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  1. i play electric bass. when i'm recording it, i typically split two inputs, and use two pedals for DI line level captures: Sansamp Bass DI Strymon Iridium with the sansamp, i'm dialing in a very deep clean bass tone (the basis of the sansamp is the venerable Ampeg svt amplifier) with the Iridium, i'm using a marshall superlead amp paired with a ampeg 4x10 IR, and the marshall is set for an aggressive lead tone, eq'd for midrange and high end bite. then, i mix those two tracks together to a common mono bass sub buss, and blend the lows to the highs based on the song and arrangment. this gives me pretty in your face bass tracks. if the sansamp has too many low, i just use a HPF and find the sweet spot. i'll take anywhere from 150hz up to 300 hz out wherever i have buildups. i'll compress and/or limit the bass sub buss to get the levels consistent, if they aren't already. i can post clips to demonstrate if interested.
  2. batsbrew


    yea, those little speakers are not bad, but they mostly all sound kind of thin... really any 'computer' speaker, if i made the vox sound good on those, they'd be too loud. i hate recordings where the vox just sits on top of everything, but that's just me. i like a certain level of blend... a lot of the classic rock tunes i like, the vox is almost buried... but i kind of like that. hate modern pop mixes. well, hate's a heavy word.. i mean hate hate hate. LOL
  3. batsbrew


    alright mark!! you and jack c.... you know, i played with vocal levels a lot, i think where they are is just right. you listen on cans? or speakers? in the cans, it's really floating in the middle, and is very clear, i guess i favor can mixing because it seems most people listen on ear buds these days. but yea, it's just a subjective decision, to make the listener draw in deeper to the music, to hear the vocals. they are part of the music, really, as by design. i appreciate your comments, and thanks for listening
  4. ha! nice T! getting the album, extends the rockability of the user. heheh
  5. i have the diamond bundle. plus a bunch of one offs i've bought on sale, over the years. ***** the WUP! LOL i don't even bother with it. i have a list of favorites now, the list is not very long, but those particular tools get a lot of work.... like the F6.
  6. batsbrew


    thanks nigel! this one was inspired by true events!! heheh
  7. i think the eventide split eq is the smartest plug to be written in a long time. that said, i love my Waves F6 dynamic EQ i bought for $29. boom, done.
  8. ah, the argument for more expensive monitors, and some room treatment, are inside this post.
  9. i have an old ART DPS. dual mono tube mic pres. spdif out (if wanted), it uses starved plate tube setup, my guess is PRO VLA is the same. the DPS sounds great! i still use it sometimes on certain tracks where i want more color.
  10. hi Nigel! thanks again for listening and commenting... this one was a fun one to track! (i love it once the arrangements are finished, and i can just hit record and try to nail performances. that's the fun part!)
  11. batsbrew


    bump for bump monday
  12. batsbrew


    Thanks mate, appreciate it
  13. batsbrew


    thanks david! the bongos were fun to play. it takes a bit of a new 'mind set' to get into the groove of those things, it's not like playing drums at all. it kinda bounces and flows, plus, i recorded the guitar part first, with no click, so the bongos (and the shakers) have to follow the groove of the guitar part, which kinda drifts quite often! i liked loggins and messina back when they were just makin' it big... a great pair of songwriters! plus, messina could REALLY play! heheh hey thanks for listening
  14. batsbrew


    recorded/mixed in sonar
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