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  1. Thank you Eric! This was a super fun project to produce, As well as being a great learning experience for new recording techniques Thanks for sharing it with me
  2. worth a bump for the weekend! people gotta rock on the weekend too.....
  3. a tune off the new album. cool stuff: no amps were used, all guitars and bass tracks were done using a Strymon Iridium modeler direct. i've never done that before, so it was a great chance to see what i could get.
  4. hey nigel! say, what did you think of the guitar tones? really worked on those, being direct and all, it's a new thing for me
  5. me too jack! i dig it, it's like a weird waltz... with a left-foot moment. heheh
  6. hey everybody, this new album of mine has been re-mixed and re-mastered..... i'm selling the new versions thru BandCamp. this is a much more dialed in mix, with new drum kits and a different mix perspective. and it does rock. here's a link for purchase and checking out all the tunes: Bandcamp: https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/album/elemental-4 it's still available on Amazon and apple music, but only the original files are there .... the new ones are better!! here's a rocker, and a quick vid I made for it "The Day They Robbed the Bank of England" https://youtu.be/VwngEmgBdK4
  7. I THINK you are confusing mixing with mastering. mastering is where you get the playback levels up to somewhere near professional releases. if you just slap compressors and limiters across you 2 buss to get volume,, it will simply ruin you mix. how hot is hot enough?
  8. yea, i always have a linear phase EQ rolling off everything below 22hz anyway. but if a mix can drive a compressor/limiter to do that, no matter the platform, then the mix could be improved.
  9. that said, if i ever bought a bum amp, i'd never buy another from that company. that said, i bought my mesa boogie mark IIb in 1982, and it's still going strong, with never a fail in years of full time road work. the old boogies were built like tanks, don't know about the new ones...
  10. i would say yea, probably... there are quite a few vids on utoob with folks liking the generator... i know rabbea Massad uses on in his studio... not exactly the same amp, but close:
  11. i love my rme babyface pro... tho, i have never used it 'off line'. i'm sure it can do that.
  12. i've always preferred heads over combos. the reasons should be obvious, but being able to connect different cabs is the main one. that, and the head is WAY easier to carry. honestly, if you like boogie, you cannot go wrong with a Mark 5, in any power range. if you like a LOT of gain, look at a Victory Kraken. there are not many 3 channel amps with multiple voicings and half power switches on the market, in THAT price range. the Bogner Ecstasy 3534 would be a good choice in the same price range. it's easy enough to browse on sweetwater... the REVV Generator 7-40 is very cool.
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