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  1. alright mark! thanks for listening to this one.... the chime part, yea... that's fun, a bit of gain, a bit of compression, then just pop em out! heheh, a little indulgent, but works so well.
  2. hey wookiee! yep, i went ahead and took the first one down, because the 2nd one was the correct one! LOL it is a groovin' kind of thing, very simple and straightforward, designed for shaking tail feathers.
  3. OK, NEW MIX: https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/poppin-2-eq re-mastered, with drum part changes, mix changes, re-eq'd guitars, changed the overall reverb IR from a big stadium setting, to a wooden room chamber, which sounds so much nicer than the other one.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/poppin-tight when i say 'final mix', means i'm not writing or arranging any more, my best last pass before i tweak and master. so, my demo of this had a more roomy drum kit... and made it set back a bit, and seem more mellow and groovy.. this kit is less roomy, with a more muscular kick...slightly more aggressive. i like it, but it's so different, i no longer have a feel for it. any thoughts?
  5. where did you hear it, freddy? i took it down this morning.....
  6. hi wookiee! furry lugs, funny.... pretty furry.... you'll have to buy the album to hear the 'finalised' version!! ;heheh
  7. howdy chappel! thanks for listening.... steve morse, now THERE is a name to drop! heheh, i've seen steve play live many many times, have always been a big fan since even before the 1st dregs album was released. wouldn't call him an influence, but i love his music.
  8. hi lynn! thanks for listening, and glad you liked this one! low volume, check.... i don't think i've done that with any of the 10 tunes, thanks for reminding me of due diligence!! heh i think, if you crank this song up thru a full range system, you will be shocked at how much low end there is in the mix. i MAY have to put a plug, like MaxxBass, on the keyboard bus just to see if i can tweak up the feel of the low end for low volume listening. truth be told: i don't care if anyone EVER listens to my stuff at low volume!! heheh, not how it was mixed.
  9. hey douglas! yep, imagine a cool, crisp, sunny early morning in spring... that's kinda what i was going for. i'm still tweaking the mix, trying to find the right balance between the acoustic rhythms and the electric rhythms. i bring them up and down throughout at different times, to build and relax, but didn't have it dialed in on this mix.
  10. https://soundcloud.com/bats-brew/spring-morning-demo-eq this is my 9th demo i've posted, will move into final mix this weekend. i really don't know how to categorize this one... any ideas? it's a melodic idea i've had for 20 years, finally put it down on virtual tape. love to get some feedback on the mix and balance of freq's.
  11. hi andy! thanks man, appreciate the kind words. this is going to be a great album, if i may say so myself... i think it will be a fun listen.
  12. HI DOUGLAS! thanks for the kudos on the drum tracks, i spend a fair amount of time writing those.
  13. thanks man............ ha! insignificant, indeed! i'll tell you the story behind this one... in west virginia, there is a river called the Gauley river. the upper gauley has white water rapids that are world class. High volume, only runs in september and october, because it's an earthen dam release. Class III to Class V. you need to be experienced to do this river, the consequences are anything but insignificant. so the wifey and I did the Gauley some years back, and we had a guide, who went by the name 'gonzo'. she was very experienced, a good guide. there is a section of white water with a Class V rapid called 'Insignificant', and this particular rapid requires an extremely aggressive approach; there is a 'hyrdraulic' at the beginning that is basically a great big hole and it wants to suck your raft down in it....if you don't have the speed up, you can fold the raft. we had 2 couples that were completely inexperienced in the raft, who had lied about their ability level. when it came time to charge the rapid, their pulling (hard rowing) fell apart, and the next thing i knew, we lost both the guide, and my wife, down into the hole as the raft bent in half... i had my feet wedged proper, so i could immediately bend over the side and reach down in the water, i found one set of floatation gear straps; it was the guide. my wife had gone down into the hole, about 15 feet deep, and didn't come up until she was spit out about 12 yards down stream. again, this is a Class V rapid, one you do not want to swim. but swim it she did. and did NOT lose her paddle!! which was heroic on it's own... i pulled the guide into the raft, and she immediately swung the raft backwards, and we headed after my wife as fast as we could. the guide did everything in her power to catch up, and we did, but by then the rapid was done. Wifey was fine, just a bit spooked, and the guide read the riot act to the 4 people who did not paddle and follow directions, so it was a weird situation... but the guide, my wife and i more or less bonded over this precarious situation, and we ended have a great time for the rest of the trip (several hours). this song, is a sonic representation of how wild, and at the same time, mellow, this experience was. when i wrote it, i had mapped out the song in chronological time, to match the time we prepared when we got there, the put-in, the first few rapids, then the approach to Insignificant, then the raft collapse and the ride thru the rapid, the chase to get her back, the big sigh of relief, the re-grouping of the raft team, finishing the rapids and the time afterwards to reflect. so each change of the arrangement is basically telling the story as i told it above.
  14. alright furry paw man, thanks for the comments.. yea, this album, perfect for a road trip. i mean, it will work that way, from beginning to end, that's how i hope people will listen to it.
  15. so this recording, in fact, almost all the songs that will be on this new album, have been recorded using my new Strymon Iridium pedal. most of the tracks are direct, trying out new IR's, but some of the tracks are the iridium with IR's bypassed, directly into my Mesa Boogie Mark 2b, miced up old school, and blended with the direct tracks of the Iridium.
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