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  1. Thanks antler! Passive break, that is an interesting term.
  2. https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/center-of-everywhere it's the doppelganger of "Middle of Nowhere", from the "Wild Animals" album. njoy!
  3. i check mixes with those same k240II's for a few years, but when i moved up to a set of Sennheiser Hd 580's, it was a BIG difference. for the money, the MASSDROP models are the way to go.
  4. hey mark! thanks for checking this one out.. bass.... i had a lot of fun tracking this one... and it gave me a chance to try blending my iridium and bass IR with a sansamp bass di, and figuring out crossover points to use, and amounts of eq and compression, all that stuff. ended up using the iridium for the higher eq, and the sansamp for the lower eq. higher in the mix with the iridium, blended in the sansamp below.
  5. HOWDY HO ANDY! hey man, eagles, on a funk rock song? hm.... maybe 'those shoes'...?! glad you dig this one, and thank you for the comments! this song, it's kind of like an 'interval' song, between the 1st and 3rd on the album, the 1st is very introspective and upbeat at the same time, and the 3rd is a real rocker!! so i needed something like this, to introduce the rocker tune... the album songs were never considered as singles, they are expected to be listened to in the 'complete album' setting, just like the good ole days!! so yea, maybe longer as a single, but consider... most beatles singles were about two and a half minutes, and this one comes in at 2:47, so i'm right on target!! heheh. maybe i should add some lyrics about holding some girls hand, or asking for help, or measuring the albert hall for holes.
  6. hi CSW! i worked on the guitar sounds, as much as the actual parts, because i had this idea, that they would rhythmically support what the bass is doing, kind of glue it all together.... i think i actually printed those delays using a Boss DD-200, so once i made that decision, there was no going back!! LOL
  7. hey antler! thanks for listening
  8. that's a great looking MM
  9. Thanks man the bass is definitely the driver Maybe I'll bring up the level of the guitar and a bit
  10. my uncle had that same amp/case combo and danelectro style guitar... i used to turn it all the way, and just let it feedback. thought that was the coolest thing in the world... got me started down the wrong path. LOL
  11. hey tom! you know, i had this song for a long time... like 15 years or more! so, i had a lot of time to refine the melodies, so they should feel 'broken in'. i've got some new vocal stuff i'm working on now, plus i'm doing some remixes and remaster of my previous "Wild Animals" album, so hopefully i'll have out soon!
  12. HI LARRY T! thanks, whammy bar, yes, that'd technically be my first effect! LOL, on a sears and roebuck electric, had something akin to a bigsby on it... stanley clarke! i used to listen to his early stuff a lot,, return to forever, the tony williams stuff, school days, good stuff!
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