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Colin Nicholls

Young Lady's Illustrated Guide to Theme-ing Cakewalk

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On 12/17/2019 at 9:39 PM, User 905133 said:

Much progress in this version--nice!!!!  I was working on some of the ones now in your newest pdf.  I should probably wait until you are done; would save me some time!  THANKS!

Not sure if the TBDs here (see images below) are ones you looked at or will be looking at, but this is something I explored last week as part of my aging eyesight tweaks. 

image.png.89d5c4b498e4d59a2ee796d853d99399.png   image.png.fc1988d5850eb9df258515804237923d.png

Disclaimer: I am not an artist, graphics designer, theme designer, etc. Just doin' tweaks for my eyes!

Footnote: I just discovered that the Track Control  [Widget] Icon images show up in the Insert Instrument Wizard--at least on my system.  No guarantee that the devs won't change this, but at least for the moment its there.  Here is a screen shot showing the wizard with a couple of the "Control Icons" using my "Scrabble for Juniors" style tiles. 


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