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  1. Workaround for this was: Turn off the global FX in the destination file, then do the mix recall you saved from the source file. If I do that I can then click on the FX tab again and they all turn on in one step. Yay! J
  2. Perhaps the snapshot was taken with them off, not sure but you'd think the global FX button would revive them. Odd indeed.
  3. Hi, I just brought a mix recall preset saved from one session into another and once everything goes into place but all the effect bins are bypassed. Normally the global FX button would un-bypass all the track effect bins but it doesn't, so I need to go through each track and click "bypass fx rack" There are many tracks and a few different files I need to do this with. Is this normal or is it something I'm doing wrong? Why doesn't the global FX button work here? Thanks
  4. Wondering if there's any chance of getting "enter" back in the export window as a way to execute the export command? Sounds silly but these one second moves that get changed in an update to something slower, really has a bearing on edit time in a busy edit studio. Fast editors rely heavily on key commands as we all know. It's been that way for decades and changed with the new export window design (which is great otherwise). Please put it back, Cakewalk wizards of updates? Cheers! Jono
  5. Hey, is there a better place to post little issues like this so that someone can think about adding to a future update? Thanks J
  6. Thanks for the info! I was hoping there was something like Pro Tools "Import session data", which I believe allows you to add one sessions' data to another. Cheers JG
  7. Hi, wondering if there is a way to import data from a cakewalk bundle into an existing session? J
  8. Although this method has been working to export a clip of audio/video, I am learning that people on Macs are saying "There's no audio" on the clips I've been sending them. What the heck, Cakewalk??? Why can't there be a bit of a video overhaul to the program? Issue not quite resolved
  9. Yes, I use handbrake to convert video. Great program! Doesn't help with this issue unfortunately as it makes MP4, MKV files which are awesome but Cakewalk is in the stone ages with video files. So, same synch issue even after converting with handbreak.
  10. Seriously, it is not the other way around. I wish it were.
  11. Thanks! I'm aware. Unfortunately people on Macs still use QT and send out videos using it. More popular is MP4. We PC audio users are a small minority. *Also, everyone has the reply (I have no sync issues) either do I, but a Cakewalk file with an mp4 or QT file will export audio late.
  12. So best result here if you're trying to score against picture with Cakewalk: Convert to WMV file. Offset cakewalk by -1 frame for closest sync when delivering to other people/DAWs. Convert your MP4 or MOV to a WMV file:
  13. Hi, figured this out and thought I'd post my method. Perhaps obvious to some. Here's a short video on how to export a "region" in cakewalk as a video file:
  14. Just tried to use WMV file. Much closer but still not perfect sync. Something is messed up with Cakewalk/Video/Clock It should be just a solid as an audio-only session. (in terms of sync) Is there anyone from CW who could look into this? @msmcleod Perhaps???
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