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  1. The cheap triple one for starters. So far it hasn't broken! I will look at the other one soon however HARDRDIVE
  2. Used Cakewalk in a live setting successfully on Saturday in our first gig since the pandemic lockdown. We raised £1100 for NHS Staff Charities too. It breezed through multiple songs with multiple tracks controlling the lighting, effects and my synths without dropping a stitch. Really pleased and thanks for all the positive responses to my queries and questions. The footswitch one worked a treat! Onwards and upwards. HARDDRIVE
  3. I sometimes get critical hangs on my Cakewalk which results in me binning the program, but it stays resident in Task Manager preventing a restart of the App. This is only remedies with a reboot. It used to happen with Sonar 8 as well HARDDRIVE
  4. Tried that. There still seems to be something sat at the original song length which denotes song end, whereas if I have excised some bars and shotened the song, the song still rolls onto it's original length. This never would happen with SONAR 8. Who do we lobby on here to get this looked at as a 'fix'? HARDDRIVE
  5. I have this too. I've edited tracks so that they are like the true song in structure and length, and I still have a period at the end which runs in silence until whatever event is at the end is passed. IN Event List, I cannot see this. It seems like there is some pre-programmed song length set in there which cannot be rearranged. Even pulling the green markers does nothing. Anyone help? HARDDRIVE
  6. It could be related, as I get the: Any hints or tips are helpful. HARDDRIVE
  7. Started this journey on Pro Audio 9. Strangely, I was using Cubase for Windows, back in the day. HARDDRIVE
  8. I have had an ongoing problem with SONAR (as was) and Bandlab Cakewalk hanging and 'staying resident' in the Task Manager requiring a reboot. This has happened on multiple machines. Anyone any idea? HARDDRIVE
  9. Board members mentioned using a programmable USB footswitch. Would any programmable USB footswitch do for this? What about this one? USB Footswitch Just to recap, I need a SPACEBAR signal sent to the laptop to trigger the 'OK' button to start the next song. Don't want to order this (from China by the look of it) and find out it's not the piece of kit I need. Has anyone else used these items? VMT in advance for advice HARDDRIVE
  10. Thanks everyone! Will definitely investigate these HARDDRIVE
  11. We do. Our keyboard rigs are 'back to back' facing inwards. His is a three stack with Reason, mine is a one stack running Sonar. All I need is something like the nanoKONTROLStudio on his side to 'Start' the next track which has loaded from my Playlists. I have the nanoKONTROLStudio hooked up to my Sonar and installed with the Macke Control Surface loaded. It works with one song loaded - the transport functions work okay, PLAY/STOP etc. But in Playlist, the SPACEBAR loads song #1 and SPACEBAR again starts that song, whilst song #2 loads underneath ready for another SPACEBAR when song #1 is finished. I can't get the nanoCONTRAOLStudio to send a 'spacebar' command (yet) and I need to know the secret how to do that. I want to position the nanoKONTROLStudio on his side so all he has to do is press the > PLAY button on it and it triggers the spacebar. I can't se anything in the key tagging function either. HELP! HARDDRIVE
  12. Okay. Still no resolution with once you have run a song, it wants you to save it on completion. Here's another one for ya: I want to connect my laptop running Sonar with a setlist of fifteen songs. Each song is typed to load underneath the current one playing 'Wait for Keypress' (nominally the spacebar) to start the next track. I want to trigger this from a Korg NanoKONTROL Studio. Sure, in 'Control Surfaces' with the Mackie setup activated for the MIDI ins and outs from the Korg it will use standard transport functions - PLAY/STOP, but to start the next song in Playlist, it needs 'spacebar'. Now, how do I fix this? My mission is to give control of my laptop on stage (and situated above my rig) to my keyboardist partner via BT or USB MIDI to start and stop songs without me having to go back to the rig every time. It's better for him if he has that too. HARDDRIVE
  13. Hi all Probably asked this before but: Have my first and second sets set up in 'Setlist' format. However - 1. One of my songs refuses to 'STOP' at the last event, to move onto the next song. It just keeps going. The green markers at the top show that the 'song' itself is longer than it is (I did some editing in it a while ago and it seems that what I cut out hasn't affected where these green markers sit, and even if I drag them back to the last event - the switching off of my MIDI controlled vocal effects in my Lexicon MX200 and the setting of the lighting in my DMXIS dongle - the song still remains the length it was originally set at.) How do I fix this? What editing bit to I need to access to make sure the song stops where it should? All other songs 'STOP' and the next song loads, waiting for the spacebar to be pushed. 2. After every song I play, the asterisk flashes up next to the song title indicating the song needs to be saved on completion. Why does this happen? It didn't happen in my old Sonar 8 or Sonar 3, but now this DAW thinks that changes have been made when even if I just polay through the song and edit nothing, it needs me to save it before closing it? How do I get rid of this? Cheers HARDDRIVE
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