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  1. https://everyplugin.com/renaissance-maxx.html Don't they have a code that reduces it more?
  2. I would like to see a video on how to do this. I could probably figure it out bur is seems like a hassle.
  3. The only exception I make for Kontakt synths is Hideaway Studios.
  4. I can see that happening. Sometimes the best approach is reaching a limit of what to use. One the other hand I'm going in the opposite direction and sticking with Kontakt. I don't care for Sine, Spitfire, UVI. With Spire, Sylenth, and Serum I don't need to buy those synths built with Kontakt.
  5. I still have Pop Rock Strings. KH stopped doing Kontakt Player instruments.
  6. Are you sing the Nexus or their new one. I decided to do a 2nd play of this game. I still enjoy this one but quite buggy. Combat sucks on this game compared to new Fallouts.
  7. There's a love/hate thing with 8dio. The plus for me is they are Kontakt. I can install these on every machine in the house. Try that with Sine and Spitfire. I can move those Kontakt libraries around and not cause any fits. Since I don't do this stuff professionally I don't need the boutique sounds. Orchestra library developers always try to reinvent the wheel by giving a name to a library. I'm waiting for some to release Wal-Mart Strings when they run out of names.
  8. The Humble Bundle deal blows these away. I've gotten away from wav only sample packs. Soundpool has stupid licensing which very few who create loops do.
  9. It's their new stuff that's better. I have their drum synth. Considering it's AIR, those prices are overpriced for their reputation.
  10. I think the real update is the updates no longer put 30 icons on the desktop
  11. It's become really bloated and the library structure is not like Kontakt. I don't think there's a simple way to delete what you don't use. SampleTank Max is almost as large as my Komplete and Kontakt libraries combined. One of these days I should do a ST only project.
  12. FL foes deeper than most people think. It does cater more to dance genres. I'm impressed with people who use it for orchestra. That Waves Platinum will work just fine it.
  13. Back on topic - this is a really good deal.
  14. I'd find it hard to believe unless FL Loops was the basic sequencer. If you bought a boxed version of any FL product you paid $29 for LT updates. Funny that we are on a DAW forum where some of us forked out $199 that is now freeware.
  15. Competitors had to enter the $29 market.
  16. Every week that select plugins to discount.
  17. Don't know what you are talking about.
  18. I have plenty of them from this developer. The value is they have midi files,
  19. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=229 This tells you all you need to know about the licensed version.
  20. kitekrazy

    BFD3 for $49

    I call that a contradiction. The authorization is also glitchy. I will probably delete it off my system if space is ever needed. With AD2, ESD2, Komplete and of course that whopping M Drummer I think don't think I need it. I bought it when it was $49.
  21. I doubt that. They have a reputation of being quality. Their Renn stuff is some of the best. There's plenty out their that don't have a UP. They survive. See Image Line with lifetime updates.
  22. Their licensing sucks. See IK, Izotope, and Melda. Their licensing doesn't suck. That's the only drawback.
  23. Eggs that cost less than $4 for 18. If only food prices would reflect that so called 8% inflation.
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