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  1. subvibe


    Hi Here is a new song i have done Its a simple Pop style song You Thanks for Taking the time to Listen subvibe
  2. subvibe


    Hi @Lynn Wilson @Makke @freddy j @mark skinner Thank you for the kind comments i am also not sure how i bring things in & out It maybe laziness on my part i have been trying Pro Q on the bass end & also Track Spacer on the bass & kick to try to get space in the mix subvibe
  3. Hi Lovely sounding Guitar & fantastic space in the mix we are accustomed to your great musical talents & this is no exception Well Done Mark subvibe
  4. subvibe

    Bullhill tango

    Hi Great Playing & Captures the genre subvibe
  5. Hi Great Song & a nice retro soul feel subvibe
  6. subvibe


    Hi Here is my new song , It gentle & melodic I have tried to keep a smooth Soundscape Alive Thanks for taking the time to listen subvibe
  7. subvibe

    No Angel

    Hi a bit different from my usual smooth style this song has a lot of vocal FX & Synths No Angel Thanks for taking the time to listen subvibe
  8. Hi Here is a simple pop song i have done I don't need your love Thanks for taking the time to listen subvibe
  9. Hi Great song & great mix well done Mark & Gary subvibe
  10. subvibe

    Back Seat Lover

    Thanks @mark skinner yes i also heard the pop well spotted but i forgot to take it out the Bass is from Spire & almost all the pads/plucks etc i use are also Spire they almost use no memory i side chained the kick & bass to try to carve some space in the mix also recently i have been doing that also with the vocals using Soothe 2 on the stereo bus so also trying to carve space for the vocals in the mix once again many thx for your comments always appreciated subvibe
  11. subvibe

    Back Seat Lover

    Hi i have done a new song Its Pop with a retro Soul feel Back Seat Lover Thanks for taking the time to Listen subvibe
  12. Hi @mark skinner the fusion between Indian & western music is always very interesting the pulsing almost hypnotic beats & a different scales make is something special many years ago there was a hit by monsoon & it still feels fresh today every so lonely i have a lot of respect for you trying different styles & your musicianship is second to none Keep up the Great work subvibe
  13. Hi Mark another excellent song i have been to India a few times & its a vibrant country & you capture the emotion perfectly the rhythm gives it a solid drive without it being over powering & the intricate guitar weaving through just adds so much flavour to this song , its your 2nd song with this Indian vibe when are we going to hear something latin cuban etc I am sure excel at that style too Top Stuff subvibe
  14. Thanks Mark i tried a Spring Reverb on the middle guitar part & it completely changed the character of it basically the idea came after watching a tutorial video on you tube by Dom Sigalas he has done it on a real guitar & it sounded impressive so i thought i would give it a try spring reverb i suppose like any effect it needs to be used sparingly subvibe
  15. Hi here is a new song i have done tried to create a deep melodic feel more than a lover Thanks for taking the time to Listen subvibe
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