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  1. Very nice indeed Mark. Well recorded and mixed. FWIW I can hear no sibilance issues.
  2. "Revisited" because I'm fairly sure I've posted about this track before but probably a couple of years ago. Comments appreciated. https://www.bandlab.com/post/ae368c96-07a2-ed11-994c-000d3a3f87df
  3. Keith Wilby

    The Garden

    Hi Jesse, do you mean the solo starting at 2:02? That's from my 1990s vintage Yamaha SQ16 keyboard, "Hawaiian guitar".
  4. I can hear your pain in this, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
  5. Keith Wilby

    The Garden

    Nothing to do with a garden but this is a song of mine, newly recorded, but from about 25 years ago. Partly based on what I was experiencing at the time and partly on a TV drama in the same period. Very stripped back arrangement but I think it's all it needs. My first dalliance with Melodyne's sibilance control. I don't use profanities lightly in a song, but this contains one because I think it is appropriately descriptive. Fully understand if an admin chooses to take it down as a consequence but we're all grown-ups here so I hope it's not a problem. Comments invited as always. https://www.bandlab.com/post/d38fa443-229e-ed11-994c-000d3a3f87df
  6. Hearing an ace production like this makes me realise how ill-qualified I am to comment on it. Very nice job indeed, well done 👏
  7. I concur ... and it made me chuckle 🤭
  8. Keith Wilby

    El Guerrero

    Very nice indeed, well done 🙂
  9. I too can hear the bass and the kick ... but only just. Great rock song and cool guitar sound though 👍
  10. I didn't even know that Melodyne did this, I have much to learn. Thank you.
  11. Thanks Tim. This made me smile 👍
  12. I usually have buses for my lead vocals and backing vocals. Where best to put a de-essing plug-in, on each individual vocal track or is it possible to de-ess an entire bus to achieve the same effect? Many thanks.
  13. It's a "quiet" kit at the start and I couldn't find a way of including two instances of EZD without crashing CbB so I opted for AD for the "loud" kit. Of course, this is potentially now all up in the air as I consider all of these useful comments so far 👍
  14. I'm using the EZ Drummer 3 "tight/small" room kit for the first bit (going for the Paul Simon "Fifty Ways" sound) and Addictive Drums 2 for the second bit.
  15. Thanks Tom 😄 You know, I was just thinking the same thing about the lyrics and maybe that's what's stopping me from liking it unreservedly. They don't make an awful lot of sense for a start but I've had the song in my head for so long ... I'll put me thinking cap on.
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