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  1. Bome MIDI Translator should do this and a lot more.
  2. I think you misunderstood me. Adding a limiter isn't necessary if you set the level in the "First Beat" section of the UI to around 5-6 dB lower than the "Other Beats" option. I agree. Setting them to the same number in the options should match the levels. I seriously doubt too many people have even noticed it though, so I'd understand if it didn't exactly become a priority on the "to-do" list.
  3. Even when you set the First and Other Beats to the same sound and number in the UI, the first beat is still a few dB louder. (~5-6 dB louder)
  4. I don't really think CW is doing anything other than just increasing the dB on the first hit. The samples are literally from a single source .wav file when you choose the same for the First/Other Beats. You can find the samples here: C:\ProgramData\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Metronome
  5. Never tried doing this before, but this worked for me...
  6. The TriplePlay does have a VST2 plugin titled "TriplePlay.dll". It's basically the same as the standalone app, but in a format your DAW can recognize. VST2 uses the file extension ".dll" (not ".vst"); VST3 uses the file extension ".vst3". Anyway, it should be located in your default VST directory. I believe the FTP app's latest version (v1.5) is 64-bit only. On my pc, the default directory is "C:\Program Files\VstPlugins", but it could be in the Cakewalk directory, or wherever. If you don't know where your VST's are installed, then just do a Windows file search for "TriplePlay.dll". Then you can point Cakewalk to search that directory for plugins. Like kurt said, I have a lot of issues using the TriplePlay software in Cakewalk as well. I haven't tried using it in hardware mode yet, but it may be the best option until someone gets the kinks worked out.
  7. Ah, sorry. I just realized you said you were on Windows 7. There's no UWP in Win 7. It's strange though. I couldn't get Cakewalk to register any activity from any MIDI controller except for the built in virtual piano keyboard. Never had trouble with UWP before.
  8. I was having trouble today as well. I eventually got everything working by changing the MIDI driver mode from UWP to MME. Close any running projects and go to: Settings > MIDI > Playback and Recording > Driver Mode
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