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  1. Never for me. They want to install in C:\Program Files\VstPlugIns but I install them C:\Program Files\VstPlugIns\IK. I have no issue running an installer and I chose. Some developers still point them to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugIns even if you don't have Cubase. ST sounds are always in the right location. That would be a hassle if they didn't.
  2. I don't want a heavy one that will pull your motherboard off. I don't want a liquid one. It would be for an i7k or i9k. I'm eyeing a Hyper 12 EVO Black. When you google coolers for overclocking you don't really get much answers. Sometimes stuff made over a year ago is no longer made.
  3. I get how it works now. When you update it downloads the installer and it opens for you to install.
  4. I think I accidentally bought it again but I think the Elements version has the same plugin name. I got plenty of those free Melodyne licenses. That sad thing is no W7 support so I can only put it on one system. If you have a version that cost money like Editor 4 don't install the free Melodyne 5 because it will overwrite your existing version. I'm not sure if I will ever upgrade. I don't record vocals and would only use it to transcribe midi. Live and FL Studio have something similar.
  5. That and someone is addicted to Photoshop. Scrolling was annoying, It sucks.
  6. This got my interest. Another example of how not to make a website.
  7. Those studio version are actually very good for the money. I started out on Movie Studio Platinum before moving on to Vegas years ago when it was Sony. Too bad MAGIX MP3 deluxe is not in this.
  8. 4.1.2 didn't do the usual file scan but all of my sounds loaded. I hope that wasn't a bug.
  9. https://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/izotope-nectar-3/l45227000000000 https://www.guitarcenter.com/iZotope/Nectar-3-1500000256971.gc?rNtt=nectar 3&index=1 It's legit. I bought it,
  10. Same here. I prefer it that way since I keep my IK plugins in their separate folder. The VST installers do not remember the install location.
  11. Simple Concept is available as a free download for Sound Collective members from 6th August to 8th October, and also comes with a 50% discount code for the Full Concept.
  12. The Reaper Blog on youtube has a video where they are used in Reaper. It will take quite a search to find it.
  13. https://www.waproduction.com/bundles Best deal on sounds if you want the freebie.
  14. LOL....thst makes no sense. I posted it so no on has to. But go ahead and look for it.
  15. https://ugritone.com/collections/top-picks/products/allmighty-midi-pack I got it for 40% off. I have a Kontakt instrument called Stigmatized Drummer which is made for files like these. I haven't auditioned all of them nor at their designed tempo. I just couldn't avoid these.
  16. Too many to where it's a pass on buying anything.
  17. While I still love the program even this price is not worth it.
  18. Always look forward to my desktop gaining another 25 icons.
  19. Have that stuff but never used it.
  20. Which ones? Thinkin about getting the SEM filter.
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