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    @Creative Sauce @Home Studio Simplified - -possibly an option for a future tutorial? I'd certainly appreciate it! I'm sure you guys would have it sussed within half an hour 🙂
  2. I agree. Mike is a superb tutor and a thoroughly nice guy
  3. I've kept my old hard drives to keep them on 🙂
  4. I can confirm this - there was a library I missed when I bought the huge Total Max 2 bundle and when I brought it to IK's attention they let me have another 180 day window to download the files (and all the others I had downloaded already)
  5. I forgot that once. Never forgiven myself.
  6. JoeGBradford

    Rasa Free

    Just searched and I remember your post now! Doh! Must have seen it when I didn't have access to the PC and then forgot about it! I should have remembered that nobody beats da king 🙂
  7. JoeGBradford

    Rasa Free

    Ah sorry - must have missed it - don't know how! Nothing that is free usually passes me by 🙂
  8. JoeGBradford

    Rasa Free

    Anyone tried this one? Not heard of the company. Came up on my Facebook feed - looks like you have to install a host VST first. https://www.mntra.io/rasa
  9. Thanks I hadn't got the latest update. Good news about the installer options!
  10. That was funny - I suspect the Spitfire guys would find it amusing - except for the bit about support which to be fair was excellent the only time I have needed it! They told me to turn it off and back on again 😉
  11. From Loopcloud's FAQ on website 'Free users also cannot import new user-content or use the AI user-content tagging, which is new to Loopcloud 6.' I assume the first part of that sentence means personal sample folders and so the comments here are correct and the new folders showing in Loopcloud must have been created before I installed 6. Very disappointing from a company I have had a lot of time for. I don't use loops enough to justify a subscription so will have to swap to another sample manager - a shame as I almost knew what I was doing in Loopcloud 😞
  12. I hadn't noticed that. I updated to 6 a while back and thought I'd added libraries since then but not sure. Will investigate further when I have time. I'll certainly hold back on latest update!
  13. Now my comment makes no sense 😉 But no change there 🙂
  14. That could be misconstrued 😉
  15. All of the LABS instruments are free - there are some real belters in there! 🙂
  16. Do these work on all versions of Vital? I just have the free version
  17. Several very good free libraries too! 🙂
  18. Awesome Jason - if you can do the same for the duduk count me in!
  19. Sorry I forgot to post the link in my earlier post! https://www.orchestraltools.com/store/collections/majestic-horn
  20. Check this out - it works in the Orchestral Tools Sine Player which is a bit quirky but has some great free libraries - this one is only 2 euro - I've got it - it's been a while since I tried it but I seem to recall that it is pretty good for the price!
  21. This is the one I was thinking of https://www.bestservice.com/try-sound.html
  22. If it is the same one I am thinking of it was (I think) called TryAudio (or similar) Had a lot of EastWest libraries - I might be thinking of something totally different of course!
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