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  1. It's been the holy grail for me. Can't tell you how chuffed I am.
  2. Thank you 🙂 https://www.lalal.ai/ It can work very well but it's a paid service. Reasonably priced I think (I'm not affiliated with them at all).
  3. By sheer coincidence I happened to be working on my version of this Beatles song when I spotted @steve@baselines.com's version. I think I've previously posted my "archive" tape recording from the late 90s, long before I could use something like a DAW. I've never been able to match that vocal performance, and now, with AI, I'm delighted to have been able to isolate it from the tape recording and use it in this project. A lot of the sounds come from my vintage Yamaha PSR-SQ16 but there are new drums, bass and strings. Comments welcomed. https://www.bandlab.com/post/0008bd79-0e8a-ee11-b75e-000d3a428fff
  4. Keith Wilby

    Baby Better

    I'm aiming for irreverent humour in this one so hopefully I've not missed. Even if I have, it's a bit of a stomper 😀 https://www.bandlab.com/post/c5c52550-1686-ee11-b75e-000d3a428fff
  5. Same. When I was 5 (in 1965) I used to visit my much older cousin on Sundays. She had loads of singles by, as it turned out, many different artists, and she used to let me play them. As young as I was, and without knowing it, I always favoured her Beatles records. There was just something about them that was different, better. I was unwittingly picking up on the standard of production and arrangements too. There was, for example, only one record that started with, what sounded to me then like "dummmm ... yahhhh" - I Feel Fine. It sounded like Robert the Robot from Fireball XL5 🤣 There was a magic that I detected that wasn't on other records. It wasn't til much later that I realised that these records were all by the same group.
  6. I was surprised to hear the earliest demo for YS was sung by John: "In the town where I was born, nobody cared ...". Could have been an entirely different song.
  7. I'm with you on the first para there although I'm probably nearer to 95%. I actually don't mind Rev 9, I'd be more likely to skip Good Night off that LP. I like the non-UK "Out of our Heads Stones" LP, along with "Beggars Banquet" and "Let it Bleed". I've tried to "get into" some of their other stuff like "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile" but there's just something lacking in them for me. Different strokes.
  8. I think they were right to cut that out. It seems a bit awkward and clanky to me and I think that the solo fits better. I do agree with @Shane_B. that there's too much compression. That said, I like it very much.
  9. What do we think of the new Beatles offering? I was disappointed with Free as a Bird and Real Love because of the quality of the recording of John's voice; it couldn't be helped and the songs themselves I thought were good, but the sound quality issue made them sound under par for me. This new one, however, with modern technology, has John sounding almost like he sang it at Abbey Road. Isolating his voice like that is an astonishing achievement and it makes the result sound like a proper record, for want of a better expression. It made me feel rather emotional given how he was taken. It would be great to hear the other two songs, plus Grow Old with Me, getting the same treatment.
  10. I've not read any of the other comments yet, but I will do. I think this track is fan bloody tastic, well done you two. If I could just offer a very nit-picky suggestion then it would be, how about varying the rhythm of the "not to worry" backing vox every now and again? Not too much mind, sometimes less is more, but I think it's nice to have the occasional curve ball just to keep the listener on their toes 🙂
  11. Like this? Still doesn't work for me. But I've also noticed that, if I remove the image from the notes in the BBCSO template, the image still shows up on the welcome screen, so I'm guessing that there's something not quite right about how CbB is installed on my PC. I'm not expecting you guys to spend any more time on this, thanks very much for helping 👍
  12. Thank you so much for going to all that trouble @Promidi. I think I have not been concise in my question. I have made my own template and I wanted an image to be associated with it. The image for the BBCSO Discover template works fine for me too but I just can't get my image associated with my template using the described method. I am also using Cakewalk by Bandlab 2023.09 Build 62. Sorry for the confusion 😳
  13. Thanks @Promidi. I tried that but it didn't work. What I've also noticed is that, when I do add the image, an asterisk doesn't appear in the title bar to show that the file has been edited, even when I "run as administrator". Having said that, the image is still in the "notes" after restarting CbB but it doesn't appear on the start screen for my template. It's the recommended size too, 600 x 600. I'm rather confused 😳
  14. Hi Patrick, could you tell me how to associate the png file with the template so that appears on the CbB welcome screen please?
  15. It's fantastic, like your stuff always is, but I have a reservation about the harmonica. It sounds very harsh and in-your-face to me. I know it's a personal thing and you're probably quite happy with it but I'd try to soften it a bit (with some reverb perhaps?) or maybe consider doing the solo with a different instrument. Just my 2p worth 🙂
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