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  1. Hi there, I recently asked and learned about the setting: "Hide Related VST2 Plug-ins". I've been told some or many manufacturers don't support that feature and that's why I still see vst2 and vst3 in my lists for some manufacturers. Is there a way to hide the vst2 versions manually when the manufacturer doesn't support "Hide Related VST2 Plug-ins" setting? Remove a dll or something? Thanks Jono
  2. Hey there, I'm pretty sure my cursor would scroll while rendering a file in real-time but it's not anymore. Anyone know why not? A setting perhaps? It scrolls during normal playback... Thanks! Jono
  3. Thanks! scook informed me it was likely one of the programs was not set to run as administrator and he was right. It worked after that! Cheers! J
  4. Yes, you are right! (Don't know how you know all this stuff man!) thanks! Great tool! Just made sure both CW and SF were running as administrator and it worked! (one of them was not set to run as admin...) Jono
  5. Can anyone let me know if I can reverse whatever this tool did so I can try again with sound forge? Thanks Jono
  6. Also; Is there a way to reverse whatever actions the tools editor created when I first tried to add sound forge? So I can try again? Thanks J
  7. I just added RX7 successfully to the tools menu and it works. So it seems to be a problem with sound forge (13) Anyone else get SF13 working as a tool in CW? Thanks Jono
  8. Thanks, I ran it as I've done with the older version. I'm adding sound forge to the tools menu, or trying to. I set it up as shown here but when I try to select a wave file and choose sound forge it says: "Cannot create process" and sound forge doesn't open. Here's how I set up the tools editor: PS: I believe when I first did it, I had an option to "add this tool" which I did. Any idea what I've done wrong? Thanks
  9. Hey there, I wondered how to get @scook's tool for adding editors like sound forge etc. into the cakewalk tools menu. (for win 10) Thanks! Jono
  10. I just looked and it was already checked... so I guess izotope doesn't support that feature. Can I find the vst2 dlls and move them? Or is it easier just to reinstall and uncheck vst2? (Also wondering if I open an older project where I may have used a vst2 version, will it still find the plug if I only have the vst3 version?) Thanks! Jono
  11. Hey, I've installed some izotope plugins and it installed vst2 and vst3 versions. So in Cakewalk when I go to insert a plugin, I see two entries for each plugin, one vst2 and one vst3. How can I get Cakewalk to only use the vst3 ones and only show them? Do I remove some dlls somewhere or is there another way to do it? Thanks! Jono
  12. Hey there, setting up a new machine, Cakewalk is displaying plugins by plugin type. Is there a way to get it to display by manufacturer? It's like that on my old machine and I would prefer it. Thanks Jono
  13. Could you point me to the issue with write/rewrite on SSD that you're talking about? Don't know about it... thx
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