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  1. Thanks for the report. I'm working on some fixes in that area, so I'll PM you to discuss shortly.
  2. Thanks for verifying. Please would you try adding the following option in Preferences -> File -> Initialization File: EnablePluginMenuFix=1 Then restart Cakewalk and let me know if your plugin menus look any better. To be clear, that option should be enabled by default, so I'm not expecting it to make any difference, but I want to make sure it's enabled to rule out anything unexpected. Many thanks!
  3. @Glenn Stanton If you start Cakewalk up with a custom theme that is out of date, two things should happen: 1. You should get a warning message telling you that your theme is out of date. 2. If you choose to continue with the out-of-date theme, then Cakewalk will look incorrect even if you switch to Mercury afterwards. IOW, to fully rectify the problem, switch to the Mercury or Tungsten factory themes and then restart Cakewalk. After that, if you wish to continue using a custom theme, you should open it in Theme Editor and resave it before attempting to use it in Cakewalk again. If you do that and it still looks wrong, then please (a) let me know if you saw the theme warning message, and (b) PM me a copy of your custom theme if you're using one (the screenshot you posted on Saturday shows the Smart Tool button in the Control Bar with a different background color compared to both Mercury & Tungsten, which suggests you are). We're unable to reproduce the problem, so your assistance would be much appreciated.
  4. Thanks. Clearly there are still some issues to work out. I'll keep investigating.
  5. Thanks for the report. Please confirm which build version you are using by going to Help -> About Cakewalk. It should say something like "Version: 2021.04 (Build 155, 64 Bit)". If the build number is less than 155 then you aren't running the latest version. You can download the build 155 installer here:
  6. Glenn, it looks like you're using a custom theme. It probably needs updating. You should get a warning message when you start Cakewalk or select the theme in Preferences, saying that your theme may be incompatible and it might need to be updated in Cakewalk Theme Editor. If you're not seeing that warning, please PM me a copy of your theme file and I'll look into it. Edit: You may also want to confirm you're running build 155 by checking the version number shown in Help -> About Cakewalk.
  7. Thanks for the report. Have you installed the latest hotfix early access build (build 155)? It should address that problem. You'll need to install it manually (you won't get a notification to update in CbB). You can find the installer here:
  8. @MrJackBarton Thanks for the report. We've been doing some more work on plugin menus and will shortly be releasing another build which will hopefully resolve your issues. Stay tuned!
  9. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the report. My immediate thought was that it looks like a custom theme issue. I realize you're using Mercury, but can I ask if you were using a custom theme before that? Nothing wrong with that, but if Cakewalk starts up with a custom theme that isn't up-to-date, it's possible you could run into this issue even after switching back to Mercury. One way to find out is to set Cakewalk to the original Mercury theme and then restart it. If that solves your problem, then you probably need to update your custom theme. We also introduced a theme compatibility warning in the latest release, which you should see on startup if your custom theme needs updating. Thanks, Ben
  10. FWIW, we can't reproduce it here. I also checked the code and it doesn't seem to be doing anything unusual or CPU intensive at all when moving the mouse over track names. Indeed, moving the mouse over track names actually does significantly less than moving it over some of the other controls nearby. Are there any other clues you can give us?
  11. @torhan Thanks for the report. Unfortunately, we can't reproduce it here, but we're aware that issues like this do happen in rare circumstances. If you see it again, please would you post a screenshot showing the entire Cakewalk window? That can often give us clues that a more localized screenshot can't, such as the general layout of all views at the time it occurred. Thank you! In the meantime, resizing the window (or un-maximizing it and then maximizing it again) usually fixes it.
  12. @Herve Maratrey I just PM'd you a link to a new installer. Hopefully, that will fix your problem. Please let us know how it goes. Thanks again, Ben
  13. @Herve Maratrey We're currently testing a fix for this, which looks very promising. Is it OK if we send you a new build to test?
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