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  1. What happens when the dongle dies though? That's the biggest problem right there and one of the primary complaints of iLok when they started. You don't know the quality of these dongles, how much can they withstand user error, if they damage your ports and so on. There's also the issue that the dongle might not work for you because of physical size constraints, maybe it draws too much power, it doesn't fit in the only port you have available and that was also a problem with non-USB dongles back when they were widely used. Software based licensing has none of that. Plus you have the largest elephant in the room at the moment. A big portion, if not the vast majority, of musicians use Macbooks. How many USB ports they have now? Zero. How are you gonna use your dongle with them?
  2. SpectraLayers Pro allows to split other features and also deconstruct audio into its basic building blocks(pitch, transient and rithm), then edit each aspect separately.
  3. iZotope has more features. The killer unmix feature is the same on both of them. It uses the same datasets even. Interface wise, SpectraLayers is better. Less "baby's first audio editor" than RX.
  4. That will never happen. Either people don't change because they don't want to learn a new tool or because they only do it when everyone else does it. It's a similar case with ProTools, except a good portion of old ProTools users own Avid shares, so they have a vested interest in not changing.
  5. Well, you only giving money to Presonus once, instead of for the rest of your life so...Guess which one Presonus will prioritize. At least you're not required to offer billing information to try or demo products like you have to do with Adobe nowadays.
  6. Those amps are what will save you in the cold winters when the heater breaks. The more vintage, the more heat they generate.
  7. They way every single DAW manufaturer wants to create their own social media hub and then introduce a subscription model to justify that is 100 times more annoying.
  8. None of them do and the Apple Hub blocks one of the ports. If you have a Macbook Air, it only has ports on one side. Also, you have to use one of the Thunderbolt ports to charge it.
  9. Could be because no other DAW uses these dongles anymore. We're also seen people using laptops and mobile devices more are people are not buying many Pro Steinberg licenses because...Well, your laptop might only have two or three ports and having to sacrifice one of them for a piece of software is a nono. There's also the problem of reliability. These USB dongles are not cheap and they tend to be rather fragile. If it breaks, there's also the issue of how you get your licenses out of them, since they use encrypted proprietary file systems. Even iLok shaped up quickly and introduced their cloud solution to mitigate that issue.
  10. Refer back to the UNO Synth Pro post and the recently closed Total Studio MAX post. In both instances, the person that stepped over the line and took it personally was the marketing one. A person that's being paid to do that job and should in no way be shielded by any flak from customers.
  11. It's almost like they're copying the scalping tacticts used by PC hardware resellers...
  12. Dual Rectifiers are not scaled correctly to work at 240v either and it's not uncommon for their output transformers to blow up when they're plugged into that voltage. Triple Rectifiers are better. More headroom.
  13. Ctrl + Home sends you to the beginning of the project. RTZ (W) sends you to where you parked your Now Time. Two different things.
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