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  1. The new link includes a later vocal with harmonies. Drums are Addictive Drums 2 with everything separated out post-fader and the "room" mic turned up a bit.
  2. Hi all, hope you're all surviving this COVID nonsense. Here's my latest work in progress, hope you like it. Comments welcome as always. EDIT: link to correct recording, previous one done in error. https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/humanrights21mastered-d21d59d8?revId=781bfb12-efeb-eb11-b563-501ac5b31db1
  3. Keith Wilby

    The Garden

    I'm going to see what I can do about that now
  4. Keith Wilby

    The Garden

    I've ummed and ah-ed about that intro for ages and still can't quite work out whether or not it's too long.
  5. Keith Wilby

    The Garden

    Bit of a faltering guide vocal on this one. Written in 1995, this is genuinely how I felt after a failed and short-lived affair, when I completely lost myself in alcohol for many months ("pissed" in the UK sense meaning "drunk"). Too self-indulgent? As always, created using CbB. Comments invited 🙂 https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/thegarden21-674e402a?revId=412e39b2-03bb-eb11-a7ad-0050f280467f
  6. Thanks guys, the penny has finally dropped
  7. Hi all, I'm a clueless newbie on this plug-in so I've been working through this tutorial using CbB and the free version of the guitar plug-in. I get as far as drawing "C1" at 6:27 but it doesn't make a sound. On the PRV the note assignments seem to be all wrong. Have I missed a trick? Many thanks.
  8. Hi, I contacted Waves and they provided me with a very comprehensive un/re-install process. All is well now
  9. It's the Addictive Drums 2 freebie kit.
  10. Hi all, I get this a bit more frequently than I'd like, and I seem to get it all the time when I try to use Cakewalk TTS-1. Any advice please? Many thanks.
  11. Keith Wilby

    Lockdown Blues

    A very pro sounding recording and amazing musicianship. I'm jealous!
  12. +1 on that. It's a really nice performance of a great song, but the right amount of strings would give it a huge lift IMO. Where's George Martin when you need him?
  13. I think this is my final mix on this, so thanks again for your comments folks. I've taken the delay off the vocal, added reverb and changed the EQ as I thought the voice sounded a little thin, unlike me 🤭 On percussion, I think "less is more" on this one but I've panned the crash cymbals and put in some drum fills. I've also put a bit of melancholic string quartet over the previously solo piano bit in the middle. I think it's a huge improvement. I hope you enjoy it. https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/bestisyettocome2-066a17c5?revId=cc0d1963-6b7a-eb11-9889-0050f28a50ba
  14. I think it's as good as it gets vocal wise Lynn, I've never claimed to be a virtuoso on anything 😄
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