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  1. Thanks Chuck E Baby for the great advise!😊
  2. Thanks for clarifying this Kurre. Based on that, my feedback to BandLab is to request whoever is in authority to direct the developer to change the field names "Answer this Question" and "Quote" to phrases that more accurately reflect their uses. Additionally, or alternatively, you can add a mouse hover message over the names of each field which provide a more descriptive explanation.
  3. I just joined the forum and started a new topic. I got a good response from one of the members and wanted to thank him/her and maybe ask a follow-up question. But the only options I can see for responding are the fields “Quote” and “Answer this question.” Neither seems appropriate. Is there a way to provide a comment or follow-up question? If there is, perhaps you should make it more obvious on the page. If not, perhaps you should consider adding this feature. Also, I did not see the FAQ Forum addressing this. Thanks.
  4. Since Cakewalk Sonar is out of business, I have decided to switch to another DAW, Presonus Studio One, instead of continuing with BandLab Cakewalk. However, there will be times when I will want to import the audio and MIDI tracks from some of my old Sonar projects for continued refinement in Studio One. I already found out and tested how to do this from my existing PC – no problem. But I will be buying a new computer soon (discarding my existing one) so I am left with two choices, either: 1. Install my old Sonar X1 app from disks into a new Windows 10 computer and export the audio and MIDI tracks from select Sonar projects, or 2. Download and install the free (correct?) Bandlab Cakewalk app, open up old .cwp project files in it and export the audio and MIDI tracks from there. Which method will be simpler and most efficient? I read that I should be able to install the old Sonar X1 app into a Windows 10 computer but I wonder about the problems I will run into. Will I need to “register” Sonar again? But how can this be done considering Cakewalk is no longer in business? Regarding the second method, I have read there are issues importing old .cwp files into BandLab Cakewalk. Also once in Bandlab Cakewalk, I don’t know if I can export the audio and MIDI tracks from a project as easily as I can do it from the old Cakewalk Sonar. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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