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  1. As it happens to me, I like to call it a temporary lack of situational awareness. What are we talking about again?
  2. Currently, Mntra 1.8 continually crashes both Cubase 12 and StudioOnev5 on my system. I can't find my backup of Mntra Does anyone have a link? I can't find anything on the Mndala site where I can download previous versions. I did write Support at Mndala.
  3. Comes with (+50) Omnisphere synth presets inspired by artist’s "YEAT, Travis Scott, Future" & many more industry artist’s and producers! CHECKOUT KIT PREVIEW! Use This Promo Code At Checkout To Save 25% OFF This Kit: SLAYER25 soundwrld.com ( I couldn't get the links to purchase or demo to properly format here!)
  4. 1.80 seems to find all my installed sound sculpture instruments, except Orakle, but it does find Orakle-X. I will need to look at that a bit more. I did have a crash of StudioOne v5 with 1.80 installed. I never had any other crashes with earlier versions. I will test out a few more instances over the weekend.
  5. I assume you reported this to the developer. Any response?
  6. sorry to hear about all the issues you have experienced. I haven't read through each of these posts on this thread, but I am wondering if you posted anything on the Steinberg Cubase forum about this. Looking through a few of the Cubase threads, your experience is duplicated amongst many users. I might start a new Cubase thread, and direct your comments to @Matthias_Quellmann. As a representative for Steinberg, it appears he has directly helped a few customers get their issues straightened out. Good luck!
  7. This may help with the new features: https://www.magix.com/us/music-editing/sound-forge/sound-forge-pro/new-features/#c1556817
  8. I have connections at Izotope who could parley your cash into an update. Of course, a million other conditions apply, but that would cost $79.99 just to see what those pesky rules might be.
  9. Just noticed an Izotope RX9 Advance update from 9.2.0 to 9.3.0
  10. another alternative: Write Izotope support an email telling them what you have and telling them the price you want to pay for what you want. I have found them very responsive and they have met my price 3 times now over the last 4 years. I have never found that their 'loyalty offers' on my product page made a whole lot of sense especially when it came to price versus what I already had. Izotope did answer one time that they couldn't do what I wanted, so I found another way or just waited.
  11. Izotope Portal proudly announces the update of its flagship product Izotope Ozone 9 Advanced from 9.9.0 to the 9.11.1.
  12. If Cakewalk had a chord track, I would be full time back as well. What can I say? I like watching the chords go by. It’s how I work!
  13. Maybe we should apply to the US government for COViD WUP relief funds?
  14. I thought it was because I was cutting back to decaf.
  15. I note an EZBass software update to 1.1.2 on the ToonTrack Product manager. I just blindly do these updates having no idea what the update is actually for!
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