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  1. We ran into this recently too, and logged it with Focusrite. I believe they're looking into it. I suggest maybe rolling back to the previous driver version and/or sticking with ASIO mode. It also wouldn't do any harm to log it with Focusrite directly.
  2. I know Jon and Morten are on the case re clip help text issues, and the floating Help Module issue is also logged and in my queue for the next release hopefully 👍
  3. Good suggestion. I'll log a new feature request so we don't forget.
  4. I guess I would say this, but knowing what I know about SONAR and CbB development, I can assure you that CbB is significantly more stable and optimized than SONAR. IMHO, 2019.07 is the best version of CbB/SONAR ever, and it's only going to get better going forward. That said, I realize there's still work to do. If your experience with CbB is different, we'd love to hear from you so we can work out what's going wrong, and fix it if possible. But I urge you to try CbB 2019.07 before doing so - you might just be surprised
  5. lol, that's me misusing online shorthand for "Original Poster" (ie. you)! I meant to say "described by the OP". Keep an eye out for the next Early Access release and let us know how you get on 👍
  6. Thanks for your feedback. I've already fixed one of the issues described in the OP, and another is in the works. Look out for fixes in the next release, or consider participating in the Early Access Program if you want to try it out sooner (release dates tbc).
  7. Thanks for the detailed report. I've been able to reproduce the bug, and will look into it later today. Reports like this are extremely useful to us. It's impossible for us to fix a bug we don't know about, or can't reproduce, so thanks again for reporting it and including all the necessary steps 🙂 Edit: Fixed! Will be in the next release.
  8. It should already be possible to switch lenses without changing the window layout. 1. Open the 'Lens Manager' (select 'Manage Lenses...' in the Lenses dropdown menu). 2. Select the lens you want to modify. 3. Uncheck 'Window Layout' in the 'Settings' section. 4. Click the save button to save your changes. Now, whenever you switch to the above lens, your window layout won't change. As Noel mentioned, lenses are a superset of screensets. By following the above instructions, you're effectively turning off screenset functionality for your lens. Does that help?
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