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  1. balinas

    Gforce - 3 synth sale

    https://www.gforcesoftware.com/ this seems like the link. With these synths, is there a familiarity that might lead to a positive or not so positive description of the GForce synth experience?
  2. Appears to be that you can only use the Ueberschall loops in Elastik 3. Although I would love to have someone show me the light as to using any *.wav file in their player.
  3. A ‘surprise tomorrow’ means one more extra day this month!! Never saw that surprise tomorrow coming! Thanks, but couldn’t you have added the extra day to May or June?
  4. The regular 'update' button for BandLab Assistant V5.1.1 did not work. And the 'failed' process window literally came up within 2 seconds. I do appreciate the direct link button that then appeared and started the download when I clicked it.
  5. Now that the last 5 BandLab Assistant updates had to be done manually on my end, I am loosing faith that BandLab can appropriately handle the CakeWalk legacy. I wish BandLab would just add a manual update button that takes me straight to the BL app update link. They should just forget about this supposed automatic updating of the BandLab Assistant app. And I refuse to put in a 'support ticket' just to be told to manually update the app in the end. There seems to be a few updating apps recently that go about updating in an apparently haphazard way. NI comes to mind.
  6. Yes, the Steinberg download manager was working this AM!
  7. SpectraLayers Pro updated this very day in history to 6.0.20 build 195 Not a specific deal, but a sort of a deal if you have SL pro 6 and are affected by one of these bugs.
  8. The wrong price has been listed before on MusiciansFriend. While I didn't get the item with the wrong list price, MF did give me a great offer on other equipment that I just happened to be needing at that time.
  9. Can’t quite figure out which currency to use to get the best deal on this one! And Why can’t everyone just stop their downloading for just a few minutes while my downloads completes!!
  10. Anyone have a spread with all vendors and the go to guy/gal who can make a deal happen?!😀
  11. Thank you! You just saved me a lot of time for something that is ‘free.’ I don’t need it. And some times I just have to give my Win installer a break.
  12. But what else could I possibly do with an extra $15?
  13. I had to write Izotope support for the Groove 3 redeem code. They sent the code and link directly to the Groove 3 site. Put in the code and voila, a years pass showed up instantly in my Groove 3 account. Actually went very smoothly once I got the code. I would expect Izotope would be putting the redeem code directly in your account at Izotope.
  14. I saw that a lot with Cubase and VST2's. So for the most part I dont even bother to install the VST2's versions. So far the VST3's seem to play nice with Cakewalk, Cubase and StudioOnev4.
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