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    Rasa Free

    Ah sorry - must have missed it - don't know how! Nothing that is free usually passes me by 🙂
  2. JoeGBradford

    Rasa Free

    Anyone tried this one? Not heard of the company. Came up on my Facebook feed - looks like you have to install a host VST first. https://www.mntra.io/rasa
  3. Thanks I hadn't got the latest update. Good news about the installer options!
  4. That was funny - I suspect the Spitfire guys would find it amusing - except for the bit about support which to be fair was excellent the only time I have needed it! They told me to turn it off and back on again 😉
  5. From Loopcloud's FAQ on website 'Free users also cannot import new user-content or use the AI user-content tagging, which is new to Loopcloud 6.' I assume the first part of that sentence means personal sample folders and so the comments here are correct and the new folders showing in Loopcloud must have been created before I installed 6. Very disappointing from a company I have had a lot of time for. I don't use loops enough to justify a subscription so will have to swap to another sample manager - a shame as I almost knew what I was doing in Loopcloud 😞
  6. I hadn't noticed that. I updated to 6 a while back and thought I'd added libraries since then but not sure. Will investigate further when I have time. I'll certainly hold back on latest update!
  7. Now my comment makes no sense 😉 But no change there 🙂
  8. That could be misconstrued 😉
  9. All of the LABS instruments are free - there are some real belters in there! 🙂
  10. Do these work on all versions of Vital? I just have the free version
  11. Welcome back chief!
  12. Several very good free libraries too! 🙂
  13. Awesome Jason - if you can do the same for the duduk count me in!
  14. Sorry I forgot to post the link in my earlier post! https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/majestic-horn
  15. Check this out - it works in the Orchestral Tools Sine Player which is a bit quirky but has some great free libraries - this one is only 2 euro - I've got it - it's been a while since I tried it but I seem to recall that it is pretty good for the price!
  16. This is the one I was thinking of https://www.bestservice.com/try-sound.html
  17. If it is the same one I am thinking of it was (I think) called TryAudio (or similar) Had a lot of EastWest libraries - I might be thinking of something totally different of course!
  18. My favourite weekend of the year is the one we spend at Musicport Festival, Whitby, England. A wide range of music from across the world and a wonderful atmosphere. They cannot book as many artists based outside the UK now as they once did as our xenophobic government has increased visa charges for bands and there are now the obstacles of the Brexit debacle. Fortunately there are a good many artists based in the UK who perform music from their cultural heritage so we still get lots of variety. Highly recommended!
  19. Just watched the video and smiled ironically (is that possible 😉 ) when I saw it was the NI Yangqin - despite my comment above I agree that it is an inspirational instrument. I imagine you are very red in the face playing the duduk. I've been very tempted by Tarrilonte's Desert Winds - I've not yet heard anything better but have never yet been able to justify the price to myself as I spend so little time composing Great advice and inspiration in the video. One day I may get my fusion of English Morris Dance Music and Algerian Rai off the ground but it may be a while. Seriously I need to look at the issues around cultural appropriation and see how that may affect future development. Any thoughts?
  20. I'm a huge fan of music from across the world - though I struggle a bit with music from east Asia and Japan - the scales just don't work for me. Particularly love Eastern European, African (most of it), Scandinavian, Iberian, Middle Eastern and British & Irish folk music. Oh and I love the duduk! Looking forward to watching the video 🙂
  21. I remember seeing them over here in the UK and was sorely tempted! I settled for my Wasp, several Casio keyboards and a Yamaha monophonic synth which I think may have been quite similar - it was a very long time ago. I then progressed to the Yamaha CX5M music computer which I still have but no idea if it works or not
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