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  1. that's very kind of you to say, david, i appreciate the candor and encouragement!
  2. thanks so much rebel!! i've been busy.... i just finished mastering my new, 4th album, "The Wild Animals"... am busy doing cover art and setting up the cd duplication now.... stay posted! this is my best stuff yet!
  3. only so much juice you can pull to power phantom powered preamps
  4. i use the older version of har bal 2.0 as a mastering EQ, between final 24 bit mixes, and mastering to 16 bit. works like a charm.
  5. hey casyta, thanks for the kind words! it does have a little uplifting kind of effect, doesn't it? it's that hop beat, and the syncopation between the bass and guitars, gives it a lift thanks for listening!
  6. great performances on this one, tom... the guitars, harp, bass, keys and voice, they're all hittin' i don't mind the satellites lift, you make it work with this arrangement...hell, even josh homme lifted a line from their tune on his latest QOTSA album...😁
  7. hello james! hey thanks for listening... yea i've played strats thru classic 30's before, that sounds just fine! but this little jsx mini is a pretty modern thing, yet not high gain, very interesting little amp!
  8. thanks arlen, so cool you dig this one
  9. hey arlen! yes, quick hands, i've had those since i was 21, but i'm trying to get better at choosing WHAT to play! i loved playing that bassline, i was channeling my inner stevie wonder on that one.
  10. hey steve! slinky guitar, yep, take 009's and tune down a half step..... is sometimes a problem with overpowering the neck!! LOL of course, i bring it on myself...
  11. hello freddy! yep, funked up for sure... you know, i played in top 40 and funk bands for 5 years on the road full time, i definitely put in my time on the funk side! i dig funk, it's gotta make you want to shake your @ss. which is kinda the point of this one. thanks so much for listening and commenting
  12. batsbrew

    Waves SS Sale

    i gotta say, i REALLY like this compressor. did a session last night, changed out my original master buss compressors for this one, it works very well. subtle, but when you get used to listening to it and then turn it off... it goes back on. LOL
  13. way cool tom, glad to crank you up!
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