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  1. I guess I'll add this here because it's a weird display thing. ( I haven't had the "ghost" line yet, btw) This has been happening for a while (since well before changing Windows visual preferences just today). Whenever I open my console window, notice how the Gain, Send, and Pan dials are all weird until I shrink and reopen the window.... 2019-09-06-18-03-16.mp4
  2. Right on, David! Have done this as well, and we'll see if it happens again...
  3. There is, for me, ALWAYS more to learn about the nuts and bolts of MIDI. Thank you all again!
  4. THANK YOU ! That is what I was looking for! I obviously mis-remembered. I feel so wonderfully less ignorant now. It's amazing how we just settle for things at times without diving into it to find the right way! Boom!
  5. @scook Very sorry. I saw his And in any case could not get simply those instructions to work. I was lead to the answer by @David Baay above. Thanks for the help!
  6. Ahhhh! Yes, that's it! Setting the MIDI channel to "None" in the track strip (or header) does the trick! Bloody hell, it's been years of not knowing that! I remember reading in the reference manual somewhere that these track strip MIDI settings where just the initial settings for the track, taking precedence only when RTZ or if not changed throughout track. NOW I know. Thanks!
  7. I will try that next time it happens. It has cleared now. Thanks!
  8. Unfortunately the advice in the above mentioned post did not work for me - in addition to it not working for the person in the post.
  9. Latest version of CW - 2019.07 build 79
  10. I have been unable to figure out how to do this on CW. Is it possible to change the MIDI channel of a track throughout the course of playback, or does every separate channel require its own separate track?? For an example of my issue: I am writing orchestral music to be played thru Kontakt with various string patches (Violin legato, pizzicato, tremelo, etc.) loaded and accessed thru different MIDI channels within the Kontakt instrument. I would like my music for the Violin I, say, to be all contained on one single track with certain notes calling on specific differing loaded patches on different channels. This requires a MIDI channel change at various times on a single track. I can not find how to do this successfully in CW. The desired function is similar to what in other instruments would be a "Program/bank change" within the track, but a channel change seems not possible. Going into Event inspector or context menu of the notes in question and changing the MIDI channel there has no effect, oddly. The notes continue to only play back on the initial MIDI channel as set in the track strip for that track. How can this be done?
  11. @Chuck E Baby No, I am not using a custom theme. I've never even altered the default CW theme or used lenses in the past. I have had this "ghost" line for quite a while (more than a year), albeit completely random, inconsistent, yet often.
  12. @Starship Krupa This is a great idea! Thanks for bringing it up. I vote for an Aim Assist info toggle as well!
  13. I too have been having this "ghost" now time line appearing over other windows (PRV, console, etc.) It is especially confusing when working in PRV which has its own time line marker. The problem is random, not consistently reproducible but occurs frequently and has for a while now.
  14. That would be good! Certainly if a lane has been activated. And speaking of that, what then is the point you were making about activating a lane to begin with if it is not to indicate the lane that is the intended location of an insert? I'm still not understanding that....
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