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  1. That does sound really good. At some point, I'll need to get Kontakt6 but it's good that the Kontakt Player will work with this.
  2. Hooked on phonics sonics?
  3. Just incase anyone wanted these tones (I know I do ), you can download it here: https://line6.com/customtone/tone/3780271/
  4. Thanks so much Jim!! Now, I may really have to use that Pod Farm Platinum upgrade that's been nagging me to get this.
  5. I really like my ATH-M50x, but love my Ultrasone 750's. Yeah the M50x is a bit snug on the head, but sounds very good. Amazon has it for $129 right now.
  6. First time seeing this, but sure looks like a Swiss Army Knife for the audio world.....very nice price to boot.
  7. Excellent tips Jim and will definitely do this. If there are any other general block setup's/templates there are your go to, would be greatly appreciated if you could share those. I've also been watching some of Jason Sadites videos and he nicely breaks it down on how he gets setup quickly. ....very interesting how he starts off with putting a compressor at the end (even before getting the amp and cab).
  8. Absolutely Abby Normal.....either way though, don't eat the yellow snow.
  9. Strummy ol chap, did you test out the Helix yet? I downloaded the demo last night and just went through some of the presets.....while some sounded very good, others didn't impress me that much. Mind you, I didn't really tweak anything and I was looking forward to hearing stuff like this vid below (some fantastic tones, especially the clean tones with fx), but didn't get it. He may have honed in the tones prior to the vid and not just using the stock presets IDK. Either way, I do need to spend some more time on this to get a good feel of it.
  10. G'day mates!! Just anted to say, I had a Becan & Egg samich for breakfast and now I need a nap...
  11. I kinda did this in a rush before running out the door to work.....the 500GB was just an after thought and a backup SSD. Hey, it's only money..... (said no one)
  12. That looks good and Samsung's are solid. Interestingly, I got 2 Crucial SSD's this morning https://www.newegg.com/crucial-mx500-1tb/p/N82E16820156174 . The other one is a 500GB for $66. Just amazed at how cheap they're now....especially after getting my 1st 250GB Samsung for $250.
  13. Watching/listening to that first video Trailer Walkthrough, I just couldn't get that same excitement that Conrad was trying to sell. Most of the sounds seemed dull and not so inspirational to me....YMMV.
  14. .....and he doesn't make it any easier for those of us with insurmountable GAS.
  15. The current cable I'm using is actually from Whirlwind (a gift from my good buddy Daryl1968 who works for them) and do like it a lot (a big improvement from the cable I've used for decades). Man, this music gear can be one huge rabbit hole that never ends... Truly appreciate the excellent tips and info Brian. Of course, I'm just a hobbyist musician and don't have the high end gear to justify these "top of the line" cables, but it certainly is very interesting and very useful.
  16. Good morning all, I knew this Fred had a little something for everyone. Good work lads!!
  17. I traded my UAD account awhile back (after having it for years) as I just couldn't afford/justify to keep up with their prices. Like the good King said "if I was doing this for a living"....it would be a different story. Great plugins with a great price tag.
  18. Hey Bats, do you request/specify all the individual connectors (i.e. connector A, B, color boot, color ring etc...) from here: https://www.performanceaudio.com/custom-cables-1-4-ts-instrument-cable-made-from-canare-gs-6-neutrik-connectors.html or speak with them and tell them what you generally want? I have no idea about those connectors and wouldn't know which ones to pick...
  19. FYI, I've only been 'overworked'....
  20. Great info guys and very, very helpful indeed. Some of those high end cables are quite pricey and not sure if I can justify the purchase to my CFO at home, but will try to get something good that fits my need/price. Thanks Paulo for the link, it led me to their instrument cable site: https://www.wireworldproaudio.com/instrument.html#instcables https://www.wireworldcable.com/best-guitar-cables.html Very interesting technology, quality, and detail going into these cables.....definitely a worth looking into.
  21. Mesh

    Aquiver $4.95

    Cinematrix is really good.....$6 is definitely worth it!!
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