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  1. Thanks for the report. Seems to be an isolated incident so far, and I can't think of anything in this release that would cause such behavior. I saw your post about not being able to do a screen capture. Is there any chance you could use your phone to capture it instead? Also, are you running any third party software that customizes the appearance of Windows and/or Cakewalk, and/or influences mouse behavior somehow? If so, it's worth disabling it and trying again. If you do eventually rollback to 2022.02, I'd be interested to know if that fixes it too.
  2. I think we made FX bins scrollable with the mouse wheel post Platinum, so technically it's by design. That is, if the mouse is currently over an FX bin, mouse wheel scrolling will scroll the FX bin, not the parent view. It's useful since you can only see a couple of plugins at a time at default track heights. There might be some minor inconsistencies with the timer Noel mentioned, and we could potentially make it smarter, but it's basically working as designed, and that explains why it's different to Platinum.
  3. Oh, interesting. Same for Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth? It seems OK here, but I'm using Windows 10 English: What language is Windows using? We might be able to duplicate it if we know the OS language.
  4. As far as I can tell, CbB simply shows the name reported by the MIDI device driver. I also verified that our UI is capable of showing Unicode characters correctly in this context (I even tested it with emojis!). I can't reproduce it, but then we only have UWP MIDI devices that return plain ASCII/English names. It's possible that the Virtual MIDI Synth software you're using is returning the name incorrectly when in UWP mode. Does the name show correctly in other software? ps. Thanks for taking the time to share those screenshots.
  5. Thanks for the report. Do you see the same thing if you change 'Driver Mode' to 'MME'? Also, do you know what that port name should actually be? If you can paste it here, then I might be able to reproduce it.
  6. Hi, Thanks for the report. Does the problem only happen while editing text? In other words, does Korean text display correctly until you start editing it? Your screenshot suggests that's the case. If so, there's a known issue with our text editor control which doesn't draw Unicode text correctly. You can still enter Unicode text, but it won't display correctly until you finish editing. That's something we hope to fix in a future update. If that's not it, please let us know and we can investigate. Thanks again, Ben
  7. There's actually a 64 bit version of Spy++ in the same folder as the 32 bit version. Visual Studio opens the 32 bit one by default (via Tools -> Spy++). Since CbB is a 64 bit application, you need to run the 64 bit version of Spy++. On my PC it's here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2019\Professional\Common7\Tools\spyxx_amd64.exe Give that a go and you should be able to view messages.
  8. Very strange! I pinged Fractal Audio tech support and asked for a dev to contact me. Maybe we can work together to figure out what's going on.
  9. Great, thanks for letting us know. I think it's time to remove that setting. It was only ever meant to be experimental/opt-in anyway, and yours isn't the first issue we've seen with it.
  10. Aha! That might explain it. Please try removing the 'EnableWin10DPIAwareness' setting in Preferences -> File -> Initialization File, and then restart Cakewalk.
  11. Thanks for the report. I can't repro @ 300% here though (on a 4K monitor), so some more info would be useful please. Does it always happen, even if you restart Cakewalk/Windows? Are you using the latest version of Cakewalk? What's your monitor's native/current resolution? Which version of Windows are you using? Do you have a custom theme enabled? Are you using any 3rd party apps that customize the appearance of Windows (some are known to cause issues)? Do you have any special options enabled in Preferences -> File -> Initialization File? Are your graphics drivers up-to-date? A screenshot of your entire desktop might also be helpful. Edit: It might also be worth reinstalling PC2A just in case.
  12. Thanks for the report. I'm working on some fixes in that area, so I'll PM you to discuss shortly.
  13. Thanks for verifying. Please would you try adding the following option in Preferences -> File -> Initialization File: EnablePluginMenuFix=1 Then restart Cakewalk and let me know if your plugin menus look any better. To be clear, that option should be enabled by default, so I'm not expecting it to make any difference, but I want to make sure it's enabled to rule out anything unexpected. Many thanks!
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