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  1. Hey David, I created a very small bundle file, where I copy paste some clips in various ways. - The first clip on track one, is just a random clip placed wildly on the timeline. - The clip after it on the same track, was the same clip, drag copied to my cursor (properly) and then I placed a marker at the clip start. Which is late. - The Clip on track two, was copy special/paste special to the exact beginning of the top clip. You can see it pasted a bit late. - The clip on the bottom track was special copy/pasted to the marker. It went to the same place as track 2 clip. *I also tried this with regular copy/paste same result. Can you see a reason for this? Thanks in advance! jono Sync Test Jono Grant.cwb
  2. For sure. So perhaps overwriting the melodyne folder within the project folder might allow it to open? (copying over the original folder, I mean)
  3. Hi, just a note here, I've recently had to resave some files to a new location, where I open the file, move the data to a new place on the timeline and then save to an altogether new location. Recently, after doing this, the files won't open. They close right before they finish loading everything. So, I open in safe mode and disable synths and plugins one at a time to find the culprit. In all cases, it's been melodyne. I don't allow it to load the melodyne and the file opens fine. There must have been some unconsolidated clips with melodyne on them. Normally, that's okay, but I guess it's dangerous to move any unconsolidated Melodyned clips to a new session. kind of strange. Just posting in case this helps someone else. Cheers Jono
  4. No, most productions run video at 23.97 fps now. Not a typo. I'm a film/TV composer. It's been the norm for more than a decade. It started with animation but now everything I get sent is at 23.97. I haven't changed my frame rate in years. And I check on every project. Just in case. I've had issues in the past where I've worked at 29.97 and realize it's actually 23.97. In that case you can save your cues if they all get exported to start ON the second, rather than at a certain frame. It won't be frame accurate but it will line up as each second goes by. Don't know why I went into that but, what the heck? Still can't find what markers and pasting is snapping to in Cakewalk. There should be a way to work "wild" and not on any grid. J
  5. Not sure where I'm locked to smpte. The markers aren't locked to smpte. I'm working with a film that is at 23.97 fps. My sync is set to audio. (sync to my UAD sound card) I should be able to put a marker or paste a clip to any sample, no? Is there a way to do that? (I can drag a clip anywhere, it's when I'm pasting or adding a marker. Thanks J
  6. Trying to figure out what would cause this. If I snap TO a clip, it snaps perfectly. If I place a marker there, the marker is not accurate. Like it's snapping to some other grid. Also, when I try to cut/paste or cut/paste special, when I paste the data to my cursor, it's not perfect!!! It's off by several samples. Similar to the amount that the marker is off. I don't have zero crossings selected. Why would this happen? What is it snapping to? PS. If I paste TO a marker, it will paste to the marker, but the marker won't go where I want it! 😠 (no tempo changes in the session) Please help!! Thanks Jono
  7. msmcleod's post above worked in 2 seconds. Set all clips to absolute time and then lock them.
  8. That worked! Thanks! I should have asked that question 20 years ago...lol
  9. Hello! I'm in a film score, having to move a large file of audio, midi, envelopes etc. into a new position to match picture. Everything is in sync and now I'd like to set measure/beat at now so that the bars/beats line up with the newly positioned score. When I do this, it works, however it uses tempo to make the first bar line up to your cursor. So the clips that follow that position shift out of sync. I know if I consolidate everything to the start of the file, it will work fine. But in this case I can't consolidate yet. I have too much work to do on the file. long story, it's a lot of tracks/clips/layers. I tried locking the clips position/data but that didn't help. Any way to do this "set measure/beat at now" and keep the clips as they are positioned? Thanks Jono
  10. Hey there. If I export a standard midi file, let's say one instrument. A flute for instance. Tempo is 95 bpm When I re-import that midi file into a score program, in this case Sibelius, the tempo shows as: 94.9999999955566 or something like that. It's never the exact tempo I had set in Cakewalk. What could cause that?
  11. Ran the new cakewalk update, curious why the program's ".exe" file, has no icon? Usually does.
  12. Andres, with the H264, do you get the Cakewalk issue where it adds some padding at the file beginning, resulting in your exported audio being a little late? (Not late within Cakewalk but late when you export for other platforms) Curious, I've had that issue with any QT or MP4 video since version post Sonar 8. Good to know that H264 might have less CPU load
  13. Wondering that myself. I have startup items disabled except my sound card and VPN. Yet, huge list! I'll look into that. Thanks!
  14. Really? I knew it was like that for wave clips, didn't know about midi clips! Cool! Thanks
  15. Hi, curious if there are any video buffs out there who might shed some light on something. Without getting too detailed in explanation. In Cakewalk, when a quicktime or mp4 video is inserted, "pads" the video file somehow. Everything works fine within Cakewalk, but when you export your audio (for delivery) the audio you exported contains a small amount of time added, caused by the padding that was associated with the .mov or mp4 file. I've done zillions of tests and been back and forth on this forum trying to figure out a way around it without any success. - Okay, that's the quick backstory... *Very occasionally, I will get a QT or MP4 from someone, that WORKS! I opened the "media info" on a file someone recently sent me that worked, and I exported out the info tree. I'll post below. Curious if anyone can see anything in the specs that might give a clue to why it works but others don't. I'd like to ask for this spec when getting new video files from other editors. Or at least try to resave a video myself with these specs that will also work. Not having much luck trying to recreate it using Vegas video or handbrake. This info would help others that have the same issue inside cakewalk. Anyhow, not sure if this attached image will shed any light on the subject or not. Thanks. Jono
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