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  1. Here's my version of this classic. Be forewarned, I am not a vocalist, but I try hard. Thanks for listening! https://baselines.com/?p=5475
  2. No, as I said I don't expect feedback. If people want to listen, fine. If they don't fine. If they listen and like it enough, they can leave a comment and I will reply. My tagline shows people how they can communicate with me where I live (on Bandlab) and they can contact me if they want me to either collab or review their material.
  3. Exactly Tom! There are not enough hours in the day. Consider joining Bandlab, it is really an excellent place to meet new musicians, and I would definitely follow and comment on your stuff. It is a perfect place for collaboration. Will you consider it? If so, let me know the details.
  4. Thank you for your comment - I gave feedback just yesterday. But you are correct, I don't do it much here. I am very active on Bandlab, and that is where I give all my feedback. If you have an account there, I would be happy to follow you. There are only so many hours in the day, and I have to listen to probably 30-50 new songs a day. It's OK with me if people don't comment here on my songs, it's only fair as I do not often do that either. But it is a good forum for having new folks listen and maybe come over to Bandlab as a result.
  5. Very cool man - you got that Tom Petty thing going on, which I love. The image reminds me a little of the night I was stranded in Dublin. Those pubs are friendly!
  6. I was addicted to binge watching this show. Discovered it 4 years into the series. Being the sick puppy I am, I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. So I wrote a song. This one has @darrengarrett from bandlab singing. An interesting thing about this (at least if you are me) is that the main riff and musical idea song came from my iPad alarm clock. The default 'wakeup' music was a gmin to cmin dreamlike string progression. Well, it morphed into something else in my sick mind. But I still remember that alarm clock waking me up to a job that I pretty much dreaded every single day for a few years. Luckily, music is the thing now. That and keeping the wife happy. Maybe I'll write another song ... LOL. Oh! and there's a video too. How cool is that? http://baselines.com/?p=5127
  7. Thanks Mark - maybe the next mix I will boost that. Songs are never really finished I've found 🙂
  8. Thank you - that's a great compliment. I'm working with Doug Cross (lonewulf) on Bandlab to do 'Is She Really Going Out With Him' - but his voice is shot right now.
  9. Thank you for the wonderful comment. Yes I was out there for 8+ years lugging equipment around 🙂
  10. Thanks Andy - I love that whole Abbey Road album!
  11. Thank you - it took forever to get that bass down, and I had to do the lead guitar in parts! Love your tag line.
  12. Thank you for listening and commenting!
  13. Thanks - I didn't think of that with the vocal, but that's a great compliment - I'll let Darren know about it!
  14. Hey thank you Tom, I appreciate the feedback. Darren asked me to turn down the backups, we did it a couple of dB down for about 3 iterations. We probably should have kept going lol.
  15. Thanks! I had to cheat a little on the lead. It was a bunch of takes...only way I could ever do that.
  16. This is a new original called Enchanted Glasses - it's a short sojourn into the Twilight Zone! https://baselines.com/?p=5120 If you dig it and are on Bandlab, let me know, I will follow you!
  17. Thanks a lot Mark - I'll make sure that Darren knows about your post here. Are you on bandlab?
  18. Thank you Gary - appreciate the feedback, and I am going to try and work on that kick a little more.
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