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  1. Is there any way to automate Cakewalk's midi effects? Thanks Jono
  2. Actually, just realized I can use the quantize midi plugin, that won't affect the notation. The question is, can I automate it? Going to test. Thanks Jono
  3. Is there any way to hear "swing time" but leave the midi notation alone? It's so hard to work on a swing midi part in Cakewalk because if you quantize to swing it alters the notation. In Sibelius or other notation programs I believe there is a feature to be able to "hear" swing notes but notation stays straight. It just adds the word swing to the score as you would in real life. Any tricks for that?
  4. Yikes! Yeah, I'd considered something like that.. I wish someone could create a plugin or something that just does that one thing. When I do it manually, I copy each part as many times as there are voices, and then just go through from the top down and delete the unwanted notes on each. If a human can do it, a computer can do it faster! It would just need a little window with some options to check or not check. This would be so useful for composers. The tools they have now are good for drum part separating but not for multi-voice music. Thanks
  5. Hi, wondering if there's a way to split parts from one midi track onto different tracks. So: play chords on one track, then split them into separate parts on other tracks. If the biggest chord has 5 voices, you'd end up with 5 tracks with a voice on each. A CAL script or something? I know you can split notes to tracks but then you get a track for every note you played. I just want to write some horn lines all at once and break them up and transpose later. Thanks Jono
  6. I have my 4K monitor and system set to the recommended 150% scaling so I can see properly. Cakewalk randomly ignores it and I'm continually going in and having to set the scaling over and over again. All my video drivers all up to date etc. Does anyone else have this issue? Have you heard of this @Noel Borthwick ? Thank you! Jono
  7. This worked really well on a piano track, I has played to a click. All good. What if you didn't play to a click and wanted to do a gradual tempo change? Is this only possible when locked to the session tempo? Thanks J
  8. Wow! That worked pretty smooth! Thanks very much!
  9. PS. I know with Groove clips, a wave can lock to the grid in Cakewalk but the sound is a little artifact-y J
  10. Does anyone know of a plugin that will slow down speed, preserve pitch and use a slope? Like, gradually slow down the speed over time, without too many artifacts? Something that will work through Cakewalk or as a plugin in sound forge? I have time stretch elastique but it won't do it gradually. Thanks! jono
  11. *This post was on the regular forum, someone suggested I post it here. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I really think having the ability to copy a clip's automation (pan/vol) should be included in a future update. For the simple reason: Sometimes you need to replace a clip and want it exactly the same as the one you had. Depending how complex the automation is, it can really be time consuming. You often nee to use clip envelopes so they don't alter any inserted effect levels. Just finished replacing a bunch of them and it was a drag! A simple task for a computer though... PS. Some may think this is possible but it isn't. It's supposed to work with midi clips but doesn't. copy/paste special... doesn't work. More important for audio anyways. Just a simple right-click item "copy clip envelope" "Paste clip envelope" - and it copies the envelope that is selected. Yes, clips can be different lengths, the feature could just stretch or squish the envelope to fit the new clip if that were the case. Otherwise the user could just make sure the clip is the same length. Cheers
  12. Not sure how to do that! I could give them a nice list of stuff though!
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