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  1. It helps when the rest of the crowd is the band.
  2. Here's some classical. Nancarrow was doing Black MIDI before the MIDI standard even existed.
  3. I was banned from the Kerbal Space Program forums three times.
  4. I doubt it. Some nutcases might be offended by submarines and experience pstd effects from a war they never fought in that doesn't exist.
  5. This is what happens when you have a heated argument about tone woods.
  6. You can get audio to do the same by clicking the left one.
  7. I mean... It's not like they could use Bandlab for that sort of thing...or anything like that..
  8. Image Line is also very good at shafting their own legitimate customers if they suspect they are pirating a product.
  9. Shouldn't the whole "getting paid" thing be a consequence of you finding an audience, rather than something you think you should deserve?
  10. And you win precisely nothing with that, especially considering music is compressed to be louder and you have permanent hearing loss at the maximum headroom of 32 bit audio. Higher sample rates have become unnecessary after the introduction of oversampling in plugins and so on. Plus you can't hear the extra 24 thousand frequencies added by the sample rate anyways. Only advantage would be file size but then... You'll find many instances where FLAC files are larger than their WAV equivalents.
  11. No wonder K-Pop and Instagram playing are so popular.
  12. I find ironic that you paid quite a lot for an ear training course when you can't even be bothered to dedicate time for something like transcribing, having to squeeze it in between busy hours as an afterthought.
  13. There's another extremely effective way of doing ear training that doesn't cost anything: transcribing music.
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