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  1. Just noticed an update to the Izotope Product Portal from 1.4.6 to 1.4.7. No other updates are shown right now.
  2. I have Izotope Ozone 10 advanced. Does Wavelab 11 offer anything more?
  3. WIn 11 here. The version I have, 1.1.2 (build 32924) did not update.
  4. Same for me! Nice little Christmas perk considering I didn't buy anything new this year!
  5. balinas

    Mntra Klavir FREE!

    Mntra.io is working very smoothly now!
  6. balinas

    Mntra Klavir FREE!

    Right now, the website seems to be a bit overloaded! I heard grunts and groans and all sorts of animistic noises as I tried to register my copy of Klavir!
  7. Thanks, Andy. With your words, the link worked again on my computer! Go figure!
  8. I have tried a couple of different computers/phones, but for the last four days, I haven't been able to get onto the community forums at " forums.presonus.com." Looking at the regular Presonus website, I don't see anything obvious to me about the community forum demise/suspension/maintenance. There is a 'Community forum' listing, but this is only for Sphere members. Has anyone else seen this or heard any other news about it? Thanks!
  9. Mndala2 is working well for me in both Cakewalk and StudioOnev6. I am running Win11. Hopefully, this gets worked out for you. I had a couple of issues with the library browser not updating the UDW sounds and another issue with the placement of the samples. I got a response within three days for both, and both issues were resolved.
  10. Version 10.3.0 released December 8, 2022 Improvements & Updates Spectral Repair: improved interpolation quality in the Replace mode Feathering: optimized calculations for better performance Feathering: expanded the available range to 5 s and 3 oct for time and frequency feathering respectively. Improved the Audiosuite learn behavior in Spectral Denoise, Voice Denoise, and Guitar Denoise Bug Fixes Fixed long startup times in the RX app for sessions with long transcriptions saved Fixed most labels for screen-readers in the Repair Assistant, Loudness Control, and Spectral Recovery modules. Fixed an issue where rendering Spectral Denoise in Audiosuite with the Learn enabled would shift audio. Fixed an issue where the frequency cutoffs for Spectral Recovery could not be accessed via the keyboard. Fixed a bug in Resample with files louder than 0 dBFS. Known Issues Any files or RX docs opened or saved in RX 10.3.0 will not load in versions of RX prior to 10.2.0
  11. I just saw this update for Izotope RX10 advanced to 10.3.0 I dont have a change log yet, but if you find one, please post it!
  12. We have just released a new 12.0.52 maintenance updates for both Cubase and Nuendo that fix the MIDI Remote issues that were unfortunately introduced with the 12.0.51 hotfix. There are no other fixes or improvement in this release. The updates are available in the Steinberg Download Assistant, as well as in the download section of our Support pages.
  13. Mntra has been adding CE to some of their soundsets. Collectors Edition. Why they are exactly 'Collectors Edition,' I don't really know! The first couple of soundsets that came out with Mndala2 were UDW-CE and Kymera-CE. And I dont know if all the soundsets will have a CE edition. I probably should have said that the migration from Mndala1 to Mndala2 soundsets should be completed in a few weeks. Ha! I don't even know if they are called soundsets.
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