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  1. Anyone have a spread with all vendors and the go to guy/gal who can make a deal happen?!😀
  2. Thank you! You just saved me a lot of time for something that is ‘free.’ I don’t need it. And some times I just have to give my Win installer a break.
  3. But what else could I possibly do with an extra $15?
  4. I had to write Izotope support for the Groove 3 redeem code. They sent the code and link directly to the Groove 3 site. Put in the code and voila, a years pass showed up instantly in my Groove 3 account. Actually went very smoothly once I got the code. I would expect Izotope would be putting the redeem code directly in your account at Izotope.
  5. I saw that a lot with Cubase and VST2's. So for the most part I dont even bother to install the VST2's versions. So far the VST3's seem to play nice with Cakewalk, Cubase and StudioOnev4.
  6. Just checked R4 and Nimbus in my Cubase 10. Both show correctly and load accordingly. What version are you on?
  7. Nice. Izotope just sent my Groove 3 year pass activation code! Nice again! And I promise this year to actually learn something!
  8. Dont worry. I sent a very nice message asking the same right after yours. And I mentioned to disregard the poser troll who just emailed. Or did I ask them to please disregard my previously nasty trolling emails? I get so confused sometimes?! 😬
  9. I think this is probably related to the WIN101903 issues that I saw mentioned on the Ozone9 trial download specs. My guess is that an install option wont show up until they most expediently get this fixed! Guess I shouldn't be surprised that another company pushed a release date through with a known bug that would be experienced by a lot of their customers. And I wouldnt bother wasting the download data to get the trial of Ozone9, unless you have something other than WIN10 1903. Tried to install it twice, once as and once as not administrator. Doesn't work on my 1903 system.
  10. The Groove 3 subscription is definitely listed in the Izotope MPS3 upgrade specs. Oh, well. Off goes another customer support question to Izotope and JRRshop! To me the Groove 3 subscription will be worth at least $60 over the course of a year. Generally I like their offerings. There have only been a few authors that I wouldn't get again.
  11. Where did you get that code? I think I missed it somewhere.
  12. I figured out through this clue from Grem, that the two SN's for R4 and Nimbus from JRRshop are actually iLok activations! I do have an iLok, so I did activate them and then was able to download them both through the download page at Izotope. Just a little convoluted for my brain, but the coffee started to finally kick in. So, JRRshop is good with their codes, but I would say a little more direction may have been helpful. So now waiting for Izotope on the Ozone9 WIN10 issue. Disappointingly not quite so funny right now. At least Izotope could have some links to some software install comics while I am waiting for this to resolve!!
  13. Same issues here. Seems I could register the MPS3 upgrade through the Izotope Portal. It lists Ozone 9, but there is no option to install. I went to the Izotope site to download at least the trial, and the system requirements list a problem with crashing with Win10 1903, and that they are working on a fix. I did download the trial, and since I do have WIN10 1903, immediate crashes!! At least the uninstaller works correctly and didn't leave behind too many registry orphans. The SN's I got from JRRshop are not of the proper format for R4 and Nimbus, so with those I keep getting an error/incorrect format when trying to register them through the Izotope site and the portal. So a few snags here and a few bugs there! Goes right along with the current fruit fly issue we are having in our frig. Something old and odd back there, but haven't quite found it. Just hope I find it before I eat it!! Tickets submitted to both JRRshop and Izotope. Man, and that platinum album just sitting in my head! Hopefully not getting too many scratches from the calcifying arterial needles.
  14. Not quite up yet, but I'll check again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.............................
  15. It is probably isn’t you, but maybe your computer or internet connection. Even a full Cakewalk download shouldn’t be that long. I would completely turn off my computer and router. Then restart both. Clear your browser cache, as sometimes that will get a setting in a loop that doesn’t quit until cleared. Also you may try a different browser.
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