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My First Post on the New Forum! - "Made of Glass" Rock Video

Bob Oister

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Hey, Mesh!

How are you, buddy?  Hope you're doing great!  It's really good to see another familiar face over here at the new place!👍

Big thanks for giving this one another listen for me, and also the very kind words!  I always look forward to and greatly appreciate your input and comments on my stuff.😀

I truly appreciate your friendship and support, brother, and I'm looking forward to hearing some of your tasty guitar work on your next collab with Bapu and the boys!

Thanks again, Mesh and have a Rockin' week!

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How am I missing this stuff ? Great track Bob, I don't remember this one so all good here .. as said on my posts, your guitar work is v. skillful but for my bit ...I love the song called Carry Me as I think it has potential and the vocal work is great

All the best


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Hi, Steve,

Thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate you taking time to check out the video for me, and also your very kind words of encouragement!😀

Also, thanks for having a look at the "Carry Me" video and your comment.  I try to do a couple of ballads every so often, and your recent ballad posts on this new forum are truly an inspiration, and the playing, singing and production are always top notch!👍

Thanks again, Steve, greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes,


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