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  1. i refer to the waves F6 plug, a brilliant plug, with multiple uses.
  2. howdy andy! thanks so much for listening... it's one of those kind of songs that hopefully keeps you going thru the whole thing. kinda balances out my all instrumental stuff. and thanks about the voice, always working on it.
  3. i use a dynamic eq as a de-esser. so nothing gets 'sucked' out that doesn't NEED to get sucked out. LOL
  4. hi mark! thanks for listening! i was looking for a 'ear worm' that might stick. plus, i used BOTH my 'jezebels' for recording this one.
  5. heh, it's probably a common complaint, people not liking their own voice. appreciate the comments
  6. HEY THANKS for that, whoisp! don't really like my voice, but it's what i got. seems i like my masters better now that i'm not trying to win a volume war!! LOL, i just said F it.... i can make it loud as F, but i don't like the SOUND of it. in the long run, after i'm long gone, i'll want those mixes to stand up over time, and if they are harsh, and they make my ears tired after just a couple of songs, they wont stand that test. almost EVERY modern pro release disc (or files) i have now, wear my ears out after about 15 minutes, even if i turn it down. i listen to my old classic rock recordings from the 70's, they never do that. they were mastered for vinyl. they weren't so extreme, and not nearly so loud (cuz they couldn't be!)....i've learned my lesson. so i'm backing off!
  7. hey tom! yea, the demo was real close, but not finished. i changed lots of things, but to the casual listener, it's probably not apparent. i liked the outcome of this one, think i'll do some more in this style. the arrangement roughly copied the arrangement of "Tumbling dice"
  8. hi hockey! thanks so much for commenting. i'm not a real drummer, but in my head, i'm a kick @ss drummer!!! LOL this is all programmed in Superior Drummer 3. the arrangement more or less follows the rolling Stones' "Tumbling dice". the kit is a custom kit taken from a few different kits.
  9. cool song whoisp! it's all good... i think the song is mastered too hot, tho... the utoob turns it down at least 5 db, this might be squashing your dynamics. i bet with a better mastering pass, even the busy drum part would pop a bit more, and maybe become perfectly intelligable. just a suggestions, not a critique!
  10. https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/jezebel i had posted a demo of this a couple of months back, got some good feedback on it, this is the final mix. hope you dig it.
  11. i met jack white at the sundance film festival debut of this film he did a Q&A after the film, which was hilarious, and informative
  12. batsbrew

    RIP JB

    jeff beck tributes from peer group https://www.premierguitar.com/news/jeff-beck-tributes
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