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  1. Hi Mark and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. It sounds like you are using an internal sound card, e.g. soundblaster. Unfortnuately, internal sound cards at this level (meaning quality) do not work well when working with CbB (Cakewalk by BandLab). Please let us know more about your system (DAW) setup. For instance, are you using a desktop or laptop, what type of sound card/audio interface are you using, what driver mode are you using, how is your headset connected to your PC. Kind regards, tecknot
  2. tecknot

    Move Tool Problem.

    Check to see if your clips are linked. Kind regards, tecknot
  3. The only other things I can think of is that perhaps the output from your instrument/soft synth is not directed to an output (or a muted output) or input echo is turned off. Kind regards, tecknot
  4. Could it be that your MIDI notes are out of range of Xpand!? Kind regards, tecknot
  5. Hi Logan and welcome to the Cakewalk forums. Tell us, are you using an internal or external sound card? If you are using an external sound card, I would check in Windows as to which one is set as the default device the internal or external card. Kind regards, tecknot
  6. Just one thing to check when it comes to crackles and pops, does the sample rate and bit depth match between CbB and your Saffire? If so, just ignore my question (apologies). Kind regards, tecknot
  7. Cool. Glad you got it going. Kind regards, tecknot
  8. After you checked all the necessary boxes (driver mode, output driver, playback timing master, etc.) make sure that your Master Bus has its output set to your audio output device. Kind regards, tecknot
  9. There is a simple way to save the MIDI from a track. Just as scook suggested dragging it to the desktop, you could do the same to the USB flash drive. (If the MIDI is separate clips, select the track and Bounce to Clip(s) so that all the MIDI is consolidated.) Using the Media Browser, navigate to your flash drive and simply drag and drop the MIDI from the track in/onto the flash drive. Kind regards, tecknot
  10. Steve, try making a track template for VA-3 and see if that works also. That way you can just insert the track template as desired. Kind regards, tecknot
  11. Hi Steve, I am wondering if you were to make a project template based on one of your earlier projects in which VA-3 is working, would it load correctly? If it works then at least you have a workaround until this issue is resolved. Kind regards, tecknot
  12. Hi Akira, Make sure that you do not have a lock on the clip. If there is a lock on the clip you should see a lock icon in the upper left of the clip in the Track View. There are two types of locks on clips, position and data. It could be that a data lock is protecting the clip/data from your desired change(s). To release a lock, right click on the clip and go to Clip Lock and uncheck Lock Data. Kind regards, tecknot
  13. Yeah, Tobias, try the Matrix View as rsinger suggested. You can set it to playback each clip at different time intervals or immediately. Sounds like it would do what you're looking for. Kind regards, tecknot
  14. Hi Hendirk, There is a setting under Preferences | Customization | Editing that's at the top "Copy Entire Clips as Linked Clips" which is, I believe, checked by default. I set mine unchecked so that I don't get clips linked together. So, the SS clips can be repeated by stretching/rolling to the right and that's working for you now. Hum, must be something that didn't allow it to work in the first place. Kind regards, tecknot
  15. Hi Hendrik, I haven't used the step sequencer for quite a while, but I haven't been able to recreate your issue. I'm going to keep messing around with it and the groove looping to see what happens. Kind regards, tecknot
  16. I would go to the Steinberg website for an answer on this one. Presumably, just one is all you need to store your licenses. Kind regards, tecknot
  17. In order to have your SS clip to repeat when rolled out to the right, you have to convert it to a groove clip (Ctr+L). Kind regards, tecknot
  18. uh, have you installed the driver(s)? Had to ask. Kind regards, tecknot
  19. tecknot

    Can't hear anything

    Just to clarify something important, your interface is your "realtek high definition audio" sound card. Make sure that your interface/sound card's sample rate and bit depth match that in Cakewalk's driver settings (Preferences | Driver Settings: Audio Driver Bit Depth (16 or 24, etc.) and Sample rate (e.g. 44.1k, 48k, etc.)), as well as the Playback Timing Master set to your Realtek sound card. You may have to change your Driver Mode (under Playback and Recording) after you figure out the above. Check those settings and get back to us with your results. Kind regards, tecknot
  20. Thanks for the info. abacab. User905133 - this problem is at the installation level. The install does not see Rapture (installed) on my C drive. Kind regards, tecknot
  21. Yeah, I wish I could get them installed, but so far no luck. I even tried reinstalling Rapture (64 and 32bit), but that didn't help either. Looks like I'll have to forego the expansion packs. Bummer!:( Kind regards, tecknot
  22. Someone mentioned "unfinished project," well it seems that can be said for just about anything in Cakewalk. ACT is a big example. I would like to see it fully developed, no, revamped so that it has greater more dependable control integration. Matrix View needs attention, Staff View really needs a lot of work, etc. I think BandLab should take a look at each feature/component and improve upon them one at a time. And take a break from adding new features for a while, until the existing features have been improved. I wouldn't mind that. Make them robust and fully functional. Not that Cakewalk is not workable, but it doesn't take much to reach its limitations in a number of cases. It still feels a little fragile each time I work with it. Like just one more move will irreversibly corrupt my project. I could make a complete list things, but I would have to give it more thought. Kind regards, tecknot
  23. Thanks for the response, scook. I am working with the Cakewalk packs 1 and 2 which are the separate installers first released. Nonetheless, I forgot about the registry change I made so maybe that's where I need to revert back. I also forgot about your suggestion to using directory junctions. I can still make that change. Much appreciated, tecknot
  24. Hi all, I recently up graded my laptop with a second SSD. I then moved samples over to the new drive. Then I realized I did not have the Rapture expansion packs installed. However, when attempting to install the xpacks I got an error message stating that Rapture was not installed and that I must have Rapture installed before I install the xpacks. I tried inserting a new Multisamples folder (left empty) in the Rapture path, but that didn't work. I also tried to install the packs as administrator, but that didn't do it either. Does anyone know a fix for this situation? I searched the net but didn't find any post like this. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, tecknot
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