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  1. My favorite is Signal, but combine that with Exhale and it just takes my breath away.
  2. There's also a FREE: 20 MIDI drum loops from the library’s built-in grooves. (standard GM drum mapping) right below MULTIMONO DRUMS section of the above link. Haven't downloaded to know anything else about it though.
  3. Thanks so much ZT and Reid! This would be a great thing to have 'IF' I didn't have anything else to do and could just focus on making my own instruments (which is something I'd really love to explore). Unfortunately, I just don't have the time ATM, but will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Glad to hear it installs easily and works well. Cheers mates!!
  4. Your conversation in here got me intrigued about Hallion and just briefly looking online, there seems to be some mixed reviews (it sounds great, but installation issues etc...). Is it a hassle to install/get it working? Did you guys have to spend a lot of time getting it to work (in CbB) or is it fairly simple to work with?
  5. Mesh

    PaSSBot from sonicLAB

    They're calling 'PaSSBot a stochastic filter bank plugin', but it looks more like scholastic formulas from a Calculus class. I'd hate to read that manual....lol.
  6. I'm guessing you're talking about the plugin here? 😁
  7. I'm looking forward to following the vids this weekend....posting them so I can have them all in one place. Cheers!!
  8. Mesh

    Piano for All Course

    In my case, I can probably recommend them all . My little ones have showed some interest (here and there) in playing the piano, so this might be good for them. I on the other hand...…(as my father used to say) 'you can't teach old dogs new tricks'.
  9. Mesh

    Piano for All Course

    Thank you Sir!! Ordered
  10. Mesh

    Piano for All Course

    Lol Piotr.....we all think it, Piotr says it.
  11. First time I'm seeing their site. For those prices though, I personally would go with Jim Roseberry or just build it myself and even get higher end components. Sorry, not trying to shoot them down, but just looking at value for product(s).
  12. Wow...what a mess is right. How are the Palette Ochestra series? Did you get these on this sale or....?
  13. Mesh

    UVI Synths Anthology 2

    I'm a firm believer of quality rather than quantity
  14. Mesh

    UVI Synths Anthology 2

    Thanks gents!! Yeah Simon, for a non-keyboard/synth guy, I found Arturia's synths were very user friendly and extremely easy to get good results.....yes, I'm a happy camper.
  15. Mesh

    UVI Synths Anthology 2

    Not sure if this is a fair question or not, but I'm going to ask anyway .....how do the UVI stuff compare to Arturia's?
  16. Oh my! That's a nice deal and IMO the best time to get Ueberschall stuff (wouldn't get it at regular price). I've been impressed with all the functions of the Elastik Player as they've made a very good system to play/mangle loops 'til your hearts content.
  17. Ah ok....I tried all kinds of combo's with no luck lol. I still have to watch some of the stuff I got on the last round....will wait for the next deal. Good deal you got there!
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