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  1. Wookiee

    "On Your Way"

    This has obviously been sprinkled with Bat's own special fairy dust, probably the remnants of that old hill top brew Sweet as ever.
  2. "My beard is really bushy makes me almost faceless" now you understand my furriness. As can be heard at the end of a John Martyn song "Cool grooving" very "cool grooving" . Thank you Tom loved it
  3. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @thegaltieribrothers My thanks to you Paul for you ears and comments.
  4. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @Grem Thank you Michael, he was a genuine really nice bloke. I am privileged to have an original and unique pen line drawing by him also as does Ms W. Glad to hear you got lost in the picture with the guiding of my furry paws.
  5. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @Douglas Kirby Thank you for you ears and kind comments.
  6. Wookiee

    Money can't buy love

    Cool groove, not sure if I am hearing the modified version but I am not hearing nay bass issue here on the Adam's thanks for sharing.
  7. Wookiee

    Name (Cover)

    I like this, it has a nice sound to the mix, open and airy. Good job, thanks for sharing.
  8. Wookiee

    Your A Woman

    Sounds OK here, sometimes limitations improve our inventiveness, I enjoyed the tune thanks for sharing.
  9. Couple of things I found worked for me when my M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro used to lose connection. 1. Make sure it was the only USB device connected to a USB hub, I did this by never connecting to a USB port next to another USB port on my PC. 2. You could try rebuilding TTSSEQ.INI this file is located in C:\Users\{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core. Either delete or rename the file to TTSSEQ.INI.OLD, CbB will rebuild the file based on connected and enabled hardware on restart, so make sure all your USB devices need for CbB are turned on before starting CbB. Once I moved the keyboard to the new USB port and rebuilt TTSSEQ.INI the keyboard no longer lost connection.
  10. @Kenny Wilson this is the best I can do 🤴 to crown you As always a real pleasure to hear you play.
  11. @amiller Sorry to hear of your good ladies woes, I have known a few peeps with MS not a pleasant condition. You managed to capture that unpredictability of MS in the tone and playing of your guitar. Cool composition well captured it sounded good here, thanks for sharing. My very best wishes to you both, I know what it is like to live with someone who has a life changing medical condition, my best to both of you.
  12. Wookiee

    Will Is Enough

    Have to agree the drum track does not really work with this, do you really need it? sounds to me like the Bass and other rhythm instruments are creating enough of a rhythm section. Other than that composition up to your normal standards @kakku
  13. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    Thanks @Lynn you are all so kind to this furry alien.
  14. For a first pass it sounds OK here thanks for sharing.
  15. This may sound sound strange @Johnbee58 I like your vocal's you always sing from the heart which is far more important than being on the note every-time. Your music is tuneful and well presented, the mixes always sound good here. Make your music for your self and <Insert the vocal expression or expletive of your own choice> the naysayers and haters. If someone has a problem with your music remember it is they who have the problem not you.
  16. As Bob notes the bottom end punch is missing, I can hear the kick and the bass but there is none of the punch I would expect from this genre. otherwise the mix does not sound bad here on the Adam's. Thanks for sharing.
  17. Nicely done chaps, cool arrangement and playing with sweet vocals over it. Mix wise I am not hearing any trampling anywhere across the spectrum. Cool job @markno999 and Bacco
  18. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @emeraldsoul Tom your ears are not deceiving you there is a quite a sweet little voice panning around in the mix from a Jupiter 8 V which keeps wandering in a an d out of tune quite deliberately. Thank you for the ears and the comment.
  19. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    Thanks to you @Bob Oister you are most kind. I met Larry once, had a very interesting chat with him about his art. If my furry brain remembers correctly he frequently used his daughter as a muse for his females and did like to draw females. That picture is from a series of pictures of female witches and magicians. I am lucky enough to have that very picture hanging in our lounge, signed by Larry.
  20. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @Johnbee58 you are most kind sir, I have very little idea where it comes from, something happens and ideas fall out of furry paws, thank you again.
  21. Wookiee

    Simon's Song

    As you note @garybrun it needs a real look at the mix but it sounds like you have a good base to work from.
  22. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    @amiller Thank you for the listen and kind words.
  23. Wookiee

    The Eyes of Autumn

    Thank you @kakku I try to be a little different, though sometimes the furry paws have other ideas.
  24. Could not say one way or the other @Jesse Screed as ever always an interesting ride within your sonic world.
  25. Wookiee

    Only One Life

    Nice Tim sound good here, my furry paws would get tangled in the keys if I tried to play like that.
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