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  1. I've listened to this a few times already and I realized I hadn't popped in to tell you how much I like this one. We can all relate! Good mix but to my ears the vocals could come up (don't listen to me, I'm half-deaf already.)
  2. Kevin Walsh


    Loved the changes. You have a way with re-stating themes that makes me want to buy a book on harmony. The mix is perfect as is the ambiguous ending. Really nice stuff. I'm going to have to check out your other work on your youtube channel.
  3. I listened to this early this morning while I made my coffee. In a word, you guys nailed a great take on this. Marvelous stuff.
  4. The ceiling's falling and that rash is coming back. lol, my life in a nutshell. Great work!
  5. Kevin Walsh


    I don't think record companies call anymore, do they? Thanks for listening, David!
  6. Kevin Walsh


    Thank you for giving it a shot and sharing your thoughts!
  7. Kevin Walsh


    Now that you mention it I think I put some strings in there. 😃
  8. Those look great, and I'm also checking out the JBL 306p's, which seem to get a lot of love.
  9. Thank you. Nigel, I appreciate yor feedback!
  10. Thank you, Bjorn, its very kind of you to say that.
  11. Thanks, Paul, I'm grateful for your kind words!
  12. Thank you, Max, nice to know I'm not the only one who works at a snail's pace!
  13. Hope it sounds okay through the monitors, all those tunes are mixed on headphones. I have to get me some decent ones, I don't like the old KRK 5's I have now. Thanks!
  14. Thank you, Allan, it's extremely gratifying to hear you say that.
  15. Kevin Walsh


    You always have such interesting melodies, and the mix is so clear. Great guitar tones throughout with a really good break. Great vocals and harmonies and yeah, the chorus works really well. Keep 'em coming!
  16. Wonderful composition with great performances and a pristine sound. Absolutely captivating.
  17. Fun with panning! It's big part of what makes this work. Like the vocal bits quite a lot.
  18. Yes I have 5 and 6 running side by side with no issues so far.
  19. I posted a compilation of tunes on BandLab as an album, "Invaders from Outer Space". Every one of these songs have been put together with a lot of help from the forum members here and at the old Cakewalk site. It's taken six years to write enough songs that didn't make me cringe too badly to justify doing this. I have one more song for it, the title track, but I don't know how long it will take to finish that stupid song, so here's the compilation. https://www.bandlab.com/kevinwal/albums/b6bf15aa-240e-eb11-96f5-0004ffd2ff50 A great big thanks to you all for all the help over the years.
  20. Yes I am. I had one project that I really thought had some good performances but really needed a couple of extra BPM's. I ended up using Reaper to do that. I love Cakewalk though. I've had Reaper since it came out and I almost never use it any more.
  21. Really dug this one, a great laid back but slightly ominous groove and a really inspired solo. Mix is fabuloso. This is a keeper.
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