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  1. Hi Great smooth vibe to this song like the choice of sounds I don't know much Gabriel but got a feel of cat stevens on the border subvibe
  2. subvibe

    wont let you go

    Hi here is a song i did a while ago .. Its Pop Laid back style wont let you go Thanks for Listening subvibe
  3. Hi Just done a quirky fun song No message or meaning Just fun to do I can see the Sky Now Thanks for Listening subvibe
  4. Hi a bit different from my usual chill out style I did this for fun to try out something a bit different Dance Together Thanks for Listening subvibe
  5. Hi Here is a song i did a while ago Its Smooth Pop Style Felt what you Felt Thanks for Listening subvibe
  6. subvibe

    Letting me Down

    Hi Here is a new simple song i have just done , Its in a Pop Style Letting me Down Thanks for Listening subvibe
  7. Hi Here is a song i did from my Chilled EP , i have tried to create a Café del Mar type vibe When the Morning Comes Hope you enjoy & thanks for listening all comments welcome subvibe
  8. Hi another song in my chill out series Said i Don't Mind Thanks for Listening subvibe
  9. Hi This sounds amazing , Great sounding Guitars & the vocals are sublime all in all a top production subvibe
  10. Hi here is another song in my chill out series its a bit Cafe del mar style i have used sub bass on this song & tried to keep it melodic Dreams are Reality Thanks for taking the time to listen subvibe
  11. subvibe


    Hi @mark skinner FYI its Pro R from Fab Filter Fab Filter have some really good stuff subvibe
  12. subvibe


    Hi Mark i did it a while ago so i will have to go back & check i will let you know soonest subvibe
  13. Hi another song in my series of chill out & ambient Its a laid back track Left me Breathless Thanks for taking the time to listen all comments welcome Greetz subvibe
  14. subvibe

    In Your Embrace

    Hi Nice mix & the Voice is so warm subvibe
  15. subvibe

    Program Me

    Hi Great drums & bass sequence that give the song drive agree with jack c vocals could be a bit clearer in the mix the intro is megga got my foot tapping straight away subvibe
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