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  1. Hi David - thanks. Mostly for fun, but I am trying to attract new clients for production services. So having some tracks available helps! Steve
  2. Hey sounds great - are the drums a little to the left? Nice work!
  3. Hi Jeff, there are a few Jeff McDonald users on Bandlab. If you tell me your @ username, I'll give you a follow. On the songs I do, generally I play the Bass, Piano and Guitar parts on the real instruments (and Ukulele sometimes). All other sounds are midi plugins for the most part. Superior Drummer 3 for the drum parts with a Maschine MK3 MICRO as a drum pad. Native Instruments, Dimension Pro, AAS Tassman and a few others. On this one 2 of the three violin tracks are real violins, and the 'trumpet' lead is a real trombone. When I quote, I just hit the 'Quote' link and it seems to work for me - opens up a new post including the previous post.
  4. Hi Douglas - yes you are spot on! McCartney double tracked that vocal, so I used Waves Reel ADT on it - that plugin was developed based on what they used to use at Abbey Road studio by controlling two tape machines and slowing down then speeding up one. Thanks for the feedback! Steve
  5. Thank you, my friend - hope all is well.
  6. Hi Tom thank you so much for the feedback and suggestions. I'll go back and take a listen - next time I update it I will keep this in mind. Aaron is from England (on Bandlab) and he did the vocal...he does a lot of Beach Boys harmonies as well - he's got a much better range than I do. As far as the mix and when the bass comes in, it is something I have been trying to do some automation around. In this case, I boosted the bass and highend of the piano when it was alone and gradually pull it back, but it still did not bring it up to the areas where iZotope Tonal Balance Control was happy. It is something I intend to work on in the future. Some of those strings were actual acoustic violin which Michael Herter supplied (Bandlab, Germany). Steve
  7. Thanks Jeff - are you on Bandlab?
  8. Hey it sounds great - always loved that song and you did it justice.
  9. After listening to the Analogues on youtube doing the whole White Album live (!!!) - I did this cover of Martha My Dear. Italy, Germany, England and USA checking in! @sibviolin violins, @michelefortunato trombones, @azzronika vocals and myself to round it out. #beatles #rock #horns #violins #iinternationalcollab https://baselines.com/?p=5564
  10. Thanks a lot Mark - Steely Dan songs take a long time to learn! I'll let @kiwichrys know about your comments here.
  11. I got some info from @kiwichrys, and this is what she said. She also said it was probably more due to me using Nectar on what she sent, but I agree the quality is good. 'An old old rusty banged up 100% reliable sm58 shure mic with xlr lead directly into a focusrite scarlett 212 interface then via a monitor volume amplifier (cos scarlett is crap for monitor volume) straight into the pc USB and directly into the bandlab studio recorder.'
  12. Thanks a lot Paul - yes it took a few weeks to get all the parts! I'm not very good on guitar, so I had to learn and record it in smaller sections.
  13. Thanks Douglas - not sure. I've asked her for more info. She lives in New Zealand. I'll report back. On my end, I process vocals with Nectar 3.
  14. https://baselines.com/?p=5550 New Bandlab collaboration @kiwichrys on vox, @michelefortunato on the bones, @rabbitwithmachinegun on Flutes. I do the rest. Inspired by a recording engineer who flew to Haiti to obtain a quickie divorce. Dean Parks played the riff that Becker altered with a talk box. 1976 Royal Scam.
  15. Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I'll take another try at it. It was hard to get the vocals right on this one.
  16. Thanks Douglas. The vocal was tricky here. You can probably tell I had to do a lot of processing to get it to sound close.
  17. Thanks Freddy - it was a great time to listen to music. I really loved his Sunday Papers and a bunch of others from that album. We were breaking into the music industry at the same time.
  18. Heheh - yup me too. I was reading up on the song while doing it and he actually ran into problems because certain people thought that it was a racist line. Lots of snowflakes in the world today I guess! Thanks for the kind words!
  19. My buddy Doug Cross on vocals (@thelonewulfproject on Bandlab) Do you upload to Bandlab? Let me know and I will follow you and leave you feedback there. Maybe we could collaborate. https://baselines.com/?p=5499
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