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  1. This setting no longer works. It keeps defaulting to a standard wave file even though this setting is checked. FYI
  2. Has anyone had this mysterious black, horizontal line show up in their Cakewalk session? (See image) It stays in the same spot if I scroll up and down. So, it's randomly just sitting there. Not attached to any one track, I don't think. Anyone see this before?
  3. This is still happening. Nothing set wrong just not bouncing the audio. Never had this problem before. Been using the UAD stuff for about 6 years. Something weird in recent Cakewalk updates.
  4. 20 year CW user, for sure I know where all the settings are. It's ignoring them. I have zero changes set and it will still save every time I push stop it seems. Only on a heavy file with lots in it but still , it's weird. Also, if I ever crash, it's usually at the exact same time as an auto save is being created.
  5. Hmm. It could also be sound card related. UAD Apollos I rebooted the computer and the Apollos and it did a normal bounce.
  6. No, I mean I'm bouncing the whole 3 minute song and it only renders a small snippet of audio at the beginning
  7. Sometimes I get a message that the audio mixdown was corrupt, and then it crashed Cakewalk. Something's weird.
  8. Hi, I've been getting issue where I bounce down a mix, I am using an external insert on a drum buss. When the bounce is finished, there's only about half a bar of audio. I've tried different buffer sizes and rendering in real time with and without audible mixdown. I assume it has something to do with the external insert but not sure. I've only been seeing this since they upgraded the export window. Anyone else having an issue like this? Thanks, Jono
  9. I set it to 10 minute autosave only. There is no value set for amount of changes. Yet, it saves all the time! This is on files that have a fair bit going on, but still, why is it saving so much if set to 10 minutes? Also, if I ever crash, it is always at the same time as an autosave...
  10. It's also worth noting that any time I have a crash in CW, it is at the exact same time as an autosave occurs. 100% of the time. I've raised this issue for years and years. CW autosave is messed up. It doesn't respect anything you have set in the preferences as far as zero changes, or setting a time limit. It simply doesn't work. I wish CW would look at these issues that have been present for ages. JG
  11. There are many people having this issue. Noel says it's caused by a plugin with a lot of parameter changes. This is happening even without plugins. Something is wrong. I'm having this issue with one midi file and no plugins. Also, it would be great if CW didn't count plugin parameter changes as a file change. It doesn't make sense. If that is indeed the issue, perhaps there's some way to not have CW count plugin changes in the autosave function and only count actual changes to the file that the user makes. Very frustrating. JG
  12. Hi, I have a session with only one midi track. I am performing the track, each time I stop, it saves. Even if I don't do anything. It is saving continuously all the time. Sometimes the save takes longer than it should. What is going on here? Is there some bug in a recent update? I can barely work. Any idea what's happening? THis is just a harp sample I've been using for years. Nothing to do with the sound or Kontakt which I'm using to play the sample. JG
  13. Yes, but when I analyze more than one at a time, it's all glitchy. I have to do them separate. Perhaps I need an update or something?
  14. Hi, if I try to select multiple tracks to go into Melodyne, they seem to be glitched. If I have Melodyne analyze each one separately, they work fine. Is it not able to analyze more than one at a time? Thanks Jono
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