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  1. batsbrew


    last shot at this before i take it down
  2. batsbrew


    actually, doing this to a princess is mostly mad
  3. batsbrew


    that bowcaster kicks @ss.
  4. batsbrew


    HI LYNN! for me, it was a great and terrible experience. and we are experienced white water folk, but the people that we were with, were not. and they were the cause. either way, we dealt with it, and my lady did not even lose her paddle, and swam a class 5 rapid in repose. LOL
  5. batsbrew


    life is for the brave, wookiee! heheh. hey, thanks for listening
  6. batsbrew


    https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/insignificant from the new Bats Brew album "Elemental", available here: batsbrew.bandcamp.com "Insignificant" is actually the name of a class V rapid on the Gauley river in west Virginia, where my lady and I did a whitewater rafting trip many years back… we had an incident in the raft which caused it to collapse in the middle of a very tricky spot, the raft folded, and we lost my lady and the guide. I was able to pull the guide back in, but my lady got pulled down deep in a hydraulic, and spit out 20 yards down river… we chased after her in the raft, and this song is the interpretation of that moment in time. Scary, and exhilarating. my lady is fine.
  7. Thanks folks, for listening and supporting, I need it! To make more...
  8. Thanks supa.. But no more remixes of this Stuck a fork in It!
  9. hi jack! thanks for listening to this one, yea, the textures of sound in this song, were a design criteria from the beginning... how do you capture the grime, dust, blood, tears, of a long ago war, with some electric gutiars?! heheh this one is my personal favorite of the songs on the album, it really nailed the vibe i was after.
  10. hey david! glad you feel that way (big win)... maybe, but it's been largely ignored. so possibly some good luck is in order!! heheh
  11. HI WOOKIEE! yep, this one was designed to have that bittersweet melody that mirrored the last 'official' battle.. i'm sure there were many more, skirmishes here and there, and yea, it was sad that it had to come to that, but it had to. i replaced the drums on this one, since i finished the album.. in fact, i'm so enamored with the new kit i got, i'm replacing ALL the kits in all the songs, slightly remixing them all to suit the new kit and room sounds, and will post all the updated files on BANDCAMP. i also plan on putting a link together of all the new remixes, and send that link to anyone that bought the album so they can have the updated mixes. wish there was an easier way, but this is where i am right now. at least i can do that. i would think folks would want the high def files, but i guess many either want mp3's, or redbook ready 16 bit files that can be burned directly to cd. i can output any file, i just don't know quite what my targets should be. either way, thanks so much for listening
  12. thanks so much, kurt... glad you are diggin' the album, it was a special one for me.
  13. https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/battle-of-palmito-ranch Battle of Palmito Ranch: also known as the battle of palmito hill, it was the final battle of the American civil war. It is a bittersweet story, since the confederate forces had already surrendered the war, but no one at Palmito Ranch knew that. An unnecessary battle, this song memorializes the end of an ugly chapter of American history. from the new Bats Brew album "Elemental", you can get it here: batsbrew.bandcamp.com/
  14. alright John! thanks for rocking out... and yea, guitars CAN sing! heheh
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