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  1. ... but a great update. https://forums.presonus.com/viewtopic.php?t=52441
  2. hello everyone new track but no with CbB .... let me know about this different approach on S1. cheers
  3. EDIT: Please see last post for latest updates. Tons of improvements and fixes. Version 6.2 Release Notes (July 18, 2023): New features and improvements: ● “PreSonus Sphere” renamed to “Studio One+” ● Arrangement and Editing o Auto Zoom in Arrangement and Editors o Independent editing of Takes on Layers o Additional tools on Layers (Eraser, Paint, Mute, and Bend Tool) o Move and copy ranges between Layers o Consolidated Takes and Layers menu o “No overlap” option applied to Events on Layers o Option to display Layer name for Tracks and Channels o Improved naming and numbering of Takes on Layers o Event FX context menu for Audio Events o Crossfades for selected ranges o Improved “Tape” time-stretch editing o Song End marker with Stop function o Scale Highlighting in Note Editor o Color Note Events by Scale o Distribute Lyrics to Notes in Score View o Stretch Part Automation when resizing Notes o Arrow Tool options for Note Editing o Modifier for temporary Split Tool o New “Event Editors” folder in Browser for ARA-enabled plug-ins ● Mixing o Copy FX plug-ins including automation o Linked Polarity buttons on stereo Channels o Disabling Folder Track disables linked Bus o Mute/Solo link between Folder Tracks and linked Busses o Search bar in "Add Insert" dialogs ● Macro Toolbar and Organizer o Link to assign keyboard shortcuts from Macro Organizer o Multiple sort options for Macro lists o Text search for filtering Macros by name o Consolidated Macro Toolbar settings menu ● General o [Studio One+] Extended live notifications for Community messages o Customization preset selector for additional smart templates o Edit channel assignment for multiple selected tracks simultaneously o Delete command with no event or range selected now deletes selected track(s) o Event badge on Folder Events is now shown when folder is collapsed o New option to disable Dropout Protection completely - not recommended for regular use o “Send MIDI Clock” option for hardware controllers o Added Sensel Morph and Expressive E Osmose devices o Additional presets for Ampire and Pedalboard The following issues have been fixed: ● [macOS] Random crash when trying to open the panner pop-up from context menu ● [Track Presets] Some Pitchlist presets are not restored properly ● [Windows] SoundCloud client freezes when uploading from the Project Page ● “Add Tracks” dialog audio output list order changes when the master and listen bus positions are reversed ● Applying crossfades for short ranges is not accurate ● Audio not playing back when switching time stretching mode in certain situations ● Can’t create custom folder in Browser under "Track Presets" ● Deleted Volume and Pan automation of a bus folder return after reopening song ● Drag and drop stomp effects from Ampire to Pedalboard does not transfer parameters ● Event playback drops out after transforming to rendered audio in certain situations ● Focus issue with certain user macros created in Studio One 5.x ● Inspector panel size is not remembered correctly ● Japanese translation errors ● Lyrics not syncing correctly with 2nd and 3rd notes in 1/8 Note Triplets ● Note event editing via numeric input not working below bar 1 ● Metronome routed to Main Out no longer enabled on Listen Bus by default ● Mono button on Main Out doesn't work when Listen Bus is active ● Plus symbol is shown when removing effect via drag&drop ● Ripple Edit on video track causes overlaps instead of swapped events ● Scripting error in Tascam Model 12 device ● Track/Channels are not muted when muting folder or bus ● User interface becomes unresponsive when FX Chain loads too long ● X-Trem presets can set Pan mode on mono track New commands: ● Edit - Toggle Note Audition ● Track - Layers follow Events ● Track - Unpack Last Take to Layer ● Track - Add Bus for Folder Track ● Track - Add VCA for Folder Track ● Track - Layer follows Events ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Full ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Horizontally ● Zoom - Toggle Auto Zoom Vertically ● Zoom - Zoom Full Vertically
  4. https://www.presonus.com/products/Studio-One/new-in-studio-one-6
