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  1. I'm using a Soundiron piano in kontakt and in cakewalk. The sample is only about 340 megs. When I play, I can have many notes or big chords no problem but if I use a lot of sustain pedal, it's causing clicks and pops in the audio! I can hear it when I use the sustain pedal, clicking as I do it. Anyone have a similar issue or know what could cause it? I've tried various buffer sizes on the sound card but it's the same. Thanks
  2. I'm on a laptop now with only kontakt running. No stuck notes! The piano pedal causes clicks in the audio though! Can't win...
  3. I can just use Kontakt in standalone and use the midi keyboard to change midi channels I guess... Thanks
  4. Thanks. I'm trying all different buffer numbers in both places in preferences. Nothing seems to make a difference. Lower or higher. Anything else that could cause this?
  5. Hi, I have a live situation where I need to toggle between two tracks in cakewalk, so I can activate different synths that correspond to those tracks. I use my arrow keys for this normally During the live gig, I won't be able to reach my laptop keys very easily. Is there some other way I could trigger toggling through tracks in cakewalk? With a pedal or midi note or something? Thanks
  6. I'm setting up keyboard sounds for a live show and using cakewalk to house the synths. Is there anyone who knows how to eliminate stuck midi notes??? I can deal with it in a recording situation (even though that sucks) but live? It's gonna be ridiculous getting stuck notes during a performance. Nothing else going on in the file, no plugins or wave files etc. Just a few synths. Anyone know why it happens/ solution? Thanks Jono
  7. Don't love the new export window.. slower
  8. What I mean is that when you expand a manufacturers plug list, it gets all melted in with the other manufacturer entries. Here's a picture (below) *Shown here, the Antares menu is expanded, but the plug list look like they're part of the continued list on the right. They used to have graphic separators for each plug. It looks like a graphics glitch in the update is what I mean. It's confusing. Is no one seeing this? Thanks
  9. After recent cakewalk update, when I go to insert a plugin, the list is all weird looking, the menus aren't defined and it was redesigned poorly. Is this being corrected on a new update perhaps? Annoying change...
  10. Never mind, thanks... I found the auto scroll button down at the bottom right side. Cheers J
  11. Melodyne seems to have stopped scrolling in Cakewalk. Usually, if nothing is selected in the melodyne window, it scrolls with the time line. Not anymore. Anyone else with this issue? Thanks
  12. Sorry, I'm a little confused here. Is it something like this: Perhaps if I create a special folder for UAD plugs in my cakewalk vst folder, I can just copy the plugins I want/own from the current vst folder (x86/steinberg/powered plugins) and only have cakewalk scan that folder. Then run the newer update, copy anything I want from it to that cakewalk vst folder I made and never scan the steinberg folder where it gets installed. Then it will utilize any new console updates but cakewalk only sees the plugs in the cake vst folder? Something like that? Just wondering if the update/firmware itself might not allow me to run the older plugins. hmmmm Maybe i'm way off here... thanks!
  13. Thanks! I'll do some more digging! Cheers
  14. I think I'm on the same UAD version 9.12.2 as that's the last version that still had the older 33609 version. Our data is probably the same
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