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  1. I know process effects subfolder is non-destructive insert. The question is Didn't Normalize and Gain sit here as well? For some reason i'm convinced it did/used to.
  2. Yes. I can pan normally. Unfortunately, Focursrite dont come with that mono button. I'll have a listen again with a fresh pair of ears tomorrow.
  3. Weird and Strange. When right clicking on an Audio Clip, why is Insert Effects and Process Effects the same thing?
  4. Can anyone confirm if there's a panning issue? It sounds as if there's not good spacing between the L&R channels. Its like almost as if they bleed into one another. This is with any form of dry audio and Vsti both mono and stereo.
  5. This need more clarification. Reason: I would'nt want a new project to open with a previous saved export dialogue settings. So you probably want it to open within the project it has been saved in. I think this is why the new prefix tags were created. You have to choose the right one (too many for me to type here now.) So, if you export stems, then you have to choose track name or clip name - which ever fit best for the export. I think notes are in there too. So just click on the tag next to the name for the list to pop up. Though: it makes sense for this to be chosen automatically when choosing the source. I think this follows your project sample rate. So if you create and mix in 44.1/24 and export to 48/32 it will revert back to the project sample rate. Too lazy to get up to check this now right now.
  6. On a serious note and I really mean this . . . PT? Well, I will let you experience that world yourself and just say - within a period of two years, 60% of my clients have moved to another DAW. Which left me reaching deep in my pockets to keep doing business with them.
  7. Ha! Well then, farewell. 15years? Sh*t! by this time i would not rely on Autosave at all if it keeps losing my work. Hehe! I've been married to CTRL+S for 12years in every software i use - all the way across in to paint! I bet you that freeze was a windows update, Antivirus picking up on a "POTENTIAL" corrupt file, as many AVs think every file is - especially Windows Defender. 100% guarantee it was a plugin acting up temporarily too. The iLok taking its meth shot. Chocolate Ice cream is your friend in these hard times.
  8. Would be cool if the Loop Construction can covert the audio. It has the feature to alter and stretch the pitch or notes. So why not use it to covert the audio to midi inside the piano roll - if it will be possible.
  9. Will.

    Bandlab Login Fails

    What version are you running? Check for updates. If there's available, download and install them from within Cakewalk. If there's none available - locate your download folder reinstall the last download version and try again. First start with checking for updates (from the Help Tab.)
  10. The plugins that you use.
  11. Install your Interface drivers again - it will fix it. I have been experiencing this too a couple of times.
  12. This could be related to Windows cumulative updates not installed on the system.
  13. I can actually confirm this. Mono recorded tracks increase in volume when you change the interleave to mono for visual purpose to identify mono and stereo tracks from one another. Some how, it still collapse the two channels to one (increasing the volume) even though the information in the tracks is mono recorded with the its input. Maybe thats what happens with Source Category Clips too? I've requested this before, to have the interleave be locked in on mono input inserts when choosing an Audio Track insert. Its available with instrument inserts, but it too doesn't lock the interleave to the chosen signal input.
  14. There's a new update available 28.02.37 UPDATE 1. It might fix your issue. https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/topic/41192-cakewalk-202202-update-1-early-access/ Your built of windows 10 also play a role with bugs in Cakewalk. I have had personal experience with this on my test machine last month, where I never had issues with CbB before. I had by accident installed the 20h2 built of windows 10 instead of 21h2. Had a really bad experience with CbB. It kept reverting all my settings back to 0. Even plugin settings when I open the project again.
  15. I've literally encountered this a few times with a setting. It's literally an eazy fix, I just need to remember what it is. Try disabling the loop. Shizzs! I have to think now ajd try to reproduce it, but I promise its something literally infront of the user.
  16. You might want to create an account first if you dont have one. As seen in the picture above, go to the HELP tab inside of the DAW, click on SIGN IN > create an account and it will activate CbB automatically.
  17. Yep. Nothing blurry here. Crispy clean and sleek. On the same level as other DAWs.
  18. I don't own it. I might buy it next week, but i'll try the demo and see wat the hype is about before making the decision on a purchase. I've seen some tutorials, but it didn't "wow" me. Although, i have to say: trying it personally and watching videos about it are two different worlds. My experience with many DLL's is the annoying built-in Microsoft Windows Defender blocking them - especially when it enables itself on updates
  19. There's a reason why its called "rogue peaks." That is why I say, it can be anything. If it's an audio clip and happens at the beginning, then someone abruptly trimmed/cropped it down to where there was information on. If it happens exactly when the clip starts where there's nothing - even when it seems there might not be something (there's always something/noise in an audio clip) a fade in will definitely fix it. If it's randomly as you say, two frequencies might be fighting with each other for space. The ear then hear these buildup at random times withing the mix. Buildups dont occur only in the low end area, but throughout the mix and might be masking the actual culprit. Try giving the audio clip in discussion a slower attack from the clips its competing against - even when you have a fade in on. It can be a ping pong delay whose feedback is too long and loud that clashes/feeds into a certain track. It can be another track that's not aligning up with the loop when its enabled. It might be how it was recorded, so when ever you feed it through some time processing effects it shows its face at "random." I something spend 30mins searching for it going through each track. Trying to fix such problem with SOLO or MUTE wont give you what you're looking for. You have to locate it while the track play. You said it yourself, that it happens on the same place, but at random times.
  20. Agree. The Antivirus might be blocking it. Avast and Windows Defender are two most annoying AV software causes, but highly recommended for me.
  21. This depends on if its an audio or midi file you're using. It also sounds more like rogue peaks. So you might want to tame those peaks and dynamics. It might need a cut in eq instead of a boost in the frequency range. You can also try to split the clip and do crossfades by ticks value with the region zoomed in until you see the tick grid lines (I like to work in value of 2 ticks - more surgical with my workflow.) If its audio and between phrases, you can always add in silence in between. It can be clipping inside the plugin. Its hard to say from the information you gave on top. It can be a lot of things - even just a spike from your CPU.
  22. Will.

    Some questions.

    Yet, its still the same thing - it reverts back to ZERO. Cakewalk is a safer step. It prevents accidental reverts on crucial editing, by placing the second tab on a different key. I'm well equipped in every shortcut key in CbB and all its menus. So there's no need to explain the Ctrl+Spacebar or any other shortcut. Point is: Every DAW has its own language and its reasons.
  23. Will.

    Some questions.

    Activate it by Ctrl+W and when ever you want to RTZ (if it's already activated) just press "W."
  24. Love both VOLT 276 and Volt 2, but ultimately went with the Apollo twin as it came with full pack bundle and thousands of other stuff with the MAC at the time. Volt 2 comes with Melodyne Essential if I remember correctly.
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