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  1. Done that more than once. ðŸĪŠ
  2. Hopefully leaving for France the end of April. Sold my house. Renting until I can get a long-stay visa. I'll PM you with my France contact info when I have it. I was wondering if you were still in S.A. or back in Barbados. Stay safe!
  3. I have the natural finish version of this guitar. Authentic Tele twang. Except for the sharp fret-ends, it was very well put together.
  4. Plus, you've given them the right to advertise to you. I never used more than 10% of its capabilities. Even then, I could have done better. I did not install it on my new laptop.
  5. Not everyone. I'm here because I was a SPlat user with a lifetime license, and I remember many of the members. When Bandlab picked it up (good on them!), I went back to Studio One. Been there ever since. Plus, Lar saves me a lot of time with his updates and sales postings. I said C, CC Larry Oh, see what you have done 😅
  6. Hi, Nigel! Good to see you around. New album coming. Woot! I'm moving to France and had to make some really difficult choices about what to keep (ship) and what to part ways with. I kept almost none of my hundreds of DVDs/Blu-rays, and only 25% of my several thousand CDs. My Devine Lies CDs? They made the cut. Outstanding music, plus I really didn't want to part ways with your autographed CD. My shipper picked them up two days ago. They're on their way to La Belle France! EDIT: Since getting Superior Drummer 3, I wound up not using AD2 at all. I managed to download all of the AD2 MIDI files from their offline page before they took it down (meaning that you no longer have access to the MIDI files from the packs you own so you can use them with other drum VIs). That was SO unnecessary. Why?
  7. This happened while I was trying to decide what to keep (install on the new machine) and what to let go. I've got so many really good keyboard VIs that I just said the heck with it. So, I made no attempt to contact them for support, which I assume would have been satisfactory. I also punted on the boatload of Waves plugins I own. I just got WUP'd to death.
  8. I don't know what's going on with these guys, but I couldn't get Addictive Keys to install the standalone app when I moved from an old desktop to a new laptop. Addictive Drums installed OK, but AK failed 3 times. Final decision? Uninstall all things XLN and move on.
  9. I picked up the paid version partly for its additional features and partially to support the dev. I should also mention that I picked it up when he was running a sale. I paid $27+tax. Money well spent in my opinion.
  10. Chicago was a great food town. Got to love NYC food, too, when consulting to Citi. Chicago comes out way ahead on friendliness.
  11. Nope. I donated part of my GI tract to the Army. No bag, but I'm a 4-lane expressway now. When I moved from Chicago to Arizona, the Windy City became less so. 🙃
  12. Syntronik Deluxe and Analog Lab 4 cover a LOT of sonic ground. I don't need the full synths. The only sound I ever design is the one my computer makes when I fall asleep and face-plant on the keyboard. 😅
  13. I'm in the process of moving from a desktop to a laptop. I got SO sick of Waves shells and WUP (I had v9, v10 and v11 shells, 'cause I wouldn't WUP), that I wrote off the $1000s invested in Waves plugins. Sayo'f'ing'nara.
  14. Check out the G&L headstock on this Ascari GTS tri-bucker (GC/MF exclusive). It's a Leo Fender design, never used, discovered after his death. His only opposing headstock.
  15. This one goes on sale ALL the time at MF, often for $50 less. I'd wait. That said, my Tribute ASAT is really nice for the $250 I paid for it new. All good except for the "less than smooth" fret ends.
  16. I still miss the Rush listserv National Midnight Start from the '90s. We even had t-shirts made up!
  17. Great job, Bat! I like the variety of tempos and feels, while all being RnR!
  18. These are the current D3 version. Love my D2s.
  19. And just updated to v1.9.0. Tons of new features across the suite. And, finally, proper hardware acceleration on Windows 10 (v2020H1 or later)! Been on the Mac for awhile. Free update for existing license holders. Affinity Suite v1.9
  20. Haven't tried the plugin version yet, but the standalone v6.5 loads a LOT faster!
  21. Because there isn't one? At least not in the manual.
  22. FWIW, Scarbee Mark 1 is part of Scarbee Vintage Keys that comes with NI's Komplete (since at least v9). Don't know if that qualifies, or not. This is Kontakt library, so it will work with Kontakt Player.
  23. Same price as my new PreSonus Studio 1810c? I'll pass.
  24. Thankfully, the Serif website downloads FAST! Just bought the Chalk Dust, Abstract Paint Bundle and Abstract ABC brush packs. Just the Abstract Paint bundle is over 3 GB, so good thing!
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