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  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. To be honest I am not sure where the influence comes from. The guitar was just played with no effects and then I added on some Overloud THU 'ultra clean' effect. If you are on Bandlab, look me up and I will follow. I'm @steve2k2.
  2. This is probably true, I am still a big Fab Four fan. Thank you for the feedback. If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will follow you. I am @steve2k2 if you want to connect. Steve
  3. Thanks for the feedback Lynn - next time I am in the DAW I will check the balance out. I use iZotope tonal balance. If you are on Bandlab, let me know and I will definitely follow. I am on there as @steve2k2
  4. Definitely a compliment! Thanks very much. If you are on bandlab, let me know and I'll give you a follow.
  5. Thank you for listening and commenting. If you're on Bandlab let me know and I will check you out!
  6. Darren Garrett on Bandlab did the vocals and I did the instruments - then we synced it up to this video below - wicked cool drummer in pajamas alert!! http://baselines.com/?p=4813
  7. Thanks John - it was Session Horns Pro - a nice little package.
  8. Hey thanks Freddy - it's a HUGE compliment - I am a big Beatles fan.
  9. Thanks a lot Robert! That's probably the highest compliment - I like to write hooks!
  10. LOL - Gainfully unemployed - I'm gonna steal that! Thanks for posting a comment, always nice to hear from other musicians!
  11. Hi John - thank you. The horns were done with Session Horns Pro using the 'Tuba Brass' setting. Michael Fortunato on Bandlab has sent me a real trombone part which I am going to try and work in.
  12. Thanks Tom for the comments. The first verse vocal is dead center, but when the harmonies come in it's 20% left for one and 20% right for the other. I try to think of what the 'band' would look like on the stage and for this one I guess I pictured singers slightly apart from the center.
  13. This is a song I wrote shortly after getting laid off - before I realized that retirement was AWESOME 🙂 http://baselines.com/?p=4808 Hope you like it. Comments either way are appreciated. I use negative and bask in positive 🙂 Thanks for listening. I'm on Bandlab (@steve2k2)
  14. Thanks John! I really appreciate your feedback.
  15. Haha - yes I am familiar with that - it's why I put (original) in the title.
  16. DeeringAmps - thanks for the feedback - you are absolutely correct about that. It's a battle for being exactly tight and also not regimented - gotta work on that. I do build tempo maps when I do covers. Maybe next original I do I will try a different approach.
  17. Hi - Yeah that is in the player above the Blog post. It does add some confusion that way - I'm trying to find out if I can remove the header player from the Blog post section. You can get to the other song below the header. Thanks for listening!
  18. Hi Everyone - here's an original I finished up a little while ago. Hope you like it. http://baselines.com/?p=4756
  19. Thank you for listening and letting me know!!!
  20. Ahh, the good old days. That must have been fun out there in Detroit. We only gigged the east coast pretty much, '75-'83 - I miss it.
  21. Hi! Here's my cover version of the 1972 Spinner's hit I'll Be Around - one of my favorites. @elizabethdarcel on vocals and myself (@steve2k2) on instruments, mix and master. Hope you like it! http://baselines.com/?p=4783
  22. Hey thanks a lot Andy - really appreciate it. Do you use Bandlab?
  23. Hello - longtime Sonar user, just found these forums, so I'll give this a try. Here's a link to a new cover done by Bandlab friends. @thelonewulfproject, @kiwichrys and myself @steve2k2. http://baselines.com/?p=4765
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