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  1. Good to see that Steinberg finally has the direct links to Cubase11 and SpectraLayers 7 pro up on their website. Steinberg Download Assistant did go through a couple of updates this AM, and now SDA appears to be making a meaningful connection to Steinberg software as well. At least right now, with these links up on the Steinberg page, I can relax about making sure the chicken feet aren't exactly north and south to mitigate the effects of the magnetic poles on SDA.
  2. Always funny! The update for mine didn't show up until today! Vinyl was also updated as well.
  3. I may try out the free version first.
  4. +1 I agree. It quickly gives a tempo and progression.
  5. It seems that SpectraLayers ONE 7 actually can be used as a standalone. Here is the response I just received from Robin Lobel: " Robin Lobel » Thu Nov 12, 2020 5:33 pm Just to be clear, there's only one installer for all 3 editions (Pro/Elements/One). You can also use One as a standalone, but it's of limited use. Specially if you already own the Pro license. Pro > Elements > One. What edition will launch then will be automatically detected depending on what license you have on your computer: if you have a SL Pro license, SL Pro will always launch. If you don't have a SL Pro license, SL will look for a SL Element license. If you don't have a SL Element license, SL will check if you have a Cubase 11 license, and if so it'll launch SL One. Follow up question : while in theory you could have a separate SL One license, I don't think Steinberg is actually distributing one. Instead, SL One depends on the Cubase 11 license."
  6. From this response, it seems that SpectraLayers One 7 is tied to Cubase 11: "The selling point for SL One is that it relieves you of the need to use an external editor with Cubase 11. I saw that in the Steinberg presentation video. If you want a standalone option, it sounds like you need to go with SL Pro." Why am I not surprised! I, as well, am a bit disappointed that Variaudio is not polyphonic. Celemony wouldn't have anything to do with that, now would they?!
  7. Thanks for that link, Larry. I asked the question on their forum. Robin Lobel usually answers inquiries like that! We will see.
  8. SpectraLayers 7 One is what comes with Cubase 11. It is a 'new' limited version of SpectraLayers Pro7 from what I read. I can ask the question of whether it can be used as a standalone or in another DAW with ARA2 on the SpectraLayers forum. Not sure that I had read that yet.
  9. As an update to the Steinberg licenser failure, this was released today: "Dear Cubase customers, As you most probably have noticed, our license servers have been struggling with the overwhelming demand that has led to problems for many of you activating purchased update and full licenses since yesterday's release of Cubase 11. We are sincerely sorry for letting you down like this, especially at a time that should be special and full of enjoyment, for you as our loyal customer but also for us as a company who have been working hard to release this version in these challenging times. Our system was unable to cope with the many activations in this short period of time, and we have to admit to ourselves that our license management system as it stands has reached its capacity limits. Rest assured, however, that no license has been lost. In order to defuse the situation we have decided to interrupt the sale of new updates until the previously purchased updates have been processed by our license management system. For all of you who have not yet purchased but would like to do so, we kindly ask you to wait and check the Cubase website again for update availability. Yours truly, Andreas President of Steinberg" I guess that means I get to hang on to my 100 bucks for a little while longer? It would also seem prudent NOT to do any maintenance on your eLicenser app in the meantime as well.
  10. Just reading on the Cubase forum, lots of folks have the same problem connecting today. This just posted on that forum: " Matthias Quellmann » Wed Nov 11, 2020 9:38 am Hi all, Please excuse the inconvenience. The servers are up and running, but there are currently just too many activation requests. Unfortunately we need to ask you for some patience. All the best, Matthias Matthias Quellmann - Senior Marketing Manager" Despite the urge to update/upgrade today, I'll try to persevere and see if there is an upgrade from 10.5 to 11 at a bit lower price in the next several weeks!
  11. My email from Celemony regarding Melodyne 5.1 was placed in my virus isolation folder by my email provider, EarthLink. Funny, but not really that funny considering EarthLink lets through recurrent spam even though I repeatedly block those particular addresses. I do always enjoy and look forward to Melodyne improvements!
  12. Any Costco’s that give additional discounts on GAS? Or are they just knowing facilitators of my problem?
  13. Seems like we won’t know what is in it until we buy it? But perhaps all that will be clearer soon.
  14. While I dont think there are any Cubase updates applicable for me, Steinberg Download Assistant has only been running in a never ending 'checking for updates' mode for the last month or so. Perhaps this will fix that. Unless there are some huge, just have to have it, features added to Cubase 11, I dont think I will be getting it. Seems each version update only adds more issues for folks. Now, when SpectraLayers 7 Pro has its next update later this year, that should be very good to download!
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