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  1. Thanks for following-up on that question, Canopus. Appreciate it. Kind regards, tecknot
  2. Try using the Mute Tool in the Tool Module of the Control Bar (or HUD ("heads up display") Tool Bar by pressing the "T" key). When in "mute" mode, just click on the individual note. Hope that covers it. If not, hit back. Kind regards, tecknot
  3. You can only go back to a previous version if you had already saved a previous version somewhere. That is, you will not find an earlier version available for download from BandLab. As for your popping sounds, have you checked your projects bit depth and sample rate with that of your interface/sound card? They should match. Kind regards, tecknot
  4. Hello, May I make a request for a new Control Bar Performance Module reflecting 6 and 12 processor cores to match current Intel Processors (Gen 8 - now)? I would greatly appreciate it. Kind regards, tecknot
  5. Hi Jeff, I would create separate tracks for each instrument in Cakewalk and assigning the channel for each track, respectively, to your RD 2000. Then utilize volume automation for emulating the on/off for the instruments as well as balancing the volume of each when layering as desired. Hope I explained that clearly. Kind regards, tecknot
  6. Hi ron, I don't use TH3, but two places I would look at is the output of your effects chain which looks like a single speaker cabinet (unless it is stereo). Also, is the audio track containing TH3 in mono or stereo? I have not tested these theories, but I thought either might be a fix. Kind regards, tecknot
  7. You only need to use the drop down in the Bank column and choose 2. There you can assign more knobs, sliders, etc., respectively. Kind regards, tecknot
  8. Thanks Nicolas. Good to know. Kind regards, tecknot
  9. Thanks, Blogospherianman. Appreciate the info. Eventually we will all have to update Windows. So goes my Saffire, guess I should hope for a new interface this year. Kind regards, tecknot
  10. Hi David, I did go back and tried to reproduce this in various ways, but yeah, you don't need to create a fade. However, if you were to bring up the context menu you might notice that you would have to be in the proper zone of the clip for the Slip-Edit tool to appear, otherwise if you left-click with the cursor/pointer showing then only the context menu disappears without the slip edit. Kind regards, tecknot P.S. Using ESC is how I usually dismissed the context menu, but for whatever reason I used the mouse and discovered the anomaly.
  11. Thanks Mark. Kind regards, tecknot
  12. Correct, it only happens with the Edit Tool active, but not with the Smart Tool. Kind regards, tecknot
  13. Hello All, Is this a bug? At the beginning (or end) of a clip, create a fade-in (or out, respectively) with the Edit Tool; Right-click in the edited clip to bring up the pop-up menu; Finally, Left-click to the right, outside of the pop-up menu so that it disappears. Result: Clip is now slip edited at the point of the Left-click. Expected result: Clip remains the same prior to the Right-click. Or is this an intended result? This does not happen if you just Left-click after creating the fade. Seems to me to be an undesired result. Kind regards, tecknot P.S. Does not matter if it is a mono or stereo clip
  14. Is there a way to install the Early Access version .11 along side the existing version .09? I want to be able to use the current version while testing on .11 as well as double checking any bugs found exclusively in .11. Thanks in advance. Kind regards, tecknot
  15. Hi reza, Try installing SONAR components by using the Command Central installer. Kind regards, tecknot
  16. Max, There is a way to combine an existing project with a Project Template file. With your older project open, navigate to the Media Browser and then to your template folder (usually found in C:\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk Core\Project Templates, if not in your Project folder). Now click, drag and drop your project template into the Clips Pane in the Track View. The two projects will automatically merge into your existing project (not a new project). Hope that helps. Kind regards, tecknot
  17. I recently purchased a Lenovo P72 which has an i7-8750H, three drive bays (two M.2 PCIe and one SATA) and only 16GB of memory. It also has four USB type A ports with two Thunderbolt ports which is just enough for my peripherals (including my sound cards). I bought it just a couple of months before the next version was released (the P73) so I got it for $1,630.00 (with just one drive, an M.2), but would have costs me $1330 if I didn't splurge for the 4K monitor/screen. That 4K was not really necessary and certainly not needed for a DAW, so I made a mistake there. It is a 17" and a perfect fit for my setup. This laptop is not bulky like a gamer laptop too. The current versions (P53 15" and P73 17") have 9th gen CPUs, better graphic cards, but only three USB type A ports (with two TB ports). The base prices are $1620 and $1770 respectively. Kind regards, tecknot
  18. Have you tried the Loop Construction View?
  19. Hi All, There is a visual metronome in CbB. Just open the Big Time View (ALT+shift+3). Is that what you are asking for, or does this not work for you? Kind regards, tecknot
  20. Hi vertibration, Not sure what you mean by "slice audio to the sequencer," but you can certainly slice audio in CbB. I'm not familiar Geist 2. Perhaps your question is better given to Fxpansion users. Kind regards, tecknot
  21. Awesome release! Congratulation Cakewalk Team.
  22. It's certainly a bug. If you were to create a new theme from either Mercury or Tungsen you would see that there is no Mute button in that spot. Checking against not just the size but the original item that should fit in that spot is a totally different set of button states (and nothing like the Mute button). It's a strange anomaly but probably happened with an update to the Theme Editor (just a guess). Kind regards, tecknot
  23. Seems that whomever handles the Theme Editor at BandLab has changed the item size so there is no way to import the correct item in that slot. This is definitely an error and should be brought to the Bakers' attention. I can't remember who created the Theme Editor, but I hope he drops in once in a while. Kind regards, tecknot
  24. Not that I ever noticed the stars before, I'm not sure how they work. Would anyone see the stars without viewing the thread? When I wrote the OP I was thinking more of the way the Q&A thread works where a vote sends the thread to the top section of the subject list. That way it is much more visible (to the Bakers in particular) and you can see its popularity by the number of votes. Kind regards, tecknot
  25. I don't see how freezing a bus would be possible since it doesn't hold any audio data. Audio just passes through it so there is nothing (physical) to freeze. But I certainly understand the desire to freeze the processed audio. That's when Mark's alternative would come into play. I would use it for submixes. Kind regards, tecknot
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