  5. Not sure I saw this here, but Studio One v5.0.2 was just released. Version 5.0.2 Release Notes (September 1, 2020): New features and improvements: ● Podcast template now compatible with Studio One Prime The following issues have been fixed: ● Waveforms not updated correctly while - editing logarithmic and exponential fades - applying clip gain envelopes on bent audio ● Many clip gain envelope edits will cause the user interface to become sluggish ● Potential crash on closing a song ● Notes in "Mix" record mode are overwritten in certain situations ● Parts are split on overdub ● [Impact XT] Eco Filter may cause ‘666’ errors on the console
  6. Has anyone else had this problem?? I was having some problems with crashes after installing Windows Update 1903, but it seemed to be resolved after reinstalling my audio interface drivers (Apollo Thunderbolt). Today I was finishing up a painful mix and was having issues with computer resources. I had recently decided to try Studio One and, after closing out Cakewalk I installed SO. When I went back to Cakewalk almost every audio track in my current project was not sounding. After some investigation I noticed that, although nothing was solo'd or muted in the mix or edit windows, the track manager showed everything that wasn't archived as muted and there was no way to remove the mutes. I tried hiding and unhiding, and everything thing else I could think of to trick the tracks back into active states. And it wasn't just this one project. Several others had the same situation. I finally found one about a week old that was viable and I'll have to try and remember all the steps I took since then. I think I'm pretty much over Cakewalk and ready to try out Studio One or Logic. Not gonna pay a bunch more to Avid for their weird, costly and clunky "industry standard".
  7. Hey guys, I've just uploaded a new video on reverb. It covers a lot of ground, from beginner - how to use it, what do all these knobs and dials do - to discussing how reverb is used creatively in a mix. Check it out. P.S. this tutorial is done in Studio One, but the ideas and principles apply within cakewalk as well.
  8. I've been a Cakewalk user for 20+ years, and I am so excited that it continues to live on. I was on SPLat, and didn't want to make the jump until Bandlab picked up the franchise. While doing this I noticed a cool feature a fried used in Studio One to test out arrangements and easily rearrange sections in the song. I'd like to see something similar to this. I do a lot R&B/Pop music, and this would make it a lot more easier to move groups of tracks within sections around to experiment with different arrangements. They call them The Arranger and Scratchpad in Studio One. This would be an awesome and helpful feature to add. Instead of grabbing individual tracks, you can could select a bar which represented that section and grab all the tracks as a group and place them in different parts of the song (in time). Hope this finds your eyes and ears well!! I Love Cakewalk!!!
  9. Since Cakewalk Sonar is out of business, I have decided to switch to another DAW, Presonus Studio One, instead of continuing with BandLab Cakewalk. However, there will be times when I will want to import the audio and MIDI tracks from some of my old Sonar projects for continued refinement in Studio One. I already found out and tested how to do this from my existing PC – no problem. But I will be buying a new computer soon (discarding my existing one) so I am left with two choices, either: 1. Install my old Sonar X1 app from disks into a new Windows 10 computer and export the audio and MIDI tracks from select Sonar projects, or 2. Download and install the free (correct?) Bandlab Cakewalk app, open up old .cwp project files in it and export the audio and MIDI tracks from there. Which method will be simpler and most efficient? I read that I should be able to install the old Sonar X1 app into a Windows 10 computer but I wonder about the problems I will run into. Will I need to “register” Sonar again? But how can this be done considering Cakewalk is no longer in business? Regarding the second method, I have read there are issues importing old .cwp files into BandLab Cakewalk. Also once in Bandlab Cakewalk, I don’t know if I can export the audio and MIDI tracks from a project as easily as I can do it from the old Cakewalk Sonar. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  10. Studio One - Version 4.5.1 Release Notes (May 29, 2019) The following issues have been fixed: ● Faulty assignment of ATOM pads ● Plug-in Scan freezes when Windows is offline ● Volume automation is laggy ● Crash on undoing instantiation of instruments ● Audio events disappear on bounce when writing tempo information option is disabled ● Crash on hitting Alt+Arrow up/down in empty song ● Limiter metering mode switch is broken ● Pop-up menu for "Add Insert" command has wrong properties
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