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  1. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    That's a good way to do it! I thought it might make sense to do all the master processing while the audio was at it's highest sample rate. I guess I can't really do that unless I leave the final limiter/maximizer to be the final process after SR conversion.
  2. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    Right, okay, thanks! A couple of things may not work here though. Lining up the file might be difficult as the original is going through a bunch of plugins and may have a bit of latency, even with plugin delay comp happening. Also, to bring the 44.1 k file back into the 48 k session, it wants to be re-sampled to the session rate of 48k so I'm not sure the experiment will tell me much. I can tell visually that the exported/re-sampled file is different. What I found is that you need to re-sample the audio first and work in a session that has the same sample rate before adding your mastering processes. Perhaps it has something to do with the mastering plugin processing getting re-sampled and truncated or something, causing the file to peak a little beyond the ceiling that was set in the limiter. Anyhow, thanks J
  3. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    Confirmed... if you re-sample the track and do the mastering/limiting work in a new file with the new sample rate, the same exact mastering process does not peak. So, re-sampling while exporting a track with processing will not sit inside the threshold. Too bad, it's a time saver! If anyone knows any more about it, please let me know! I will try the same process using a track without any plugins and see if the re-sample causes any change to the peaks. Cheers Jono
  4. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    Thanks! Not sure what you mean about the null test... no other audio going in, it's the same process for the 48 kHz export except for the re-sample. After exporting, I bring the file into sound forge (it has a good wave form preview) and the re-sampled track has peaks over the set limiter setting of -0.2. The one that isn't re-sampled sits perfectly into the -0.2 range. I think when it does all the mastering processing AND gets re sampled at the same time, it goes over. I'm going to try to re-sample the track before the mastering processing and I'm guessing it will export properly. It's odd to me though. I'll report back. Thanks Jono
  5. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    Anyone know about this? Thanks!
  6. jono grant

    Level increase when exporting and resampling?

    Do I need to re sample the file first and then bring it into a new cakewalk session at 44.1 kHz and then redo the mastering process again? J
  7. Hi there, I'm exporting a final master from Cakewalk. I have the final output of the limiter peaking at - 0.2, when I export at the native sample rate of 48 kHz, the peak is the same. However; when I export the file and choose to change the sample rate to 44.1, the exported file goes over that maximum peak and hits zero. Why is that happening and is there a better way to re sample the file, retaining the accurate peak maximum? Thanks Jono
  8. jono grant

    Organize UAD plugins alphabetically

    Anyone know a good way to do this? tx
  9. Hi folks, My UAD plugins all show up under Universal Audio, however, each one of them are titled starting with "UAD" How can I rename a folder or something so that they will all just be titled with their plugin name, like "EMT 140" instead of "UAD EMT 140"? I don't wanna do it wrong and mess things up. I like that the whole list is there but I'd like to just type the first letter of a plugin and get down to that general area of the list rather than scrolling though every plug. Thanks Jono
  10. jono grant

    Change pitch bend after recording

    Thanks folks!
  11. jono grant

    Change pitch bend after recording

    It seems to be a limitation of Morphoder I'm afraid. It only pitch-bends up or down by a tone. Darn! Oh well! I'd still love to know if you can adjust the interval after recording in Cakewalk. Cheers Jono
  12. Hi, I've recorded a pitch bend on to a midi track. I'd like to keep the curve I recorded but I want to adjust the interval to go lower. Say it goes 2 semitones lower now and I want it to go 5 semitones? The midi track is triggering "morphoder" a Waves vocoder plugin. I don't believe it has any pitch bend settings on it. I have configured my keyboard controller to the correct interval but it doesn't record the full interval, only goes down by 2 semitones. (Even though I have it set to go down a fourth.) Can that be adjusted after-the-fact? Thanks! Jono
  13. jono grant

    Change sample rate of file

    Hi, I have a fairly big file running at 96 kHz and my UAD plugins are maxing out. It there an easy way to change the whole sample rate to 48 kHz so my plugins will re-enable (some disabled due to too much DSP and *UAD handles less when running at 96 kHz.) Or is it re-building the whole file? I thought I could save the file as a template without the audio and re-import it but I'd have to export everything out first as there are many edits. Thanks Jono
  14. jono grant

    Stop arpeggiator?

    Does anyone know about this? Thanks! Jono
  15. jono grant

    Moving automation

    Hi there, quick question: If I want to move a bunch of tracks WITH all their automation, do I have to select everything, THEN set it to view automation before using "cut special"? Any other way I select doesn't seem to include the automation, even though it's set to "select envelopes with clips" What's happening there? Thanks! Jono