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  1. It's always a good practice to turn on your MIDI devices before starting Cakewalk. While some MIDI devices can be detected after the fact, that tends to only hold true for class compliant ones, which don't require a specific driver to work.
  2. There are some things you can do in V-vocal which are impossible on Melodyne, because Melodyne is scope limited.
  3. There's probably more "beats and electronic music" people than atoms in the universe, so that number figure is not that significant.
  4. And this is my point. I want to make music, not to learn the implementation details of MIDI in the hardware I'm using or CbB's.
  5. For effects of activation, CbB is equivalent to SONAR Platinum. This works to the point you can install the SPlat demo (not sure how you'd do that nowadays without pirating the software) and everything from it will be activated.
  6. The same way you can run out of iLoK activations.
  7. Problem with the Control Surface API is that it's hidden for many and it's not intuitive to use, much like many of the functionality CbB has which was inherited from SONAR.
  8. So far only BitWig and REAPER support CLAP plugins.
  9. Bandlab already does that in their online DAW. Drag any audio of bunch of audio there and the software figures which tempo and key it is. It's not perfect, but it's a start.
  10. Title says it all. It seems quite counter-productive that you can replace synths from a menu option but there's no option or workflow for doing so in the FX Rack. You have several ways of adding effects into the rack but the only way to replace an effect already in it is deleting the effect that's there and putting the new one in.
  11. Sure, but I'm talking about WASAPI Shared here, not ASIO. My interface doesn't have native ASIO drivers.
  12. You can also draw your own transient markers. You don't have to use the ones CbB detected.
  13. It's also not possible to add tracks as the last item in the folder when there's stuff already there.
  14. While I do think both methods have too many loose ends and burden on the user, I managed to do the AudioSnap method after starting over three times. As much as that is prone to error, it has less steps than the set beat at now time method.
  15. In some cases, the error happens not when the mistake is made, but several steps after it, so there's no way to pinpoint it. Couple that with the fact that you can't remove snapping once it's set and your only option is starting over.
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