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  1. Left my feelings on SC ... Beautiful song and lyrics Steve
  2. SPAK

    BJZ presents Nattmara

    Great lyrics, faultless drums, guitar solo break excellent ...did I say great lyrics ? (But I think it would help to understand the folk lore around this or maybe not ... it's just a nightmare ...right πŸ₯Ί)
  3. Sweet tune really enjoyed this one ... kinda relaxing and the arpeggios work a treat ...nice bit of work here ... I'll listen to this again Steve
  4. Just listened too the finished work ..and Wow I nearly missed this and it's a great mix and a polished to perfection 10/10 mate ATB Steve
  5. SPAK


    Did I say "Hope your feeling better mate" ... I don't think I did so .. "Hope your feeling better mate" πŸ˜‰ Steve
  6. SPAK


    Love this one Wooks ..good advice from Tom 🀭 ATB Steve
  7. Got to agree with Bjorn, tight mix and everything fits and for me I think the shorter version gets a thumbs up .. thanks for the post great work πŸ‘
  8. I haven't heard this one before and I look forward to the abridged version Jon. I don't mind long bits of work as long as it goes somewhere otherwise I feel it becomes a tedious wait. Overall I really like the song and the way you interact with the backing ..so, good on you .. But for me just a little too long to love it ... Steve
  9. Well put together song & chorus, sounds great to my old ears, but, .. Overall I think it needs work on the mix it's a little disjointed, maybe if you bring the snare down a tad and give the guitars more space with a little love at the top end ... might give a better feel but leave the pads and bass because as Tom has observed the bass with synth pads are spot on. Good work guys ( Hope you'll forgive the critic .. waddo I know !) ALB Steve
  10. I couldn't agree more and as a lyrics guy more than a musician (If I can call myself that) I feel you on this one ... Steve
  11. A song made and delivered with great feeling and godda agree with Toms thinking Exorcising demons is an important role of songwriting ... ATB Steve
  12. One of my absolute favorite songs, and in my opinion you done it proud ... well done good work ! (BTW did you know you sound just like another hero of mine .... Harry Nelson ......)
  13. Bad dreams on a Friday night .. skinned rabbits and we find out that Gary loves killing things 😳 ..... Song is top notch though ... godda go someone using a chainsaw and I have an overbite .....🧻
  14. SPAK

    Just Get Along

    Well said Jon, I agreed with your sentiment a few months ago when I PM'd you ... and supported it ..as now .. Put the gloves away mate and get on those ivories πŸ˜‰ .. there's a few here get on my nerves too so I stick to the people who, in my opinion write good stuff and there critic is sound .. life's too short otherwise ... All the best ( And keep 'um coming ) Steve
  15. How do you do it? Great song mate ... it has a serious message surrounded in humour .. might use it as a ring tone next time someone tell me about there woes ... "Oh I'll just answer this .. sorry"πŸ˜’ Steve
  16. SPAK

    Just Get Along

    I think there is an awful lot of work here Jon, I know you have your doubts about the gear you have but this proves what everyone on this site knows ... a good song works .. no matter what. For me, I'd say great mixing, sung your way and a hell of a lot of content in a simple bit of work, I love great lyrics and I think this, coupled with your mix makes this A* .. More of this ... ATB Steve
  17. Absolutely beautiful ... I wish you both all the luck and love this world has .... Steve
  18. Godda get on with dinner ,..... I will come back after wine and a full belly .. love this crucible of shyt ... ideas
  19. You joined a month ago ... and someone responded with .. you have posted too many ORIGINAL compositions , for goodness sake ( or FFS ) you have comments from people here some of which are real musoes and respected for their views .. let it go and get on with the thing/stuff you love ...it's just a distraction from an armhole (Ed)........ (where did my 'S' go ?) SPAK
  20. Thanks Gary for the post and thankyou Jesse for the Vid ... Really enjoyed this ballet
  21. SPAK

    Sense of Space

    With regard to the mix, I think it's rather clinical, however I believe you mixed this work to have that 'clean' sound in mind. For me I would keep the mix as is but try some compression with a reduced ( very slight) attack time and using a bit of soft knee to reduce the harshness of the lead acoustic, as said it wouldn't hurt to increase the reverb tail a tad but hay ho! That's all I have ( excellent playing BTW πŸ‘‚ ) Steve
  22. ..... And I think the lyrics are top notch .. seems you hate praise but I can't help myself sorry Jesse πŸ––
  23. SPAK

    Red Light Blues

    Love where your going ... Def a Dylan vibe, poet with a guitar, Keep it up Bjorn ! Steve
  24. Chaos meets structure ... and the lion is tamed, I agree with DA in bringing the vocal up .. Good stuff mate Steve
  25. SPAK


    I like this very much ..love to nick it and try some lyrics ...plus I think you achieved your goal with cello ..so well done and thumbs up from me for what it's worth All the best and thanks for a Harrison tribute Steve
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