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Just about a minuet


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i've always loved the cadence and feel of a minuet.


this reminds me of some of Rimsky-Korsakov's feel....


wookie, sounds like this one is only half baked,

with some obvious timing issues....

i'm assuming this is a work in progress, i dig the layout, but not thrilled with the choice of sounds.

maybe it'd work better full-on synth voices....?


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Hey, Wook,

This is a little different than your usual stuff, but it's a pretty cool sounding short orchestral piece!😊

I don't know much about creating this style of music, but I actually think the samples sound authentic, and the articulation sounds pretty much in the ball park compared to many other libraries that I've heard.

I'd say this is a pretty cool experiment and Notion may have a lot to offer.  Although, LOL, maybe you should change the name to "Just a Minuet and Eleven Seconds"!😁

Either way, great start, hope to hear some more of this when you dive in deeper to Notion!👍

Have a great day, John!

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Very impressive, Wookie.  The samples sound quite good, and you wrote a compelling piece of music.  I applaud you for constantly trying new things and keeping it fresh.  I don't know if Notion is for me, but I used to read and write music on a staff.  Thanks to you, I feel that I at least have to explore Notion and Finale, now.

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@Lynn thank you, it is an interesting piece of software they are stock samples that come with Notion, there are expansions and you can use other VSTi's and FX within it.  Still getting to grips with using it.

@Chernobyl|Studios thank you, as much as anything it was what I was hearing between the furry ears as I played with the software.

@bjornpdx thanks for listening and the kind words 

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3 hours ago, daryl1968 said:

lovely oh furry one.

I'm sure all of this positivity will inspire you to do more of this. Next step - add in some synths a la Switched on Bach.

You read the furry mind @daryl1968 thanks for the positive view.

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