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Inspired by Wookie


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1 hour ago, Wookiee said:

I like this Gary nice job my friend.  🙂😎

Hmmm it's totally different, bloody good, can't deny that but too fussy for me. I like hearing the depth of the cellos & violas, I have to agree with Bats on this but if I had to choose one to do over it would be a hard choice ...so to keep the storm at bay , I won't make one ...

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Impressive work on this song. Wouldn't be surprised to hear it on our local classical radio station.
There is a lot going on in there so it seems kind of dense, like the dynamics need some adjusting?
The violin at 0:30 and other places has a really quick pitch bend (if that's what it's called) which didn't sound right to me.

That's an amazingly realistic orchestra and you handled it very well.

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