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  1. It could be several things, but for nanoKrontrol [1] I need to have MIDI Driver Mode set to MME, not UWP. Not sure about nanoKontrol 2, but it's easy to check/test. You need to do that from preferences without a project loaded. [P]references > MIDI > Playback and recording > Driver Mode [not to be confused with Audio settings. Also, to get rid of extra images you posted, you can edit the post and use the trash can for the unwanted images posted (at the bottom); then save the edited post.
  2. This thread is over 2 years old. The last post is from March 2019. I am sure there have been newer discussions of TTS-1. Some users have still have certain problems, some users still don't have any problems. There has been some discussion of different conditions that lead to problems as well as other issues. If you want to use TTS-1 but can't, you might want to search the forum for some of the newer threads. UPDATE: See also the suggestions abacab posted.
  3. Desk Bell per a different thread:
  4. Not sure what your goals are with these two groups. I used to do tape head delay FX with a reel-to-reel (usually textured stuff with 3 3/4 ips, sometimes 7 1/2 ips FX, too). As you maybe have read, I asked the forum if the Tape Machines could do the tape head delay trick. (They could not.) When the Software Only X-Pedals were made available as freebies, I tried X-Time and X-Space. After trying a number of presets and tweaking the values with my usb keyboard, I decided the X-Pedals definitely work for my needs. If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend using the Try option (Custom Shop section of AT5, IIRC) and decide if one (or more) of the pedals will meet your needs.
  5. @msmcleod Thanks for chiming in on both articulation maps and instrument definitions, Mark. I hope @UCG Musician can use your guides to create / finish solutions for the Allen MDS-50.
  6. EDIT: Speculative wonderings and questions removed because evidently some of the information is on the internet in various places.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I dabbled with all sorts of stuff from NI for years after being introduced to them with a version of GR3 that came with SONAR Producer ages ago. My current audio PC still has some updated NI software I last played around with in 2020. Over the years I have occasionally sat down with fellow electronic musicians well versed in using Kontakt and had some direct hands-on guidance. I totally get that NI stuff has a lot to offer.
  8. You sold me on this--except for one thing: Seriously though, that's a very nice quickie / demo you did.
  9. I remember some Cakewalk users reporting some issues, but I saw those before I updated, so I waited. IIRC shortly after the issues were reported AAS had a follow-up update that fixed those issues. The two that I updated this time around (Chromaphone and Objeq Delay) haven't had issues so far; nor did they cook dinner, wash the dishes, or tuck me in at night. 😛 YMMV.
  10. I have installed two similar updates in this newest batch of AAS updates. I didn't have any unusual activity with those. Are you asking because you noticed something odd? Since I haven't done this one yet, I can keep a lookout for something odd. So, what should I look for?
  11. I have not used the relatively new Articulation Maps, but when I looked at the pdf you attached, I wondered about that. I am used to making *.ins files for program changes. Maybe someone else with Articulation Maps experience making or using has some thoughts on the possibility of using Articulation Maps vs *.ins files. BTW, when I lived in Allentown, I had a very nice tour of Allen Organs in Macungie . At the time, they were showcasing their Keyboard Computer. MIDI was out, but they were not on board with it yet. ("We don't speak MIDI," is the quote that stuck with me when I asked about MIDI.) The instrument was impressive, but I don't think the idea of using punch cards and running them through a card reader to change sounds really caught on the way MIDI did. 😉 I guess from there, they went on to NRPNs. 😮 Just found this re: RPNs and NRPNs and Articulation Maps. Not sure they would be helpful, but maybe.
  12. FWIW I did a quick test with Tone2 NanoHost 32-bit (which has worked with other 32-bit dlls for me**), but Saxi didn't work on my PC. **I just retested two other 32-bit freebies with NanoHost 32-bit: AAS Player and Proteus VX. Both work. Also retested Saxi. It seems to run under NanoHost (UI works), but produces no audio. Considering there seems to be just one plug-in from that person, hobbyist's abandonware seems to be an apt description.
  13. Based on the comments from other users dating back to 2010 (including the ratings--3.0 out of 5 with 44 users), I am wondering if you can find a more recent plug-in that might meet your needs. Also, according to your post, the dll is a beta version (SAXi103beta8.dll). If it never made it beyond the beta stage, it might be buggy. Just a suggestion (based on years of experience trying to get things to work and having wished I hadn't spent so much time on them).
