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  1. Whoa! Nice avatar Steve! I like it! Makes me feel all warm n' fuzzy. šŸ„°
  2. I gave the Studio 1810c a thorough workout last night. I got the kinks worked out and it's working well so far. Here's what it took to get the 'mono output only' and 'latency problems' fixed ... 1. Uninstall current version of Universal Control for old interface. 2. Download and install the latest Universal Control for this model and deselect everything except the box marked "Studio USB". By default every interface this UC covers is installed and if you rush through the install and leave everything selected it causes problems. 3. Use a USB-C port if you have it. Mine supports up to USB 3.1. The way I understand how USB ports work it's not supposed to make a difference because the 1810c uses USB 2.0 but it did. I tried it in a USB 3.0 port and I had better results from the USB 3.1/USB-C port in regard to how many VST's I could run and still maintain a reasonable live recording latency. 4. Do as many Win10 tweaks as you can. Particularly the USB power stuff. Here's a good Win10 DAW Tweak article. After I did all that it's been working great in S1 and CbB. Better in CbB to be honest in regard to latency, on my PC. šŸ‘
  3. I looked at RME interfaces but they are way above my budget unfortunately. But I am absolutely sold on FW. The UCX runs on USB or FW400. I did my research before I set up my old Firestudio Mobile. I got a FW card that is powered directly from the PSU not the Mobo with the proper chipset driver. Presonus has a list of chipsets they tested with their devices so I looked for FW cards based on a chipset they tested. I never had a problem and always had ultra low latency. I absolutely see a huge difference between FW and USB 2.0. That 2488 is a nice unit. I saw a few for sale used at a great price.
  4. Scratch that for now. I think I figured the problem out. UC installs a ton of extra stuff by default. After much digging around on the net I found a review on Sweetwater's site that said doing the default install will cause all kinds of trouble. So I uninstalled UC and reinstalled with just the USB Studio generic driver and it's been working great. I also switched it to my USB-C port and the dropouts aren't there when set to Medium unless I move the O9A VST Windows around. For such a plain generic looking plugin it sure is a resource hog. OMG. I did have it plugged in to a USB 3.0 port. The manual says it the 1810c supports USB 2.0. I tried moving it to the USB-C port on my PC just for the heck of it and it did make a difference. I only have 2 ports on my PC that support USB 3.1 and the C port is one of them. I don't have anything connected to the other 3.1 port so maybe that's why? I don't know. I do miss FW though. It performed significantly better. Glad I got this problem figured out. It's a really nice interface. I can deal with setting the dropout protection higher, now I have to test input latency later. šŸ‘
  5. It output in mono even though it's set to stereo 3 times in a row now. It's going back tomorrow. There hasn't been any updates in over a year so I'm guessing it's at the end of life so I'm going to send it back while I can. It's a nice unit, it's too bad.
  6. Edit: I think I got it figured out. See post below.
  7. Have you had a chance to test your 1810c? I'm experiencing the same thing as I read about ... no stereo monitoring. This can't be right. Everything is coming through the headphones in mono and I see no setting anywhere to change it.
  8. The 1810c arrived today. It's actually brand new. Box still factory sealed, everything in original unopened packaging. There's 1 left on Amazon fella's ... Now that I see this is brand new and at a great price it's super hard to walk away from. Uhg. I need to get one of those things, what do they call it? It starts with a 'J'? šŸ™„šŸ˜
  9. It's a great card. I've already decided to return the 1810c when it arrives and check out the 68c because it's quite a bit less. Getting some flack at home over my recent bought of GAS. Would have been nice to have all the inputs on the front and not have to mess with a harness for midi but I'm lucky to be getting what I am so I can't complain. I just realized my current Firestudio Mobile is 11 years old. It was a good run. šŸ‘
  10. Nice! Do they keep up with drivers even on older stuff, or have they just not been an issue? I'd still be using the Fast Track Ultra if the drivers worked. Heck, I loved my EMU-0404 and would still be using it if I could. Bitflipper, CJ, and I got in to a lengthy discussion about that well over a decade ago regarding it's 192k capabilities and why I thought it sounded better. šŸ˜
  11. I just took a chance on one of the returns from Amazon. It said I have 90 days to return it for a refund. It's a shame because I had a nice setup with the Firewire Mobile. It did run hot and I always had in the back of my mind that it's going to let the magic smoke out some day. It still plays audio just fine. Great for mixing/mastering but the inputs are definitely fried.
  12. A bit of both actually. It was on backorder otherwise I would have set it up at Christmas. I'm planning out what I'm going to do for next Christmas now. I have to put it up against a wall in my dining room in a very limited space so I need to start planning and building a table now while I'm stuck inside for the winter. Come spring I have a ton of stuff to do here on the house. I opened it to check it a little while ago and it's a return even though it said it's new. Everything looks new, but they didn't open it carefully and you can tell. Also the bottle of smoke fluid it's supposed to come with is missing. It's ok though. I saw you can get scented fluid to put in them now I have an excuse. LOL! I want to get weed scented. That should be a hit at Christmas. Kidding. Everything looks new though. It's just the risk you take on Amazon.
