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  1. winkpain

    Default track template

    Yup. I got all that and that's how I've been doing it, and I'm familiar with workarounds with temporary group changes to ensure all tracks have the same settings after the fact, etc. I was just hoping for a way to have the default be exactly how I wanted it (with preferred module states - specifically the Console module) from the outset whether Inserting new track or drag/drop adding tracks so as to have a "set-and-forget" scenario. No worries, tho. The setting default arrangement from PC context menu got me much closer. Thanks again!
  2. winkpain

    Default track template

    That's it. Thanks! This does not, however, preserve the chosen status of the modules. For example, if I want to have the default Console Emulator always load as an A Type with Tolerance set to On, nor does it preserve the On/Off state of the modules. Is it possible, then, to choose a particular PC preset that will load by default when doing this??
  3. winkpain

    Default track template

    I cannot seem to remember: How do we save our preferred version of the default track template? I'm well familiar with exporting/creating and using my own named templates as described in the User Manual on page 328 (in the downloaded pdf). Here I'm talking about the unnamed default that defines the setup of a (in this case audio) track with an arrangement of chosen ProChannel modules and is the one used for a simple Insert Audio Track or with a drag and drop of an audio file(s) and without having to choose "Insert from Track Template" and then choosing the template. Anyone know? This question was asked a year and a half ago with no answer....
  4. I continue to score to video in CbB. It still continues to work with the basic functionality it has always had through the Sonar versions, 'tho with some quirks. Some discussion of those issues and the inherent problems related to them as explained by Noel are discussed in a thread here. Although I agree that the OP's issue is most likely the video view being "blocked" by the Workspaces set-up as mentioned above. It's almost always the cause of view problems. When I can't find my glasses in the morning, I go to Workspaces, choose None, and boom! there's my glasses. 😉
  5. winkpain

    Staff View

    Agreed, agreed. Happy to join in the conciliatory mood here. Yes, we all continue to agree that Staff View is what it is and isn't what it isn't, 'tho tweaks and fixes would be appreciated.
  6. winkpain

    Staff View

    Agreed. CW, nor any other DAW, is the right tool for the particular job of writing (certainly not publishing) music notation properly, and I don't expect it to be. That's why I shared my Rewire/Sibelius "workaround". It provides the best of both worlds in a way. However, I also agree that it will be a grand day if/when the fantastic folks at CbB have the time to upgrade the Staff View, since there are certainly enough of us who like to work with notation in DAW composition (as this and other threads bear out), or at least like to have it as a viable, full-functioning option. I am deeply and continually impressed over this last year with CbB's staff and their unflagging attention to this product and its broad base of constituent users, and I know you can't please everyone, but I highly doubt it is true that, as I read elsewhere here by someone seeming to say "why bother" fixing Staff View when they said there are "easily 100 or more" times as many people who don't use Staff View as those who do. I wonder where they got their data from! And since it remains as part of the program, it seems worthy as any of the other tools for upgrade consideration. As this is the Feedback Loop, that is my feedback. But as I say, I'm quite happy working with the Rewire option when needed.
  7. winkpain

    Staff View

    Staff View is hardly even a nod to composers who are accustomed to and prefer working in traditional notation and/or need to provided printed sheets for instrumentalists. Cakewalk is simply not the place to attempt it. But chiming in here with the note for Sibelius users (like myself) who want to also have the ability to work with all the wonderful CW tools and workflows: Remember, it can be Rewired into a Cakewalk project fairly functionally. I do this whenever working on scores (much, much preferable to work in Sib. for composing in "dot and line") with soundtracks/sound design that want to include synchronized audio elements worked on in CW. I just think of the Rewired Sibelius instance as my Staff editor in this case, and of the audio output of Sib. as a 2-track mix within CW . Of course, you do not get to edit the sounds of the instrument tracks (staves) individually in CW with any of the controls or tools available in the box there, but if happy working completely in Sibelius for those tracks and then working with additional audio extensively in CW, it keeps everything synced up and is great for the work-in-progress part of your workflow.
  8. Interesting! It is definitely a new thing for me and my set-up which has remained unchanged for years, besides updates of course. But thanks again for chiming in on it. It's always a relief to know an issue is in capable hands.
  9. Nice to know this is in your sights. Strange, tho, that it should be an "all of a sudden" issue, no? Does this mean it's crept in with these latest updates?
  10. Are you suggesting that deleting TTSSEQ.ini and re-enabling the MIDI device every time you open Cakewalk is just the way it is? Surely that indicates, as does mine and all the other instances of the problem here in this thread, that something is wrong. I, too, can get it working with that procedure and have done so, or by disabling the device, re-opening CW and re-enabling the device, which I guess in effect is the same thing. Either method being necessary every time I open CW surely is not the way it should be.
  11. I would sacrifice a chicken at this point to get this fixed! Is there a post about the proper procedure you can point us to?? I wouldn't want to mess up the juju! 😉
  12. This is the same with me with both my Novation and M-Audio keyboards, both continuing to work fine in all other, non-Cakewalk instances.
  13. Yup. this is exactly my issue. Still no answers here.
  14. I agree with you - should be set and forget. Fortunately, if you have set it and saved all those projects with it set, you're good. I do believe this is the way it's been for a while. I wish it would be changed as well.
  15. I have noticed this issue as well and brought it up, specifically with the snap to zero crossings setting which I prefer to have always set on (its default is off). Yes, these Snap settings do seem to be a per-project setting even tho it is not called out as such. A "work-around" I have done is to re-save all my templates, especially the "Empty" template with my chosen Snap settings so as to have them at my preferred defaults. But still, opening new projects not from a template, or existing projects without snap settings having been set to preferred before saving will revert those settings.
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