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  1. Thanks! I'm aware. Unfortunately people on Macs still use QT and send out videos using it. More popular is MP4. We PC audio users are a small minority. *Also, everyone has the reply (I have no sync issues) either do I, but a Cakewalk file with an mp4 or QT file will export audio late.
  2. So best result here if you're trying to score against picture with Cakewalk: Convert to WMV file. Offset cakewalk by -1 frame for closest sync when delivering to other people/DAWs. Convert your MP4 or MOV to a WMV file:
  3. Hi, figured this out and thought I'd post my method. Perhaps obvious to some. Here's a short video on how to export a "region" in cakewalk as a video file:
  4. Just tried to use WMV file. Much closer but still not perfect sync. Something is messed up with Cakewalk/Video/Clock It should be just a solid as an audio-only session. (in terms of sync) Is there anyone from CW who could look into this? @msmcleod Perhaps???
  5. Thanks! But as a composer, this really messes up the work flow. Any other DAW I try doesn't add padding so everything is rock solid between programs as it should be. I've been doing work-arounds for a decade. I belie it's something they could fix if they wanted to. At least figure out some sort of delay offset for it or something. I don't want to switch DAWs as I love Cakewalk but this would really be a worthwhile fix! (You have to consider the time it takes to resync hundreds of cues, full scores, commercials etc.) The issue is likely with the codecs used to create the MP4s. Years ago, Quicktime files would not do this. They do now for some reason. J
  6. Thanks guys! I had high hopes and tried this. I converted a video using "handbrake" into H.264. Same issue... when I export the video's audio from cakewalk as a test and bring the video into say Vegas Pro (video) the exported audio is later than the original. See screen shot. I seriously have been asking about this for years and years. (Original audio from video file on top tracks, same audio exported from Cakewalk on second set of tracks. Out by a good frame or so (random unfortunately) *PS. While in Cakewalk, nothing is out of sync! Works fine, but on import of any QT, MP4 etc. file CW adds a "padded silence" at the top of the mp4 (and file) which gets added to your wave export. If I do this same test using say Protools or Cubase, the exported audio files are rock solid when opened up in another program. I wish someone could figure out a way to offset or make a compensation for this apon export of a file containing these video files. Arrrrrg!
  7. Hi, long time composer using Cakewalk. I had a long thread going over the years of why Cakewalk adds a "padded silence" when importing MP4 or QuickTime to the time line. All works well, but any music you create and export does not sync properly with the original video after export. It adds that padded silence to the beginning of the exported track. I never resolved this. Noel Borthwick said it was just the way Window audio works. (Although any other DAW I try doesn't do this) Anyhow, everyone in the industry uses MP4 files, so I need to convert them to use with Cakewalk. I find WMV files clunky and slow to react to transport messages. AVIs are huge. Does anyone have a video format they can suggest that works BEST with CW? Thanks! Jono *Original thread here:
  8. Okay, thank you! (Yes, it kept saing something about duplicate file names. I had just physically typed the song title rather than using the tags. i'll try again
  9. "Tracks through entire mix" is supposed to act like soloing individual tracks. It should take all tracks selected, go through any processing and create a separate exported track (with processing) for each track selected. Creating multiple exported tracks. It's going through the process of exporting each one, yet it only creates one exported track. Usually the last one in the list of selected tracks.
  10. Can anyone think of why exporting multiple tracks through the entire mix results in only one exported file rather than the 12 tracks I selected? Gotta be something simple... Thanks
  11. Hi, I'm trying to select multiple tracks and export them using "Tracks though entire mix" so that each track goes through the bus processing I have on the master bus. It goes through each track, exporting slowly because of the processing. But then, it only makes one exported track, after all that! What am I doing wrong? I've done this before but not sure why it's not working now. It should be making multiple exports of each track I have selected. Do I have to create a task or something? Kind of confusing. Any help appreciated. Thanks
  12. Solution found. Don't know why they won't let you delete a post. Thanks
  13. Its not video editing to export a small clip. They should remove the option if it doesn't work.
  14. Thanks but that method is absolutely ridiculous. No one is expecting CW to be a video editor, just simply render out a small clip of a project with the video included. It says "Export to video" in the file menu, then it should do that. People that want to do this are not editing video. They are scoring music to picture, and when working on a 2 hour film, constantly going to other programs to do a simple task like this is not something a composer has time for. Cakewalk's dealing with video has been such a joke. The folks updating the program should really look at decade old problems rather than redesigning the parts of the program that already work. "Select all, highlight a region and export to video file" that is how simple it should be.
  15. Hi, I have a video in cakewalk that I'm doing some music on. I wanted to export a short region of it as a video/audio file. I select a region and export the video. It exports the entire video though, not the region I selected! (I say select all, then chose the region, even tried turning on loop. It doesn't render the full audio, it renders what I selected, but not the video. How do I do this?
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