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  1. The Hair & Skin Trading Company - Go Round ·
  2. The band of blacky ranchette - Square
  3. presonus bought the company/team that were developing s1 (then called kristal) the company being a bunch of ex-steinberg/cubase devs, and spent the next years developing the daw itself as well as hw intg, i'm doubtful that they will change/remove any of the hardware integration, altho maybe that's the only thing left intact? and as others have said, use the tools that suit the job
  4. i HATED the x1 release, with the half-baked unannounced new gui (when i first ran it after installing i could literally watch it drawing the new "modern" gui over the top of the old trad windows, for example "loop explorer" became "browser" etc) resulting in lots of unexpected learning requirements, and the crashing... it was a real wtf moment it was the first time in 20+ years i'd bothered looking around at the competition and s1 hit the spot, and has stayed crash-proof (for me at least) and high-performing throughout all the updates since /ymmv
  5. the guy's an accountant https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Mooney
  6. this is showing on bbc at the mo, assume it will become available elsewhere soon, only watched the first one so far but very up front and entertaining https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0018zwp
  7. a thread worth keeping going i think
  8. why not just answer the OP question ffs? hey you can find the docs explaining this here https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR X3&language=3&help=SoftSynths.04.html good luck
  9. seems pretty limited considering how many 10s (sometimes hundreds) of tracks go into a modern recording?
  10. so only need to install the pos pace driver?
  11. The Sadies "No One's Listening"
  12. double points smokie -who the ***** is alice
  13. he does indeed, built here and deleted when he released it
  14. super furry animals - The Door to This House Remains Open
  15. Love - a house is not a motel
  16. Beach House - Myth https://youtu.be/cfBmizHxJec The link could not be embedded because youtu.be does not allow embedding of that video.
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