glad they fixed that issue with the user comments. I had one hard rock patch that had "Rockabilly!" in the comments because the program I had loaded when I started that patch must have been for that genre.
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