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  1. Harddrive


    Yes Strangely enough, the bloody thing cleared itself soon after. Hate random, unaccounted for errors Thanks everyone for your help harddrive
  2. Harddrive


    Problem out of nowhere. Was using CW last night - no problems. Go to start it up today and it seems full of bugs. I have my external gear connected to my laptop via a powered multiport USB device hidden in my mixer rackbox. This includes: Roland FA06 Voicelive Effects Lexicon MX200 DMXIS lighting controller Panda wireless MIDI dongle Go to load songs and the MIDI boxes for these are not ticked. I tick them and sort them so they correspond with the controlling MIDI tracks in CW and shut down the applet and then the program hangs and seemingly stays resident in Task Manager. It doesn't want to be 'ended' either (Cakewalk always has a problem with this it seems) and when I restart and try to reconfigure MIDI again, it tells me there isn't enough memory. This is crap as I have a top end windows laptop running a very stable and unloaded W7 and resource wise the machine isn't even breaking into a jog. What could be wrong? Do I need to reinstall? Thanks in advance harddrive
  3. Just realised - in my description above I omitted to say that the mixes in BLS are put into individual busses then into a Master (with a mastering compression across it) and to another bus. Both stereo mixes are sent to a 4 in 4 out Behringer interface to two separate stereo channels on my desk. Some mixes have more than one harmony than my mate can join in with so he takes one, whilst I have mixed the others down in the track. All of this goes to one of two busses on the desk (vocals and music) then to the master. The vocals send and return my outboard (PCs and CCs controlled by aforementioned MIDI tracks in BLS) and out to the speakers from the desk. The desk also sends to our IEMs too. HARDDRIVE
  4. Brilliant to see everyone using different methods of work. Unless you possess a blisteringly fast Mac-based rack system running Protools with a confident spod on the controls I think we are muckling by as best can be. Our rig takes an hour or so to set up and about 45 minutes to 'ready to ship' out into the car park. I find myself looking out into the punters dancing and singing along and saying to myself 'if only you knew what is actually going on to make this stuff! And still venue proprietors and landlords pull a face when you tell them your going rate! HARDDRIVE
  5. Gig tonight - but will definitely look at that next time I have my gear out for a tech refresh HARDDRIVE
  6. Cheers InstrEd. Taken some time to get it all right. Bloke I work with knows his stuff and can provide his part of the deal with his extensive Reason knowledge and array. And he's an 80s synth aficionado too, which helps. I short, it wasn't difficult slotting him into the Bandlab Sonar rig! HARDDRIVE
  7. My rig is a fairly decent Windows laptop with a fast setup (it never breaks a sweat to be honest) which I got custom built by Novatech in Portsmouth UK. On it I have BLS which is connected by a single into three USB splitter. The songtracks are all individually track recorded mixes of 'my version' of songs, mixed and mastered as best on phones then better optimised in the rehearsal studio with the PA we use and so that it sounds okay on the IEMs we use. All the mixes have VST plug ins such as compression and EQ (the presets shipped with BLS are pretty good, TBH, just need a few tweaks to sweeten in places on either individual tracks or on busses) My buddy has a Mac running Reason and three controllers and has his sound arsenal split and spread across them. The USBs connect to firstly my Roland FA06 (which is stuffed with the Axial updates), to the footswitch (which, thanks to the kind folk on here is programmed to send a 'spacebar' command for my buddy to start the songfile) and to my 'desk', where it splits further to control my Voicelive, Lexicon MX200 and a DMXIS lighting 'dongle' which has it's own VST plugin in BLS. The songs are as said, all multitrack audio. I have MIDI tracks sewn in which control the effects (PrCh, CC for on/off), my FA06 (PrCh), and the notes in the DMXIS assigned VST Plugin which changes pre programmed scenes (strobes, lasers, hazer, moving heads, washes) Songs are stacked in different Play Lists as sets. Load a song, the next one loads behind it ready for a spacebar from the footswitch. The mixes we have are engineered to drop out the synth sounds my buddy is playing and that usually is basslines and obviously drums. I play the odd song on my Roland AX Synth. Unfortunately, because the MIDI on the AX Synth is via Bluetooth I am currently and sadly not using the synth engine in it (the radio TX/RX is pretty shit also) so I am thru-ing a track to play my FA06 which gives me 15 layered patches on Ch1 anyway. I link this via a PandaMIDI remote. It sounds complex - it is. But the effect is good and although it's fun setting it all up, the audience love it. The only snags we have had recently are drunk customers and people wanting selfies, mid song. A while ago the firmware in the DMXIS dongle threw a six but that was fixed the next day with a clean out and reinstall Any other Qs, please fire away HARDDRIVE
  8. My band is back on line now and about ten gigs in, happy to report that Bandlab Sonar handles everything superbly. Multitrack audio mixed with plugins, midi to outboard and synths, interface with aforementioned footswitch and driving the whole MIDI to DMX lighting rig. Really chuffed with it. Some excellent gigs too. 2022 diary now filling up too. Thanks Bandlab Sonar and thanks to lot for your help. HARDDRIVE
  9. The cheap triple one for starters. So far it hasn't broken! I will look at the other one soon however HARDRDIVE
  10. Used Cakewalk in a live setting successfully on Saturday in our first gig since the pandemic lockdown. We raised £1100 for NHS Staff Charities too. It breezed through multiple songs with multiple tracks controlling the lighting, effects and my synths without dropping a stitch. Really pleased and thanks for all the positive responses to my queries and questions. The footswitch one worked a treat! Onwards and upwards. HARDDRIVE
  11. I sometimes get critical hangs on my Cakewalk which results in me binning the program, but it stays resident in Task Manager preventing a restart of the App. This is only remedies with a reboot. It used to happen with Sonar 8 as well HARDDRIVE
  12. Tried that. There still seems to be something sat at the original song length which denotes song end, whereas if I have excised some bars and shotened the song, the song still rolls onto it's original length. This never would happen with SONAR 8. Who do we lobby on here to get this looked at as a 'fix'? HARDDRIVE
  13. I have this too. I've edited tracks so that they are like the true song in structure and length, and I still have a period at the end which runs in silence until whatever event is at the end is passed. IN Event List, I cannot see this. It seems like there is some pre-programmed song length set in there which cannot be rearranged. Even pulling the green markers does nothing. Anyone help? HARDDRIVE
  14. It could be related, as I get the: Any hints or tips are helpful. HARDDRIVE
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