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  1. i've been using BARBER pedals for almost 20 years now. tho i have two fulltone pedals, i'll not miss a beat.
  2. studio one has this built in. they call it 'console shaper'.
  3. TNX for the interest, eric. not sure when the album will be complete, i have two other projects going in parallel, so the album work just gets done in between breaks of the other projects. i have a target of 9 songs, i have 4 complete, and 2 in the works.
  4. hey hockeyjx! thanks for listening and commenting yea, bass was too low, i'm working on that one. i have two tracks of bass, summed to mono, and one is clean and midrangy, the other is low... i've placed a tape emulator across the midrangy bass track, which has compressed it slightly, and overdriven it slightly, and when mixed with the other track, has fattened the bass up nicely and made it a bit more aggressive. that should 'beef' it up a bit like your suggesting. i don't want to add any more instrumentation, because i feel it's already busy enough, and i'm looking for skinnier mixes for this particular set of songs to go on a new album. but, if i didn't pan the rythm guitars hard left right, and brought them inwards a smidge, that changes the entire 'thickness' of the track, without quite as much separation... i'm on the fence about that move, because it's so clear right now... but THAT might make the mix seem more thick, without adding anything. food for thought, thanks!
  5. wow, gary thain name drop! don't hear that one very often, and i'm a fan! LOL yea, i wanted the bass to be skinnier on this one, because it's so fat on the other songs from this set... but i did play around with the bass tones some, since i posted this, i have two parallel bass tracks, summed together, and on ONE of them, i put a waves J37 tape saturation effect, and this both fattened and slightly distorted the tone a bit, and brought that track up a bit, which fills out the bass more. definitely NOT a Thain heavy bass track, but more in that direction. thanks for the ideas!
  6. hey nigel! yea, the arrangement things will probably fly right past most everyone, but it will scratch an itch for me.
  7. hey dream!! thanks for the listen. i may work on the drums a bit more, and tweak the arrangement a bit.
  8. ha! tom, this might be the only one you get to hear, til i put it on little shiny disc thingys! but thanks for listening all the same, i typically make changes, add stuff, take stuff away, to my 'final' mixes that i put out for consideration, then they are part of the 'album' which i'll release digitally, because NO ONE buys cd's anymore!! ugh
  9. hey joad! yea, rock and roll! kinda what this is, pretty basic tune, the slide at the end was fun to play, but i think i captured all the harsh of the slide, and none of the richness and prime tone... but it's funny, that's the ONLY thing i heard on the outro of the song, like maybe, i should have played slide thru the whole thing! LOL
  10. https://batsbrew.bandcamp.com/track/jezebel first pass on this one, i'll continue working on the mix and some arrangement thingys, til i get to the time to combine this one with the others i have finished, for album #6.
  11. thanks for that mark! i appreciate it. and hope you can rock out a bit to this one...
  12. oh yea!! still kickin, anyways!
  13. thanks mark! that was the first real workout i had on the new strat build
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