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  1. Tricky question, does anyone have an idea? Cheers J
  2. I have a friend with an Apollo firewire unit. If he sets the Apollo to 2408 buffer size, everything okay but the second he opens Cakewalk, blue screen of death! I had a similar problem with having a motherboard soundcard online, when I disabled it, the problem went away. We've eliminated the possibility of any other sound device by completely disabling them, so only UAD. What could still be causing Cakewalk to bug out Windows enough for a BSOD when UAD set to 2408 buffer? (PS, this could be 48 kHz or 96kHz, doesn't make a difference. Any help appreciated! Thanks very much!
  3. I don't know anything about that. Very possibly the reason. Is it suggested to have plugins and synths set to up-sample? I do have the odd 32 bit plugin floating around J
  4. Hi, I asked this before but didn't get an answer. Each time I render a track within Cakewalk, like bounce to clips or render a soft synth..as it renders I see a message saying "resampling" Why is Cakewalk resampling on a render within the same file? I see it all the time. First I see the "mixing down" then it says "sample rate conversion" in the window with the progress meter. Like two very fast and separate processes. Please, if anyone has a clue, let me know. Cheers
  5. Does anyone have an answer for this? Thanks
  6. I have a file that requires a large buffer size - 2048, and there is a fair amount of plugins and delay compensation going on. The video I'm running goes out of sync because of the delay compensation, is there a way to have the video respond to it? Trying to adjust the trim time of the video doesn't work as I'd need a negative value which it doesn't have. Thanks J
  7. Thanks! Do you mean in the Prefs/Audio/sync and caching or under midi playback and recording? I can't freeze tracks quite yet as I'm still making adjustments
  8. Hey, I have a session at 48 kHz, a fair amount of tracks and processing using UAD plugins among others Waves, Fab Filter etc. Also an external insert. The session requires a buffer size of 2048 to handle everything. The audio and plugs are working fine. Even looking CPU usage etc. yet the midi is now missing notes randomly, all over the place So frustrating. What now?? Anything that might help, please let me know. Thanks
  9. Update: I sort of have it going but still have a question. I created a midi track sending to the Axe FX, I insert a patch change, set to controller 32. Then I can choose from a list of general midi sounds like organ or acoustic grand piano etc. If I select one of these it changes the Axe FX patch to the number that corresponds to the sound I pick. Like, if I choose "electric grand piano" it will change the Axe FX to patch #3. Great! Almost there... The Axe FX has banks A, B, and C. Is there a way to access those banks and also a patch number rather than an instrument name? Thanks for any help! J
  10. Hi there, I've installed an older Axe FX unit (ultra) everything working but wanted to use Cakewalk to automate preset changes. Is this possible? I assume it is but not sure where to start. Any advice appreciated! Cheers Jono
  11. Yes, I can think of workarounds. I would export any audio dry and then save the file as a template without audio. Reopen the template and bring in the audio resampled to say 48kHz. I was more wondering if the external insert can handle this. If the buffer is at 2048 I'm able to get the external insert in sync, why not at 4096?
  12. Hey there, I have a 96kHz session with a ton of heavy DSP UAD plugins. When these sessions get this big, UAD adds a 4096 buffer size that can be selected. All working fine but I want to use an external insert, and at this buffer size, I can't seem to get the latency under control. The delay reports 45 ms (4408 samples) and it's set there but still a bunch of latency. If I add a minus offset I can get it closer but not to an acceptable amount. Anything that I can try here? Cheers Jono
  13. No, it won't rebuild or play. I have to physically go to the audio folder, retrieve the audio and snap it to the empty clips so it lines up.
  14. Ya, no playback, just an empty clip. This isn't a case of the old missing audio because the audio got moved or renamed. It's just disassociating the audio from the session altogether. Never seen this is all my cakewalk years (or decades...yipes!)
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