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  1. The basic rule is, you only ever dither ONCE and that is when you go from a higher bit rate to a lower one - 24 to 16 Keep everything at your higher rate until the mix is totally finished and then export at 16bit 44.1KHz WITH dither for CD quality wav files
  2. There are a few things you need to do before you can export successfully: Make sure all of you tracks are routed either to an intermediate buss, like drums, guitars etc Make sure all your intermediate busses are routed to your Master bus Then you can simply select all (ctrl + a) Then hit File > Export There are several options in the dialog that need setting appropriately as well as choose where the export goes on your pc
  3. You can drag the divider at the bottom of the articulation pane downwards to open up a new lane Load the other map here. Should work, I think
  4. Record at 24, render at 32. You only need worry about going down to 16 bit for CD on your final, and I mean FINAL export when you use dither to go down to 16bit Using a render depth of 32 bit gives you much more mathematical precision
  5. Where does the Now time end up when you hit ctrl + end?
  6. 1. Position Now time cursor where you want 2. Process > Insert Time/Measures Done!
  7. Hit ctrl + end This will tell you where cakewalk thinks the project ends. That's a clue If you select from where you want it to end and the Cakewalk end point you should be able to "Delete Hole" like you did in the other project Failing that, you can use Ripple Editing to delete the empty space There is ALWAYS something "out there" Automation Nodes Hidden/Archived Tracks Ditto for Busses Meter/Key changes Tempo changes CC Events
  8. What appears to be "different"? They seem the same to me
  9. This is where Drum Maps come into their own. Each key has it's own M & S buttons
  10. They probably use different algorithms
  11. Interface only. Nothing else affects what is recorded
  12. It doesn't matter what you do with your Fx whilst recording - none of it will be captured in the track. CbB always records "dry" (unless you set up an Aux track and record from that)
  13. Set workspaces to none. Pretty sure Control Bar placement is independent of screensets
  14. If you engage offset mode at some point in the future, all non-adjusted faders will jump to 0dB whilst the ones you have adjusted will show it's new value View it in Console View to see what's going on
  15. This sort of thing can easily be done using offset mode. Switch on Offset Mode Raise TRACK FADER by 0.5dB Switch off offset Mode
  16. Craig, when you did it by Copy + Paste ,you didn't select a track before pasting When you used cut, you selected track 8 - why? What happens when you don't select a track?
  17. Work perfectly here I downloaded your track, inserted TTS-1 and it picked up all of your tracks
  18. You would OPEN a Project template but you would IMPORT a Track Template Only you would know what you've done 🙃
  19. 1 is the default screenset. If you do change it, just hit 1 again and it will revert
  20. Turn Snap off altogether ('n' key to toggle)
  21. In addition to the screenset advice, make sure your Workspace is set to "None"
  22. This bit is totally wrong I've never need Write on in order for Read to work. Let me say this politely - you're doing something wrong
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