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  1. What does my little birdie want for breakfast today ? Becan Becan Becan ! Kenny PS I stole bapu's becan picture from another thread . I know he ain't gonna miss it because he is busy waiting for the delivery truck to show up with his new Jack Casady Bass
  2. The warden threw a party in the county jail The prison band was there, and they began to wail The band was jumpin', and the joint began to swing You should've heard them knocked out jailbirds sing Let's rock Everybody, let's rock Everybody in the whole cell block Was dancin' to the Jailhouse Rock Kenny
  3. I wonder if I can get my date Donna The Donkey to wear a Wig . Kenny
  4. What ! " the mod with no name " is on the warpath again ,,,don't give him any air time he simply ain't worth it . PS , Another Forum Mod told me he even goes as far as reading personal PM 's πŸ˜‰ I have her u tube channel bookmarked plus I have listened to a good deal of her music and videos , I'm very impressed with her take on life as per what I have heard from some of her spoken interviews . Abby is a very deep and talented person ....much deeper than what her look seems to indicate on the surface . Oh Yeah ! her version of H O T R S is very good . all the best, Kenny
  5. Here's some down home music to drink a little Jack to.πŸ˜‰ Kenny
  6. It's all about getting out there to play music and bringing it I'm glad to hear your out there again Dave . I'm itching to find a way back to performing again . I like that amp you got him . That is a Pro level amplifier ...I see that same amp in tons of concert footage ... have a good one , Kenny
  7. Hi Nigel , On this song I just let it rip from the start to the finish . I happen to like surprises and I am pleased my guitar playing told a good story . I'm glad you enjoyed 😊 Hi Andy , You know , you needed a smile on your face and I needed to get intimate with my guitar . She likes it when I play Rough and choke her on the neck . (I always feel like The Mod is watching me ) ( and I have no privacy ! ) (Woah oh oh) 😎 thank you for the kind words . Thank you very much Shane ! X 2 . Super funny post Steve ! all the best , Kenny
  8. The display of "power"one gets when posting content that helps delete ones own thread ! Kenny
  9. markno999 thank you for the kind words you said ☺️ . I went into hiding right after I heard them 🀣 I listened to Ronnie Montrose's Town With Out Pity . Yeah after hearing it I remembered I used to dig Ronnie Montrose a lot back n the day . He was a player I listened to for sure .... all the best , Kenny
  10. That's not what I hear . According to The Guinness Book of Records you got more VST plugs and instruments than Jeff Bezo's You Guy's Are ...gulp ... Awesome Kenny
  11. Hey Strummy ! Don't worry we got your legals fees covered . 😎 Thank You for the kind word Bapu ! I appreciate hearing them from you . For any one interested , here is the guitar I played on this tune . My guitar is 1986 MIJ Fender Reissue Esquire double bound in Candy Apple Red . I bought this guitar new in 1986 when I worked at Manny's . At the time I wanted jumbo frets , so I walked over to Rudy's guitars on W 48 th st and bought a high end replacement neck w jumbo frets . The fingerboard wood looks like dark ebony ...yet it's something else ...it is one of those exotic woods I would have to look up . In any event back then the neck did cost me as much as the guitar ... Then I dropped a I forgot what brand of HB in the neck from 1986 , did a little artistic Burns type of thang to the guitars body , changed my tuners over to Schallers and left the rest of my guitar stock ... The Tone you hear are The stock Esquire bridge pick up sounds combined with my effects signal chain thanks for listening , Kenny
  12. Heinz Hupfer, I am so so sorry I under delivered for you, I hope to meet u and spend 15 minutes apologizing and answering any questions u may have, I guess I will need to play my guitar with much more correct intonation details JUST for u, I am so sorry. We will now pause for a brief intermission . Please feel free to stretch your legs and buy some snacks . Kenny PS you may want to look at some of your spelling...... bendings, ? and holded ? 🀣Yeah Right πŸ€ͺ
  13. πŸ™‚ Thank You ! Monomox cool back at you πŸ‘ Steve ! you have made my night with your comment πŸ™‚ Wax Job as in hitting the beach sporting a speedo ? I heard they were looking for help in your area to scare the sharks away from the beach . Glad you got the GIG . I'm also glad you liked my playing πŸ™‚ Craigb ! Wow that is one clever complement ... I'm gonna file that one for a future post. Hey Thanks for the kind wordπŸ™‚ Kenny
  14. Yep ! that's why I'm not bring this one upstairs 😎 Some times a good Guitar Wank has to stay hidden from the General Public πŸ€ͺ Kenny
  15. I just got this e mail from my wallet . Take it for what it is worth .πŸ€ͺ Kenny's wallet here , I wanted to personally inform you that we are currently experiencing a profound shortness of breath and a severe lack of available energy in regards to our current financial resources . This debilitating symptom is due in part to your constant state of agitation and wishful thinking regarding your constant need to express your newfound entitlements as to fulfilling your Musical GAS Fantasies VIA any means necessary with out regards to your other responsibility's and needs... Although it may be true that you have structured your life to allow the wiggle room necessary to accomplish some of your musical goals with out affecting others . We have come to the conclusion that it has been over 15 years since you have spent any coin what so ever on trying to find a possible future Mrs Tele Jazz . In addition to that odd bit of Monastic News it is a fact that it has been decades since you have owned and driven a car that was under 21 years old . May I ask , when was the last time you got a hair cut ? Shaved your beard , or bought new shoes and fresh underwear.... Do you see where we are going with this . Be not of faint heart my friend . It is now time for your intervention ! Your Friendly Wallet is here to help guide you into a more prosperous way of life. Now close your eyes , take a deep breath , and repeat after me 200 times "Man does not live by satisfying Musical GAS Alone " Kenny's Wallet . In need of Financial CPR and a Cash Transfusion PO Box : Up Sh*ts Creek with out a 10 Dollar Bill
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