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  1. Keith Wilby

    A WORD

    I know, that's why I said "before I read through the comments 😉
  2. Keith Wilby

    A WORD

    Very nice, but before I read the comments I was thinking that bass and drums could give it a major boost.
  3. I won't be making changes as it's now released, but out of curiosity, what "spoken word" do you mean and why on earth would I need to "re-doing/tuning or sing them again and blend together" any vocals? That's how I sing I'm afraid. It doesn't get any better and I'm not going to falsify my work with auto tuning.
  4. Hi all, I hope it's OK to post this but I'll understand if it gets removed. My new album "Night Vision", completed exclusively using CbB, is now hosted on Bandlab and Bandcamp: https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/albums/7e667cd2-855d-eb11-a607-0004ffd347fb https://keithwilby.bandcamp.com/follow_me Many of the songs I posted on here first and I've acted on a lot of the advice given, so thanks to everyone who listened and offered their opinion. It should also start appearing on Spotify, iTunes etc next week sometime. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your kind words 🙂 The twangy thing with the piano is a voice from my aging Yamaha PSR-SQ16 synth called "SHAMISEN" which I understand to be a Japanese stringed instrument similar in appearance to a guitar. I had no idea what it was, I just liked the sound of it 😄
  6. Most of my songs have lots of lyrics and and instrumental break in the middle, so I thought I'd turn that on its head for this one. https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/boundandbleeding20-83d6be20?revId=fbeca98b-0a58-eb11-a607-0050f28a2802&commentId=12734482
  7. Thanks Starise. The bass is the SI-Bass Guitar plug-in ("blown speaker") with a bit of EQ in the pro channel. The piano parts are originally hand-played, but the stabs sound a bit robotic because the timeline takes no account of the natural human error that would occur (in my experience, a player would naturally speed up a tad when playing stabs like that). I might try and put in a temporary tempo increase to see if I can mitigate that. Thanks for your comments
  8. Love it. I can hear little bits of Kossoff here and there, so lots to be proud of IMO.
  9. I never thought I'd ever be able to write an instrumental, but here's one I made earlier 🙂 https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/suzisioux20-9498bd5f?revId=6cd9dbe4-864a-eb11-a607-0050f28a2802
  10. Does that assume that you've selected "separate out ... + Master" on the AD mixing desk? In my current project I have selected just "separate out" and all that's on the Master track is a very faint reverb of the snare. Quite how it's getting there is a mystery 😦
  11. Can some kind soul explain to me what the Master track is for in AD2 please? I feel I ought to be able to work it out with a name like that but some of my usages of AD2 seem to have one and some don't. Obviously down to the options I chose at the time but I couldn't tell you which. There's no substitute for incompetence. 😁
  12. Amusing without being cheesy, love it. Nothing wrong with your vocals as far as I'm concerned.
  13. Keith Wilby


    Love it. Great production, playing, writing and singing. I hear a bit of Lou Reed and Tom Petty coming through.
  14. Thanks for those kind words David, the idea of having a fan at all is novel 😄 I think the clarity might be down to the simplicity of the track. Double tracked acoustic guitar ("scratchy" in places which is down to my lousy muting technique) with no effects at all, plus my vocals have no reverb or echo (a daring move because I've never considered my voice to be good enough for the "Jeff Lynne" treatment), just compression. Add a dash of piano with a drum framework and that's it. I do like the result in this case, I had the Anthology version of the Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping" in mind.
  15. Another tongue in cheek look at an everyday life experience. https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/getbacktoyou-415f3c1b?revId=a8866cf2-5a3d-eb11-9fb4-501ac5b31de6
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