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  1. Good for Classic Metal? 😁
  2. Sorry! All I know is that my '76 definitely did not have that feature! 😮
  3. He'll just milk that one for all its worth, ya? 😁
  4. Them there are ORanguatans Kenny! 🤣🤣🤣
  5. Nights in White Satan? 😜
  6. You'll have to wait for the beat to drop though... 😁
  7. You sure it's not the Blue zone??? 😜
  8. *Wait... Is Dave poking fun at us MDMA-addled ravers?* 🤔 😜
  9. Which park is that? It looks nicer than the ones I've seen (or been to with my friend's dog).
  10. Cancer is too warm, I prefer temperatures in the Gemini range... (Anyone who's had to use these labels for astronomy will get this one!)
  11. I always remember an over-the-line softball team called the Nads. Their wives dressed up as cheerleaders and would yell "Go Nads! Go Nads!" 😆
  12. Sorry, but 60 (my age next year!) is too soon for "natural causes!" 😕 (Just by coincidence, I've been listening to the Depeche Mode discography over the last week...)
  13. I really liked this one too, though they probably didn't need some of the trash humor. Oh, and I will never understand why anyone would want to fast-forward while having s ex with Kate Beckinsale!
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