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  1. I'm not sure whether the bundle gives you a FL Studio Fruity Edition license or just a 20% off coupon for it. Because if you're spending 45 bucks or more on it, the full price of the Fruity Edition is 99.
  2. I think the most offending example of that currently is the fact Sound City Studios by itself costs the same as the UAD Signature Bundle which comes with it and other 33 plugins.
  3. I'm gonna give you one example you can look at: UAD has a bundle they call "UAD Signature Edition." It costs 300 bucks and comes with 34 plugins, their brand new Sound City Studios plugins is one of them. However, this bundle was announced shortly after a lot of people bought those plugins separately at sales prices, only to be hit with this magic bundle that gives you all of them for pennies on a dime, really. And this is considering just the Sound City Studios plugin by itself costs the price of the bundle I just mentioned. Also, they promised they would upgrade every Apollo and hardware based existing customer with native plugins for free. Shortly after that, they removed this statement from every single place they made it and started selling them normally and essentially giving the same discounts a new user would get or doing the IK strategy of giving new customers better deals.
  4. Since UAD did shaft their customer which the whole bundle "blunder," I dont trust promises of "special upgrade deals for existing customers" anymore.
  5. They've also removed the upgrade option from any version of Artist to the latest version of Artist for some reason. At least for me, there's not much difference in price from upgrading from Artist/Producer to Professional from buying a Professional license.
  6. Even if you don't have a license for a product, you can demo them for 30 minutes, then sound stops and you can reload the plugin for 30 more minutes.
  7. This one is worth just for the Upright Bass patch.
  8. I think the only time I sort of improved at sight reading was when I was playing Timpani and, for reasons, decided to only play using direct tuning (changing to the pitch you want at the same time you hit the drum).
  9. I tried many times with Firefox and Edge and it only worked with my Proton Mail account (which I used to download the sounds from the free stuff IK offers which shouldn't expire to begin with)
  10. That's weird. I grabbed this plugin in the past when it was still called AVA Mastering EQ and it didn't need iLok to be registered. I've been very wary of Harrison and their plugins since the whole 32C fiasco. It's good to see they've turned to the worst.
  11. I find interesting that people get those 4k panels and nulify all the advantages of having that much screen area by zooming stuff by 150%, 200% or more.
  12. My guess is the plugin is gonna be either a cut down version of a new plugin (Like they did with CLA Echosphere, which is a feature reduced version of CLA Epic) or is gonna be something underwhelming with tons of marketing to make it better than it actually is (like BB Tubes)
  13. I did install the LE version of it and some new features are kind of neat until you decide to use them. - MIDI Remote (I know the feature was introduced in version 12 but I haven't used it) looks like a cool idea if all you have to map is one of the controllers which are already there or simple stuff. If you have to create your own thing for it, you have to not only manually set things up, but more advanced stuff requires programming in JavaScript. - I looked at the Steinberg forums and a number of people with visual impairments are complaining about the new UI being hard to see, how you now can't tell which track is selected depending on the color options. - Steinberg removed Beat Detector and told people that use it to just use the new Tap Tempo feature which has less functionality and also changes the project's tempo.
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