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  1. Shouldn't this be the more obvious choice? 😁
  2. Heh, Ted Nugent used to play a hollow body and, before a concert, he'd put X's on the stage in all the areas that had a lot of feedback so he could use 'em or avoid 'em as needed.
  3. I'm still waiting for someone to mention that wonderful vocalist, Miss Spelling... 😁
  4. Drugs are still illegal Ed. (*Sheesh!* Some people! 🙄) 😜
  5. Good looking guitar! But, with all things Epiphone, definitely play it and check the electronics. I've only had one, but it needed to have the electronics just about completely replaced...
  6. You set the guy up and this is what you get? SMH...
  7. Too bad there's no good band that starts with the letter "L..." (Or so I've been Led to believe! 😁) Oh, and I'm expecting Shane to correct this entry too! 😜
  8. Those Steam punks (see what I did there? 😜 ) should head over to Reddit and raise their IQ's a little! 🤣
  9. That's another thing. Having to save an unnecessarily large 8k still would add strain on the processor and storage mechanisms too. I'd rather have 4k at a higher refresh rate than 8k!
  10. Progress endlessly necessitates inferior support.
  11. The inspiration for that Styx song?
  12. I wonder when people will realize that we actually can't see the difference between 4k and 8k except on a stadium sized screen...
  13. I give it a burp on a scale of Juan to Belgium!
  14. Never played it... Still need to finish Crysis 3 someday...
  15. 100% chance. (Fortunately, they didn't ask any relevant questions that involve time. 😜)
  16. "Box Set 4xLP?" I know the game setting is ancient, but... 🤔
  17. Wow, that's like the whole booze bottle! 😁
  18. Depends on if you're on the level or not. 😜
  19. Nope. NOT the Run DMC version.
  20. Ah, evidently you thought I was joking! 😁
  21. Well, we already know you're a squirrel p0rn film producer! 😆
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