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  1. The Loudmax limiter is a brickwall limiter that uses look-ahead too. It is so tiny, lightweight and powerful its ridiculously crazy how Thomas Mundt pulled this off. It can be used on every track, aux or bus it wont introduce any latency. I jad been using it over 9 years and it still my favourite of drums and pretty much anything. Its a free limiter that's available on plugin boutique and in the link below that will take you directly to the developers site. It sounds great in the mastering chain as well. Adaptive limiter, LP eq and the MB they all hungry cpu plugins. I almost invested in them back in SPLAT when I realized this testing them. A pitty CbB didn't buy the concrete limiter licence too. Now that would've been a great addition to the Pro Channel. It lives up to its name, but yeah. You win some and you lose some. https://www.kvraudio.com/product/loudmax-by-thomas-mundt
  2. Cool, Thanks. No, I don't plan to install SPLAT. I don't see why I would need it again. It was just a random thought and question I had while updating my wife's video software. It made sense asking this at the time, seeing that the software had asked to remove the previous version before installing its latest update.
  3. @msmcleod This is just a random rudimentary question on experience I had at the beginning of last year, if not in 2020. I'm aware CbB running on the same code as that of SPLAT. Even though it can run side by side on one system - when you install SPLAT last, it corrupts files such as Pro channel modules and certain Sonitus effects in CbB. The question then is: Can SPLAT be the cause of certain crashes and DAW stability in confusing CbB on which files to read? The question arises from the knowledge of most DAW's or Software that asks the user/member to completely remove the previous version when installing the new update | OR | with most updates it uninstall the previous version to install the new update for their notion of "best user experience" without causing a debate.
  4. Checked both new project and existing project. In the PRV and TV. Section and whole clip. Paste as new clip or existing clips including paste to one clip. Works fine here.
  5. You can enable Cakewalk to show mono outputs by ticking the 'Show Mono Outputs' option in the Edit > Preferences > Devices.
  6. Uninstall the files do a cleanup and download again through the web installer.
  7. Yes. That's why I'm saying windows 10 20H2 is a buggy built. I'm running 21H2 on all my windows systems. The last time I had experienced this efficiency with windows 10 was in their 1809 version.
  8. If you're running Windows 10 20H2 it will cause problem with Cakewalk. I've experienced this with my test machine. In order to run Cakewalk or any other "popular" DAW fluently on any machine - is to have a system that's dedicated only for the specific chosen DAW and nothing else on it.
  9. @Milton Sica as @bdickens said: Its better to get use to recording without effects. I had spend over an hour (right after my last post) looking for a video on Youtube from a well-known Orchestral Composer on how he explains the differences between analogue and digital recording, how difficult it was for him to get used to digital recording during the hard lockdown, but couldn't find it. The first part of the video is where he explain how he treated digital the same as analogue with the problems and challenges it introduced with latency. Then he goes on to say, the more he asked questions from friends that use a little bit of both worlds, the more he understood. You don't need to record with effects in the digital world -- you can, but you don't have too. Also, you need to set up things accordingly for this. (I can attach video's) The best way in the digital world is to record clean, mix later and do mastering last.
  10. I can almost guarantee you Adaptive Limiter is your culprit. Change it to something else and you'll have a better experience.
  11. I know you're asking for a revert option, but for now just use Ctrl+ ⬆️ ⬇️ for multiple tracks highlight the desired tracks. There's also the Shift + Drag option. I prefer the Ctrl+Arrow keys though. And . . . to zoom In and Out Ctrl+⬅️➡️ Best solution for now and its accurate in resizing things.
  12. The white background with black text hurts the eyes when you're in a dark room with the default dark theme going suddenly in to one of these menu's. The white menu is fine for the mercury theme. It's just fitting that the Tungsten theme has Darker Menu's all round.
  13. There's an easier way. Though this depends on how well you know your plugins. EXAMPLE: Hold down Ctrl while clicking on all your dynamic plugins (such as your compressors) right click once you've chosen all of them and in the fly out window choose category and the designated folder. And if you have some bundle plugins that fell their you can create your own folder by double left click the category box and rename it, which will create its own folder.
  14. In fact, I just took a run to check and everything is available. I'm just a little confused about what you mean by invert between the mouse left click - alt+left click note drawing. Are you talking about reverse or transpose? DAWs have different names and languages for their features. So what you're requesting might be called something else here. EXAMPLE: Bounce to clip in Cakewalk is called "commit to clip" in another DAW. Then there's a different DAW that calls its Freeze clip, "Lock track" which freezes and locks the clip at the same time.
  15. Thats because most of this is already available in the DAW.
  16. After you've done a BOUNCE TO CLIP, right click on the clip again and scroll to Groove Clip Looping. Drag the clip out -- even if you don't see the corner indicators (this might just be project related.)
  17. The one that was used/created with the plugin in the project. Whether its a factory preset that were slightly changed made in volume/attack/release/decay/drive etc. You'll have to memorize or write it down. I normally create it from scratch again. If it is a VSTi, create a new insert, but dont copy or drag the midi information on to the new insert. Just last week I had the same problem in Logic too - all this with the stock compressor. It is also not hardware drivers related. I run Focusrite Gen2 on the main Windows system with CbB and Apollo twin with the Mac. It's also not routing related. My guess: its probably wifi or antivirus related, even if your DAW is excluded from it. Theres also the bluetooth devices and the possibility that it can be a cpu and memory power search/overclock issue upon loading the DAW, or when it was closed.
  18. In fact, its not the latest update. Its a known occurrence from time to time (plugin lockup.) Sometimes the "Blip" starts on the project load | and | other times when hitting the start button/play. This happens randomly with any plugin, whether its Waves, UAD, Fabfilter -- it happens. The fix for me is to remove the plugin responsible for this, save the project>close the DAW>reopen and reinsert the effect. Dont save the preset otherwise you'll save it with the "blip."
  19. This happened on one of my systems yesterday, but that was due to the OS not being activated. Maybe check there. I also reinstalled the Interface drivers again. Check your Melodynes License too |OR| any plugin license that might have expired. Just bypass them one by one if its on the file you're working one. If its the overall project sound, check the Plugins in your Master chain.
  20. So, the keybinding issue is just gona be ignored? There's absolutely nothing wrong with my system - as in NOTHING! I even went as far as to buy a new SSD just to test. Again on a brand new clean Windows 10 OS (this time on a brand new drive) with absolutely nothing on it, with Windows Defender disabled keys binding dont save unless that new VST3 guest path is removed and I wish I knew why. So I guess when theres a new Update i'm gona have to remove that path and manually save keybinding every time.
  21. Yes they have. Autotune Pro can be used as a region. I only own the Autotune access, mainly for a particular genre. Autotune pro cost $399? I'll rather invest in Melodyne Editor for the same price of $399 or the assistant for $249 or Melodyne essential for $99 If you want to work instruments and samples too, the $399 editor is what you want. If its only for deep vocal editing you're after the Assistant is your gold. Otherwise basic vocal editing you need Melodyne Essential. Or . . . If you can afford it, Melodyne Studio 5 price at $699 I'm getting both Waves Tune Vocal pitch and Waves Real-time pitch end month. They go for $29 each! Both stand neck-to-neck with Auto tune Pro and Autotune Access (if not better sounding.) Melodyne is still your gold here, for the most natural sounding pitch correction, for every available genre in existence.
  22. Entire Mix gives me exactly what I want. Guess my routing is different and gives me precisely what I want.
  23. Question to ask is: why do you want to export the final mix as a bus and not as ENTIRE MIX which will burn all your Tracks, Aux and Busses as one single file with all its effects included.
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