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  1. It brings a constant level to all your vocal and guitar recordings that I guarantee you. Vocals and acoustic guitars you can at -6dB every time. Honestly: I haven't tried out the M4 yet, but from reading a few reviews and pictures - no one mention it it has a scale. So what the use of having meters, but you're still blind. A linear scale meter would've been a nice touch.
  2. Oh flipfops! I was suppose to make a video. As soon as i'm done with these clients.
  3. It'll walk and run.
  4. Lol. No problem. Then again, there's always the case of you can never have too many ins or outs. They always come in handy every day even in the most innocent setups. You might want to look at this one for its LEDs meter.
  5. Hey Olaf. With comp trimming, I think you have stretch on, thats why the information in side the clip is moving. It's trying to adjust to the tempo its stretched too. I might be wrong. I will take a look at the project as soon as I get free time (if its still available.) I'm not paying full attention to this thread, right. Doing my yearly check up. Dentist after this 😩
  6. Instead of buying a new interface, why not adding a 16 channel mixer with LEDs to your setup and connect your Presonus to it? Plus, you'll have more ins and outs too. How do you like that sauce?
  7. Yeah. I never bothered putting zip files in any softwares directory path. Doesn't make sense doing it. I'm glad solved your problem.
  8. Appreciate your suggestion. I just think that's more unnecessary work that will bring/introduce problems. Sticking to dragging the end and start out then groove clip loop would be a thousand times better and safer.
  9. Will.

    Some questions.

    Could not care less what you say here. So lets agree to disagree.
  10. Will.

    Some questions.

    Lol. You just wanted me to make a video scook. Revert.mp4
  11. Will.

    Some questions.

    Isn't that what the OP asked? I'm aware of this double tab in another daw and it basically does the samething, just named differently. Cakewalk just makes it easier for the user.
  12. Will.

    Some questions.

    Yes. Press Ctrl+W to activate the jump to start/beginning option.
  13. Maybe its a setting already available, but for years I had been looking and can't find it. Can we have Cakewalk to obey Midi clip lengths when bouncing a clip to not crop/trimming the start and end empty spaces when draaged out to fill the measure/bar as seen in the video attached. I know when we groove the clip for loop, it obey's the command, but as soon when doing edits - it does that trim/crop again. Comping.mp4
  14. Okay, but Activate Cakewalk again. Remove it from your Antivirus (including windows defender) or disable it for this test and try opening a project again.
  15. Activate Cakewalk. Connect to the internet. Click the help tab> sign in> activate Cakewalk.
  16. No, you can't. Why is it bothering you, if i may ask?
  17. Don't know why I made the old room black, but that's the issue I have. Guess a 4K ultrawide screen doesn't help either.
  18. I think you've misread what I had said. Cropping the clip did not crop/snap to the grid. It either cropped it before or after the grid line - meaning: when ever i duplicate (as what was said above) the clip either go sits infront of the grid line or after right against where cropped clipped ended. So, it gets thrown out of the project tempo. The second video shows me in the editing tab in preferences as what Jonathan suggested, but I never have them selected. That's why i unchecked them and selected them again. (Hence me "questioning" why these 2 with the snap to the nearest zero crossing were selected.) So, clip duplicate was just mentioned because it was affected by the zero crossing snap, seeing its in the steps i was doing while discovering this. I dont use any other steps when wanting to copy or paste something. I duplicate and delete what I dont need. Its works faster foe me. Anyway, it was about slip snap.
  19. They were all ticked, so, that doesn't seem to be the case. UPDATE: Found the culprit in Preferences>Customization>Snap to Grid. Under Magnetic Test: Snap to Nearest Audio Zero Crossing should be unchecked. Now the question is: How did that get selected? 🧐 Snap 2.mp4
  20. Something is eluding me. Never experienced this before and i can't seem to figure this out. The clips doesn't line up with the snap settings on the grid at the end of the clip. So when ever I duplicate the clip, its out of time with the the project tempo - either before or slightly late in time. Snap.mp4
  21. Yeah. It is a great little limiter especially for a plugin that is free. I often send an e-mail there to keep the developer interested to consider redesigning its UI. I agree. This is really interesting to know. I do have the Youlean. Now you've just made me curious and eager to test this. This is a must when I get home. Normally when I encounter this, I know theres something i didn't EQ right in the low end.
  22. This makes me excited. The Concrete Limiter sounds great.
  23. There's literally thousands of information about this on the WWW. Buffer size is the number of samples (which corresponds to the amount of time) it takes for your computer to process any incoming audio signal. A higher buffer size will result in greater latency (delay) and the higher it is set (larger number), the more noticeable it will become. That means that if you set the buffer size lower (smaller number), then the processing will take less time and the latency (delay that you hear) will be decreased, making it less noticeable. However, reducing the buffer size will require your computer to use more resources to process the data. So, this is a balancing act: the smallest-number buffer size will be better, but it may tax your computer’s processing power, resulting in errors. If you have a less powerful computer, you’ll likely need to increase your buffer size, both while recording and mixing, to keep from encountering errors. Typically, you’ll want to use the smallest buffer size your computer will tolerate without getting errors (glitches/distortion/cracks/gibberish what ever we call them.) The more plugins you use, the more CPU resources you eat up.
  24. A fundme account would be great to get money for the licencing of the Concrete limiter. 😀
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