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  1. Tune in to Radio Lonsdale (hospital radio) via the TuneIn app on your smart phone or smart speaker to hear my interview about donating my streaming royalties to the NHS. Today at 14:00 British Summer Time
  2. I do have the player, the full version is a bit pricey 😬
  3. "Using the Mason & Hamlin Model A piano freely available at the pianobook community." Sorry to hijack the thread but how do you install instruments from that site please?
  4. Hi, I'm using Realivox Blue via the "Kontakt" plug-in and I was wondering if there is a way to control a MIDI parameter in the Piano Roll window. I'm sure there is but I haven't been able to work out how. For example I can add a parameter like "expression" but I can't work out how to control it. Many thanks.
  5. As Sod's Law would have it, I discovered how to do it shortly after posting, and I don't see a "delete post" option 😐
  6. Hi all. I have a drum fill in a song and it sounds robotic because it's played strictly to tempo, as you'd expect, no human error at all. I want to simulate the human error by increasing the tempo for that one bar slightly, then return to the original tempo afterwards. I've tried experimenting with the tempo change menu items but I can never get it to affect just the one bar. Can it be done? Many thanks.
  7. Funny you should say that because, on the "oh yeah" near the end, I had "Road to Hell" in mind. Maybe they should re-issue that
  8. I can empathise with that, it's all very much in our faces, but I liked the idea of doing a rock song on the the subject to counter the commercial offering like the James Blunt song and the Times Like These cover.
  9. Get's my vote. It's a bit odd and I love odd
  10. Adapted from my song "No Win Situation" (on here somewhere) and shortly to be on Spotify et al in aid of the NHS here in the UK. It's my take on how we should be staying safe in these "difficult times". https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/covidsituation-e40fd58a?revId=7853bf49-a08b-ea11-96d2-0003ffd1fc09
  11. Rightly so, it's moody and magnificent. Perhaps a bit of verb on the vox?
  12. Nice job indeed but if it was me I'd quadruple track the guitars and pan them to give it a bit more depth
  13. Thanks, yes I did act on many suggestions made by the folks here. Much appreciated.
  14. Final mix https://www.bandlab.com/wilbyforce/emotionalrain-8243998e?revId=c46bb0b0-ab7c-ea11-a94c-0003ffd19c0f
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