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  1. On the Izotope Portal, there is an update for Ozone 10 advanced to 10.1 I don't have the change log yet.
  2. Thanks much everyone. Got all these answers pretty much at the same time, including a quick email from BestService. That worked easily, and I am installing now. One thing that was a little funny, I purchased the 'update,' Studio One 6 Professional Update, not the upgrade. I have no idea what the difference is. Thanks again!
  3. Just a minor update. The product key received from BestService doesn't work. I have repeatedly logged into my Presonus account and clicked on Register new product. I have copied/pasted and manually put in the key—in 2 different browsers. After pressing 'Enter' on the register tab, I get a box that says, "you must put in a product key to register a new product." I wrote to both BestService and Presonus. Any thoughts? Cheers!
  4. As of 9 am eastern US time, BestService is selling updates/upgrades, but no codes are available yet. I like the idea of the new Lyric track, but I hope it eventually translates over to StudioOne Remote. UPDATE: Around 3pm on the same day of purchase, I received the secret code! Great. So hopefully, they now have generated codes for everyone purchasing this product.
  5. I always decline ‘sharing’ my process/stats with any company, including Izotope. Maybe if I had there would still be a standalone. LOL. I like Izotope products for the most part, but I don’t think getting rid of the standalone, not announcing that, and still charging the same or more, is going to impress me much.
  6. Look in the 'Trials' tab in the Portal. That is where I found it.
  7. Yes. I opened the Portal and under the trials tab, there was Ozone 10 advanced. I installed that and then the product was authorized as I would expect. There does not appear to be a separate standalone Ozone 10 advanced, only the 'mothership' and separate modules that can be inserted in your DAW. This was surprizing! No standalone Ozone10 advanced? Actually, disappointing if true. I always used Ozone 8/9 advanced as a standalone. Is this other folks experience?
  8. balinas

    RX 10 is here

    Mine said the same 'full trial.' Once I installed it through the Portal, and just a click or two later, it was automatically authorized.
  9. No, I am not trying to Larry-ationize my number of posts in this forum, and I am not sure why i didn't see it before. But at the zPlane website, login to my account, there under Downloads is DeCoda 1.3. Great! Looks like these minor updates are still available on the Zplane website!
  10. This is what I found on the zPlane website: DeCoda Version 1.3 • Native M1 compatibility for Apple Silicon-equipped computers – NOTE: At the time of this writing, IK Multimedia AmpliTube is not yet fully M1 compatible. Our tests have shown that only the AU version of AmpliTube will work in deCoda when running natively on an M1 Mac. • Enhanced contrast in Dark Mode • Piano Roll stays aligned when using any size Chord Bar so, not any big changes for me whilst I stay on my PC.
  11. Thanks! That what I suspected. Cheers!
  12. Can any one tell me what version of DeCoda is up for sale at PluginBoutique? I bought DeCoda a couple of years ago when it was sold by Zplane on the Zplane website. That version was 1.2.2. As far as I can tell, it is not for sale on the Zplane website at this point. I have a suspicion it is only version 1.3 at PiB, but I wanted to check. I will ask sales support at zplane if I can upgrade since I already own an older version.
  13. I just saw that the Izotope portal was updated from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6. I don't have an update list so far. I also noticed that Izotope Neutron 4 was updated to 4.1.0
  14. I have enjoyed working with Jim as well. About 6 months ago, I was having a BIOS issue and working with him personally on the phone cured the issue in about 10 minutes! A total win for me!
  15. I also had to rollback to 1.7.12 as 1.8 was terribly unstable on my system on Cubase and Studio one 5. The developer had written back to my inquiries. I haven’t tried jumping forward again. Not my move on the checker board yet.
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