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  1. Please forgive any noobishness although not totally new to DAWs I never get beyond a certain point before rage quitting Ok I have the Fishman TriplePlay pickup setup on a guitar. I have no problem using it as a midi controller, but you are supposed to be able to use it as a plugin (which gives you more control). My experience of plugins is that they are, say, a .vst file that you place in a folder and then tell the DAW where that folder is and boom you get to play all sorts of amazing synth noises. The problem is I don't think this is how the FTP works. There doesn't seem to be a separate vst file version of the app. I've tried adding the path of the FTP app to the vst scan section of CW but that doesn't help. The only place FTP shows up is as a midi input/output device as "Fishman TriplePlay" and as "MIDIIN2 (Fishman TriplePlay") both of which obviously behave like a midi controller and not a plug-in. If anyone has got this working and can help I would be really grateful.
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