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  1. This is the same with me with both my Novation and M-Audio keyboards, both continuing to work fine in all other, non-Cakewalk instances.
  2. Yup. this is exactly my issue. Still no answers here.
  3. I agree with you - should be set and forget. Fortunately, if you have set it and saved all those projects with it set, you're good. I do believe this is the way it's been for a while. I wish it would be changed as well.
  4. I have noticed this issue as well and brought it up, specifically with the snap to zero crossings setting which I prefer to have always set on (its default is off). Yes, these Snap settings do seem to be a per-project setting even tho it is not called out as such. A "work-around" I have done is to re-save all my templates, especially the "Empty" template with my chosen Snap settings so as to have them at my preferred defaults. But still, opening new projects not from a template, or existing projects without snap settings having been set to preferred before saving will revert those settings.
  5. This would be great! I know of no way to customize mouse wheel settings. The wheel is not available in the Key Bindings preferences. I don't know of anywhere else it would be besides [Track view] Options > Mouse Wheel Zoom Options, which only offers those aspects of its Fast Zoom functions, no options for choosing the modifier keys. But it would be nice to be able to customize it !
  6. You have it bound already? Meaning that it is available in the EA release? Or is it just on your own, pre-release copy? I cannot find any available bindings for "Rename" anything in Track view window of the bindings or any of the others.... (I'm on the EA release)
  7. Thanks scook! That looked promising, and it did get me to get rid of some undesired, previously installed MIDI devices in my Device Manager. But I didn't have anywhere near 10 devices installed, nor were there any hidden devices. I even uninstalled my desired devices and re-installed them and their drivers. In any case, the problem persists. Perhaps it is worth re-iterating that I have no issues with other applications (stand alone synths, other DAW, etc.) with any of my MIDI devices. Only CW has this issue and it only began a week and a half ago, first intermittently and then consistently... 😕
  8. I'd love some advice on this. I'm really in the dark here. No MIDI device will function, either with USB connection or MIDI cable through audio interface without first disabling (un-checking) it in Preferences, exiting CW with no devices enabled, re-opening CW and then re-enabling the device in Preferences. I must repeat this process every time I start CW. Deleting/renaming TTSSEQ does not help. I see in my MIDI devices window in Preferences that every MIDI connection I have ever made is in the list whether enabled or not. Is there a way to clear this ? Maybe this would help CW start with a "clean slate" so as to re-establish the MIDI settings for these devices somehow? Really flummoxed as to how this came about all of a sudden....
  9. This is now a consistent problem for me. Every time I instantiate CW, whatever MIDI keyboard/controller I have connected and setup in Preferences (and was working previously) does not get "read" by CW (except in the little MIDI input activity blinks); does not function. I have to clear the device from Pref/MIDI/Devices, exit program, start-up again, and re-establish device in Prefs. in order to function. Why, oh why?
  10. I have no other option. MME is all there is for me.
  11. I concur with the frustrations expressed here by @HeatherHaze I certainly look forward to a time when this issue can be improved, if it can be. I hope that it can be! I appreciate that there are these complications and that it's not really a front burner issue for CW. I am a lowly creator and not a coder so do not understand the complications involved, and I do tend to feel that if other applications on Windows can work with video successfully, then this one can too. For sure this is a simple minded response, but just sayin'. But yes wow, the Catch 22 problem with the video engine and the corresponding offset issue is a bummer (this has plagued me quite a bit in the last year). Not being able to load multiple clips is a drag. My issue with .mov files continues to evade solution. I work a lot with video, usually from various sources, that I am then to compose and track to. In addition to scoring film and animations which are preferably finished edited pieces when I get them, frequently they are not or just working edits, a lot of what I get are videos of rehearsals (scoring for theater) and is stuff that is changing all the time during the work in progress. In these cases I'm just using them for necessary visual timing and relative hit points, etc. The videos themselves are not part of the final project, so having to edit and prep a full timeline's worth of clips before bringing it into CW is a time consumer for something (the video) that is just going to be discarded anyway. But it is a workaround. CW is just not the right tool in these cases. Which is too bad, because WE LOVE IT SO and want to use it throughout the workflow. I respectfully vote for improved video functions at some point!
  12. Being frustrated by this issue every day. Now I find that using the "Insert other media" button and "Image from URL" also refuses to work. I just get a permanently spinning waiting icon and it won't post. Simply adding the URL text into the body of the post works however. But what gives? It doesn't matter what browser I use.
  13. For now, with a combo of the suggestions above, you can fairly quickly: Select to edit Clip Gain once Shift+Right-click back to Clips mode Select your area > Shift+Right-click > Ctrl-drag gain env. > Shift+Right-click Repeat from 1. as needed It's not as quick as what you're looking for, but pretty good once getting the muscle memory down. video here: https://imgur.com/G4ZkbqV
  14. This is now randomly happening with even the MIDI from my audio interface (with me using the MIDI cable). SO whether using USB or MIDI cable through interface, I am having whichever keyboard/controller stop functioning. Deactivating the MIDI devices in Preferences, applying, exiting, re-starting, adding devices again will eventually work after several tries. But then it continues to stop functioning randomly with no changes to set-up, Preferences, or whatever, and I need to do all that again...
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