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  1. There is a voting option on Q&As, why not for Feedback posts? If someone offers up a good idea, I would like to give it some noticeable support in hopes the Bakers might take note. Kind regards, tecknot
  2. tecknot

    2019.05 CbB Release highlights

    Awesome release! Congratulation Cakewalk Team.
  3. tecknot

    Why and How?

    It's certainly a bug. If you were to create a new theme from either Mercury or Tungsen you would see that there is no Mute button in that spot. Checking against not just the size but the original item that should fit in that spot is a totally different set of button states (and nothing like the Mute button). It's a strange anomaly but probably happened with an update to the Theme Editor (just a guess). Kind regards, tecknot
  4. tecknot

    Why and How?

    Seems that whomever handles the Theme Editor at BandLab has changed the item size so there is no way to import the correct item in that slot. This is definitely an error and should be brought to the Bakers' attention. I can't remember who created the Theme Editor, but I hope he drops in once in a while. Kind regards, tecknot
  5. tecknot

    Request for Voting option on Feedback threads

    Not that I ever noticed the stars before, I'm not sure how they work. Would anyone see the stars without viewing the thread? When I wrote the OP I was thinking more of the way the Q&A thread works where a vote sends the thread to the top section of the subject list. That way it is much more visible (to the Bakers in particular) and you can see its popularity by the number of votes. Kind regards, tecknot
  6. tecknot

    Feature Request: FREEZE BUS

    I don't see how freezing a bus would be possible since it doesn't hold any audio data. Audio just passes through it so there is nothing (physical) to freeze. But I certainly understand the desire to freeze the processed audio. That's when Mark's alternative would come into play. I would use it for submixes. Kind regards, tecknot
  7. The easiest way to capture (record) the metronome is to insert a Patch Point in the Metronome Bus. After that you just need to insert a new audio track and set its input as the Patch Point. Kind regards, tecknot
  8. tecknot

    Input Device

    Keith, you question seems misdirect in this forum. Perhaps you can get a better response by posting in the Q&A forum under the "Cakewalk by Bandlab" forum: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/12-qa/ Kind regards, tecknot
  9. tecknot

    Sticky request for Cakewalk forum

    Are you suggesting an FAQ or FAQs to be added to the FAQ threads section? I could see FAQs added to the main forum would clutter it up pretty quickly. Kind regards, tecknot P.S. Maybe we should have a venting section in the forums too.
  10. tecknot

    Suggestion for Features & Ideas Forum

    I hear you. I thought if we had the option to vote on ideas then maybe BL would take notice, but no one seems interested in that idea. Given everyone has the opportunity to add to an idea and promote that idea in hopes that it would make it's way into Cakewalk. It would be ideal to get some feedback from BL on most requested features/ideas. Kind regards, tecknot
  11. That's an excellent idea at first thought, but doesn't that just call for a variety of programs? For instance, Cakewalk had Home Studio and Music Creator, etc., not to be confused with the various versions of SONAR which came down to differing sets of features. As cool as your idea is I'm not sure CbB can be simplified enough to make it an intuitive program for beginners. Kind regards, tecknot
  12. tecknot

    Meter Options Consolidation

    This should have been implemented a long, long time ago. Who do you need to talk to get this and other obvious improvements (like text enlargement in the timeline and Aim Assist, for example) into CbB? Kind regards, tecknot
  13. I would not consider anything Sound Blaster if you are serious about audio recording and production. Like Karhide asked, if you want some other suggestions your needs and budget are the real considerations. Kind regards, tecknot
  14. tecknot

    Why is the interface so BIG on my computer?

    Thanks for the tip, ien. Kind regards, tecknot
  15. tecknot

    In Matrix View is it possible to loop "all" columns?

    Unfortunately, there isn't anyway to automate column playback in the Matrix view expect for MIDI learn, but that doesn't address your question. Kind regards tecknot
  16. tecknot

    Why is the interface so BIG on my computer?

    Unfortunately, the only way to make objects/windows smaller on your monitor/desktop is to reduce your scale setting. This is a Windows thing and it will, of course, affect all programs. I have reduced my scale from the default to accommodate Cakewalk, but now have to enlarge the zoom level when using Firefox, for instance. It would be cool if Windows allowed for different scale settings per program instead of a global setting. Kind regards, tecknot
  17. tecknot

    Meters doubling and trippling

    Hi All, I created a theme with meters that cover the color spectrum from blue to red (blue being a very low level signal to red representing a clipping signal). However, my meters are cut into two or three sections instead of a single sequential stream from blue to red (if that makes sense). For instance, the lower end of the signal level will show slight blue, green, yellow and a little orange or red and then another section of colors from blue to orange/red as the signal gets hotter. So instead of one consistent meter it looks like two or three meters in one. Has anyone experienced this or maybe has a fix so that my meters look normal (but colorful)? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, tecknot
  18. tecknot

    Meters doubling and trippling

    Thanks, sjoens. That explains the similarities in the available meter templates, but that's a bummer for my design. Guess it's back to the drawing board for me. Kind regards, tecknot
  19. tecknot

    Meters doubling and trippling

    Yes, I understand the two halves are different. The bottom half matches my theme background so that it seems invisible when not in use. Per your request, attached is copy of my .png meter file.
  20. tecknot

    Meters doubling and trippling

    I redid my "spectrum" meters, but I still get the same results when in CbB. The meters cut short say around 2 to 4dB and then restart from there to the height (or loudness) of the signal, so it looks like I have multiple meters in one. The meters never really show in orange or red, just segments of blue to green and maybe a little yellow. Below is a picture of what I"m talking about. If my meters worked properly, they would look similar to what Canopus posted (just a little more colorful and brighter) in CbB (during recording and playback). I think I can share my theme on Dropbox if anyone is interested. Kind regards
  21. tecknot

    Clips won;t bounce

    Hi Squonk, are you trying to combine the clips into one MIDI track or are you expecting a single audio track to result? Kind regards, tecknot
  22. tecknot

    Meters doubling and trippling

    Yeah, you got it. I don't use Photoshop, but I get the idea. I'll give it a try. Thanks, Canopus. Kind regards, tecknot
  23. tecknot

    Suddenly No Sound - SOLVED

    Have you tried resetting your audio engine?
  24. tecknot

    Large Icons Setting Windows 7 - Controls Problem

    I suggest using Windows magnifier under Windows Ease of Access in the Start menu. It's a bit cumbersome to use but it is useful. Kind regards, tecknot
  25. Hi Everyone, I installed Pentagon I (only) from my X3 installation, but it doesn't show up in either Cakewalk or SPLAT (x64). I've done a net search and found threads on the Registry hack (giving permission to users for Pentagon I), but haven't had any success. Also installed Project 5 v2 and can use Pentagon from there, but can't rewire P5 into CbB or SPLAT (due to the 64bit limitation, IIRC). Only thing is I can't figure out how to use Pentagon I as a vocoder in P5. I read that some users have been able to use Pentagon I in SPLAT. Does anyone know of a way to get Pentagon I to show up and work in CbB or SPLAT beyond the registry hack? Any suggestion or solution would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, tecknot