  13. Thanks! I misunderstood the video I saw about it from Sweetwater or was it Presonus, can't recall which now. The way the video made it sound was USB-C was faster but it was compatible with 2.0 also if that's all you had. I just checked their website Gigabyte GA-170 and it's a 10Gb 3.1 port with a C connector. "The USB Type-Cā„¢ port with USB 3.1 support is a robust and slim connector for all of your devices with reversible plug orientation." The reversible part is debatable. I have a Samsung sound bar that uses a bluetooth dongle that connects to a USB-C port on the back for the sub and surround speakers. I couldn't get that thing to connect for nothin'. Spent 3 hours online, reading manuals, resetting everything, moving everything closer to it, nothing. I saw other people were having the same problem. Just for the heck of it I flipped the connector around and everything lit up and connected immediately. Also, thinking about this, you can set your PC to keep the USB ports powered even if you shut it down. The reports about the 1810c I saw where people had to unplug it even when they rebooted their PC has to be because of this. A simple system setting would fix that problem. šŸ¤žšŸ‘
  14. I just bought BiaB. I'm having major problems with it and if they won't fix it and make good on it I'm going to contact Sweetwater and tell them I want my money back and get a new 1810c from them. BiaB has a major bug in it that applies to the style of music I do most which renders it useless. They confirmed the bug but I have last years version (bought just beyond the 30 day grace period by a few days) and now I can't use it. I bought the audiophile version so I'll have more than enough credit at Sweetwater for an interface if they won't upgrade me and fix it, or have the worlds most expensive USB drive. šŸ˜Ÿ
  15. Here's a Prime example. HAH! I slay me. $50 new, I paid $34. It's still in the original wrapper they come in. I know it's original because I just bought a brand new one at Kohl's and it's an identical box and wrapper. It just came literally 3 minutes ago.
  16. I forgot to say that it says "New". Below that it says "Refurbished". That's what threw me off. I had already done my research and just quickly scanned the page and missed the "Refurb" part last night. It's still there. 3 left. Here's a link to it.
  17. 112 channels?! Holy crap! My biggest concern is obsolescence. I'm worried if I buy older gear or even new gear that's reaching the end of it's life cycle that I'll be stuck with something there are no updated drivers for and have a boat anchor again. This Mobile hasn't worked properly in a very long time and needs a firmware and driver update but even before they reach the end they stop working on them. I'd still be using my Fast Track Ultra if I could get drivers. It was a great interface when it worked.
  18. I would have to think they will start cracking down on the returns. I bought a bunch of high end Delta plumbing valves and fixtures that go with them for a big bathroom I remodeled a couple years ago on Amazon. All open box returns for less than the low end Delta fixtures you get at Lowe's. All of it was either brand new never opened or opened and never used. On the other hand, I can't tell you how many times I have bought new items and they were clearly used and damaged. I don't like using Amazon so much but it's to the point where you almost have to. For example filters for my furnace. They are an oddball size (20 x 20 x 5 Merv 13) and nobody has them. Even the seller on Amazon I have been buying them from for 8 years stopped selling them. Had to switch to someone else on Amazon that just started selling them. They last 6 months but the one in there now is over a year because I couldn't get them until just now. Got 2 on the way.
  19. The most I'll ever use is 4 at once so I think it should be great. I got by with my old M-Audio Fast Track Ultra for years and it was USB 1.0 iirc. It was a great interface when you could get it to work. Thanks
  20. I just looked again. There are only 3 left. But, toward the bottom it says in small print "Refurbished by Amazon". I've bought a ton of stuff off Amazon that was returned or refurbished and it was actually brand new. I'm always leery about used and refurbished electronics like audio cards and video cards. Hope it works well for you. I've read horror stories about it. For example, my Mobile would randomly lock especially when changing sample rates. This has the same problem you have to unplug it as well as reboot your PC. One guy said you can't monitor in stereo because everything is set to mono and the Universal Control Mixer doesn't work with it. I don't know if I believe these reviews or not. Maybe I'll wait till you get yours. šŸ˜
  21. The flame went out on my Presonus Firestudio Mobile last night. No matter what I do I have a nice tube sounding crunch even at low gain levels on the inputs. It's nice for some things, but doesn't work so well for vocals, acoustic guitar, clean electric etc. etc.. I was thinking of a Presonus 1810c USB-C interface and just ripping out the firewire card. It was a nice card. Powered by the PSU, proper fw chipset. It worked great for many years. Presonus doesn't even make a firewire interface anymore that I can tell. The 1810c is going for $369 on Amazon right now which is a good price. It's $399 everywhere else except open box on eBay and a lot of places don't have it in stock. I've seen mixed reviews on it but then again I see that on everything so I'm at a total loss. I was enjoying 3.2ms RTL @ 96K on the Firewire Mobile in CbB. 5.8 RTL in S1 (tsk tsk tsk). I wonder if I can get close to that on the 1810c. It has a USB-C connection but I doubt it actually has that chipset/speed because it doubles as a USB 2.0 connection too. I can't imagine they would put both so I'm assuming the USB-C is actually USB 2.0 speeds. The PC I built has USB-C, USB 3.1 and USB 3.0 ports with backward compatibility. Thoughts? TIA.
  22. Only $75,000 dollars. https://www.ebay.com/itm/SUPER-SALE-100K-SUPERB-LIONEL-TOY-TRAIN-COLLECTION-1901-1969-75-000-EX/373405756653?hash=item56f0b7aced:g:XL8AAOSwC~tdVLBm
  23. I found this email yesterday whilst looking for something else. I had actually joined previously under my first name but got away from music for a while, changed ISP's, couldn't access my old email, couldn't remember my login/password, and just created a new account. IIRC my original account was created just when they switched to that forum. It was in another place or format or something just prior to it. I remember a few posts by he who shall remain nameless about how great the new forum was. I can't remember the details now. I just realized my post count didn't carry over. I had over 7K there IIRC. Not that post count matters. Cakewalk Forums <forum@cakewalk.com> Mon 10/25/2010 9:27 AM To: You Dear Bub, Thank you for your registration. Before you can log in to our forum, you will need to confirm your e-mail by clicking on the following link:
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