  14. I had something similar a few years ago when I would have more than one project open at a time. My solution was similar to yours if I understand you correctly: I work on one project at a time. It seemed that sometimes the project-based settings of one project conflicted with the settings of a second or third project.
  15. Thanks for the replies on the X-Pedals / AT5 functionality question I was grappling with. I ended up trying the X-Time and X-Space software on a new-to-me PC I have been setting up as my "new" audio PC. With the vintage and modern tape settings and related presets I can do some kinds of textural things I used to do with a reel-to-reel deck . . . and then some!!! 🙂 I found them to be very handy!
  16. I don't know if you or anyone else sorted this out yet, or if more info is needed (from someone like @Peter - IK Multimedia), but I was under the impression that the software functionality was previously added to AT5. I haven't found where I read that,** by my impression at the time was IK made updates to the AT5 software so that it was ready for the hardware roll-out. If so, what does selecting any of the X-Pedal [-Drive, -Space, -Time, -Vibe] Software Only freebies give AT5 users that they don't already have? Note: I am not trying to be critical, just trying to understand some of the new twists and turns in this Group Buy. (I have found this Group Buy to be mind-boggling--yes, a good deal for IK software, but mind-boggling nevertheless.) **UPDATE: It might have been from this post and/or the links:
  17. This seems to solve the mystery: Based on this it seems that if you only buy Melda Plug-ins from third-parties, you do not fit the definition of being a Melda customer. So it makes sense that with your first direct purchase from Melda itself, you can use a referral code. My experience is consistent with this. I had the Free FX Bundle, then bought the license for it directly from Melda. So, after that, I could no longer use a referral code. Thanks for solving this mystery!
  18. I don't remember this from the album; guessing its content added to the CD version. Gotta check it out!! The Uncle Meat version is still a favorite, but this jam is new-to me; so thanks! "My phony freedom card / brings to me / instantly . . . ecstasy!!!"
  19. Congrats. I have heard lots of great things about RME. Have fun learning it and integrating it into your studio.
  20. Sorry. I don't have any resources. I am a natural-born explorer and explored a whole bunch of the many facets that make up my PCs audio system (sound card, BIOS, Motherboard components, Windows' settings and features [including Device Manager, Sound, among others], external gear documentation, etc.). I don't think I ever had a single guide that covered everything, though I did look at all sorts of things online. Do you have technical documentation for your PC? your sound devices? For me, those have been helpful. Right clicking on the speaker icon to start exploring Windows' Sound might be helpful (Sound settings, Volume mixer, etc.) as would exploring Device Properties and Manage Sound Devices for your audio inputs and outputs. Maybe someone else knows of a handy-dandy guide.
  21. Wait a sec. Let me find my Melda invoices. 😉 I do remember trying to use a referral code a few months ago. It was during one of the sales--60%, IIRC. Not sure if I saved an image showing the reason I couldn't use it. 99% sure it was because I was not a first time purchaser, not that I had used a referral code before. IIRC, someone did mention being able to use a referral code after having some Melda plug-ins, but I vaguely recall it might have been the free fx bundle, not a paid purchase (or something like that). Maybe the rules were changed. NEW INFO: Checked my balance history under "referral/credits." Got +10 for signing up for the newsletter (July 2020); used that (-10) for a purchase (July 2021). No referral credits received or used.
  22. It sounds to me like your PC's Sound is not set up properly. OR If you are trying to record YT audio into a Cakewalk track, turn track echo off. OR Try giving some details about your setup so people trying to help have something to go on. My crystal ball hasn't worked in decades. Trying to help people who expect help but give no relevant details is painful!!!!!! BTW, if I were you, I'd turn of system sounds. But to me that's part of setting up a PC's sound properly.
  23. Record???? I thought it was a video!!!! (One that was played extensively on MTV for a while.) Seriously though, it makes sense if the song didn't get radio play on an audio-only medium of communication (radio stations)--competition and all like that!!! I mean, if I ran a radio station, why would I want to play a song that seemed to be saying radio is a dead medium, video is where its at?
  24. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought you can't upgrade to a larger bundle and get a first time purchaser discount if you already bought something to upgrade from. Classic "Use it or lose it!" In fact, I tried using a referral code, but couldn't because I had already bought something.
  25. Talking about the Tape Machines: maybe someone who has any of the Tape Machines can tell me if they have a feature I could make use of--the ability to play back from a playback head while recording (and re-recording) with the record head located before the playback head. I read the descriptions but didn't see this feature. Maybe its there and I missed it?
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