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  1. i use a 17 inch PC laptop & it's pretty small. Are there any posts or advice on buying & adding a 2nd monitor? I have no experience with 2 monitors. Can you put channel strips on one & tracks on the other? thanks!
  2. I need fairly large fonts for computer work so I adjust that in settings and CBB looks best when the scale and layout is 150%, at least on my laptop. But that's too much when I need to make changes like going from sound on sound to comping in the menu, I have to reduce the screen size to see the accept checkbox and then increase the screen size again to continue working. That's ridiculous and inefficient but I don't know any other alternative. Any suggestions are appreciated, I know it's more a computer than a CBB question but certainly affects my work. Thanks!
  3. update - both good tips! Still getting used to region fx, I had an old standalone Melodyne I used to use. This one crashes sometimes, not sure if it's something I do wrong? My old version didn't have the macro to make notes quieter or louder. Is this the best place to do that, as opposed to after i apply the changes & do it back in CbB?
  4. I'm not sure what the exact terminology is, when I'm working with region effects on melodyne and the cursor gets all the way over to the right, the screen doesn't update with the next group of measures like Cakewalk does. If that makes any sense, am I doing something wrong? Thank you.
  5. I recall I had similar issues after updating to the latest Focusrite firmware. Their tech said it couldn't come from updating firmware but i reverted to the old one & it solved the issue.
  6. Okay I made a copy of the tracks and archived and I would like to hide them. I go to console view, strips, and uncheck archived but it keeps getting rechecked. It's not a workspace issue because I have none selected and only use screen sets. What am I missing? update, solved: i just have to right-click the track... not sure why the documentation gave me the instructions above?
  7. Can i just save my mix in mix recall before using Melodyne on vox, since it's destructive? & restore the original vox at a later time if I need, after i have closed the project? It seems easier than saving each vocal track & adding more clutter. thanks.
  8. I'm having trouble auditioning take lanes that I think were recorded back in Sonar & never finished before there was a comping option . As I recall it was just sound on sound then. I'm not sure of the DAW behavior differences between SOS & comping. I follow the creative sauce tutorial, but CbB is not responding the way it should - takes don't get promoted to the top and the arrow keys don't work to audition different takes. Is there a better tutorial for this situation? Thanks, hope this makes sense.
  9. One of my projects only gives me snap to tick & no option for measure, which I always use. What am i missing? thanks.
  10. Thanks. It's been a slow process getting back up to speed from Sonar to CbB, but it will be worth it.
  11. Thanks for the replies. I'm bouncing midi trax to audio through a soft synth. I found the tilde key but nothing happens. It's probably user error. I tried bouncing again & it worked, tried another track & nothing bounced, repeated it & then it worked...
  12. I'm trying to bounce just the midi drums to another track but the bass gets added to it. I have the drums soloed, the bass muted. It shouldn't matter if I select tracks or whole mix in the bounce window that opens? What am I doing wrong? thanks!
  13. That happened to me a while back, although I think it was the original FX chains that I created in sonar. I had to just delete them and recreate them in CBB and they work now.
  14. This may not be the same thing but I have trouble with sends and buses from time to time, Old projects that I started in sonar and am remixing, and the send just doesn't work. Sometimes the workaround is to delete either the send or the bus and establish new ones but that doesn't always work either. I don't know what to make of it
  15. SOLVED: I deleted the bus & inserted a new one & it works... sometimes old Sonar sends/busses don't seem to work in CbB
  16. update - I see there's no signal coming into the fx chain preset. I vaguely remember having trouble with them before but i don't know why or how to fix it.
  17. I'm remixing a lot of old projects that were done in sonar. Sometimes there is no signal coming to the reverb bus from the send on my vocal track. Everything is enabled, I don't know what else to check. One time I deleted the send and created a new one and that one worked. I tried it today on a different project and it didn't work. This really disrupts my workflow. Any suggestions, thanks?
  18. I don't have it in front of me right now but I may have been doing just that, clicking the solo button in the mix module. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the input.
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